My desire update Monday 16 January 2023

My desire 16 January 2023: Preesha asks Sania how did she find out Ahana and Mishka. Sania says they are intelligent, but even she has a brain and goes into flashback where she reaches Ahana’s hotel and finds out that she already checked out. She thinks Ahana after grabbing all wealth would try to escape from India, so she waits for them outside airport and once they reach, she orders her goons to bring them to her. Goons kidnaps them and gets them into car. Sania says surprise, how are they feeling in a van instead of a flight. Ahana and Mishka resist and yell at her in vain. Out of flashback, Sania says this is how she brought Ahana and Mishka here, they know anyways that Krishna is Saransh. Preesha asks if she already knew that Krishna is Saransh. Sania says yes. Rudra asks if she was blackmailing Ahana for same.

Sania agrees and says she got Saransh’s surgery on Ahana’s order and goes into flashback again where she meets Ahana via a friend whose plastic surgery was done by her boyfriend and shows other women’s pics whom her boyfriend transformed. Ahana asks if her boyfriend can change Saransh’s face. Sania says she will ask her boyfriend. Ahana says she need not worry about money. Out of flashback, Sania tells Rudra that Ahana gave her a big offer which she couldn’t resist and helped Ahana. Ahana says she gave her so much money, but she betrayed her. Sania says when Ahana betrayed her dear ones Rudra and Preesha, and Saransh, why should she spare Ahana and asks Preesha to punish them the way she wants.

Rudra shouts he wants to kill her for torturing his son, but is helpless. Preesha says he is helpless but not a mother and slaps Ahana repeatedly reminding her sins. Ahana reacts. Preesha shouts shut up and continues yelling at her. Ahana says she was ruthless as Saransh is nothing to her, but Saransh is Preesha’s adopted son and his own mother Mahima used Saransh, how can she forget her husband betrayed her. Preesha shouts not to compare herself to her. Ahana says she will not as she is better than her, she made a mistake of sparing Saransh instead of killing him after getting his wealth. Preesha continuously slaps her. Arman stops her and asks Rudra to stop Preesha. Rudra supports Preesha.

Police comes and arrests Ahana and Mishka and takes Sania along to give evidence. Preesha and Rudra hug each other.Preesha informs Rudra that Saransh slept, he gets afraid hearing Ahana’s name, don’t know what medicine she gave Saransh to erase his memory. She then thanks Arman for his help and says its not easy to forget the pain she gave him, even then she helped him . He says true friends don’t stop supporting each other, he just wants her to be and he knows her happiness is with Rudra, even then she should inform him if Rudra troubles her. He then tells Rudra that he is jealous of him, but he deserves Preesha; he must have d one mistakes in anger, but Rudra should forgive him. Rudra says Arman supported Preesha when he left her, so he is thankful to him and hugs him.

Vasu apologizes Rudra for misunderstanding him when he was struggling to bring back Saransh and asks why didn’t he and GPS inform her and Preesha about Saransh before. Preesha says because they love us. Rudra says he loves Preesha more than appa. Chachaji wishes them for their happy future life. Preesha says they all should be happy. Rudra says now they will focus on Saransh and he will be center of their lives. She nods yes. He hugs her happily. Arman stands aside feeling jealous. Rudra tells Preesha that they should do whatever they can to get back Saransh’s memory.

Sharda calls Rudra and asks if he reached Arman’s house and stopped marriage. Rudra gives phone to Preesha who informs that she didn’t marry Arman and Saransh is fine and back with them, she should come to Arman’s house soon. Chachaji asks Arman what is happening here, Preesha is having family union and they are standing here silently. Arman says lets wait. He gets Sania’s calls goes to meet her where he vents out his anger unable to stop Rudra from reaching his and Preesha’s wedding and stopping it. She says she tried her best, but Ahana ruined her plan. He says even if he didn’t marry Preesha, she is with her and he will not let her go. She asks what will he do. He takes her along.

Sharda reaches Arman’s house. Preesha takes her to Saransh’s room and briefs his condition. Sharda gets emotional remembering Saransh and her bonding and asks if he will be fine. Preesha says yes and walks down. Arman returns with Sania. Rudra shouts what is she doing here. Arman says police ordered her not to leave town till case finishes, she doesn’t have a place to stay, so he gave her guarantee and brought her home. Sharda asks Rudra and Preesha to return home with her. Arman stops Preesha and says he will let her go only after she marries Rudra, he will perform their wedding and do her bidaayi/farewell. Rudra says there is no need for that.

Arman says Preesha stayed in his house for long and even Rudra divorced Preesha earlier, so he will take her only after marriage. Rudra says he can’t stay away from Preesha for long. Arman says only 3 days, today engagement, tomorrow sangeet, and day after tomorrow wedding and bidaayi. Sharda takes Rudra with her. Chachaji and Sania take Arman to a room and angrily asks what is he doing, why is he acting too good. Arman says he will get them married, but someone will stop it; he is acting good to be in Preesha’s good books and separate Rudra and Preesha. Sania asks who will stop wedding. Arman says someone will stop engagmement tomorrow, he will separate them acting as their well wisher.

Saransh wakes up afraid calling mamma. Preesha pampers him asking not to worry and says he is Saransh. He says he is Karishna. She says Ahana aunty named him Krishna, his real name is Saransh. He asks who is his real mamma. She says she will find out soon. He asks god promise. She says yes and everyone will call him Saransh from hereon. He asks her to hold his hand till she sleeps, she does till he falls asleep. Rudra calls her from outside and insists her to meet him for sometime. She hesitantly agrees. Do Dil Sagar Me Nikal Pade. song plays in the background. He walks to her. She says sorry. She says he shouldn’t as he was struggling for Saransh.

He says he knows she was also thriving for Saransh. She says she didn’t trust him and wanted to marry Arman, nobody can love her like him. He hugs her tightly and says he will not let her separate from him.

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