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Imlie 11 October 2022:;Aditya crashes his bike to Imlie’s cycle. They both fall. Imlie’s friends help her and scold Adi. Adi asks if she is fine. Imlie asks friends if she is dreaming. Friends says they knew jijaji cannot live without her and came behind her, they walk away leaving Imlie with Adi. Imlie asks why did he come here. He asks why did she come here without informing anyone. She says she she didn’t want to trouble him. She says loves his family and troubled them by not informing even them. She asks if he came from Delhi to Pagdandiya just to inform how angry they are on her and nothing else. He thinks how to tell her why he came here. She asks if he didn’t come Pagandiya for some other reason. He says it shouldn’t bother her. She says she moved away from his way long ago and now its his turn to move aside and let her go.

He holds her hand but then lets her go. Satyakam reaches and asks Adi how did he get forehead injury. He says he is fine. Satyakam asks when did he come, why didn’t Imlie inform that he is coming. Imlie says Adi has come for some work. Satyakam asks Adi to come home and then go after relaxing a bit. Imlie says he will go directly to lodge and Satyakam shouldn’t force him. Adi says he will accompany him. Imlie tells him that he doesn’t have to come forcefully with her. He says he is not and continues. She walks in front and he follows her.

Malini misses Adity and looks at their wedding pic. Anu calls her and asks why did Adi leave in a short notice. Malini news doesn’t give any notice. Anu says he must have gone behind naukrani/Imlie. Malini says she doesn’t want to hear about it. Anu says she is just concerned for her. Malini says they got problems after 7 years and she is trying to deal with it, so Anu shouldn’t try to spill her venom of doubt in their lives. Anu asks if she agrees that there were no problems between them for 7 years and they started after Imlie entered their lives. Malini says he doesn’t want to hear all this. Anu says she should sit calmly and evaluate the whole situation, then she will realize that Imlie is trying to interfere in their lives; she is always with her and is concerned for her. Malini disconnects call.

Satyakam reaches Mithi’s house and asks her to come and see that Jamai babu has come. Dulari yells hearing that. Mithi excitedly greets Adi and asks him to sit, asks what happened to him. He says a minor accident and asks how is she. She says she is fine and brings water for him, says she told Imlie that he would come, she wants to ask where he wants to stay. Imlie says lodge as he would be comfortable there. He says he is comfortable here.Sundar sees Tripathi family sad without Imlie and offers them tea and snacks to cheer them up. He gives sugarless tea to Tinkle.

Taiji suprised asks if he knows about it. He says Imlie had informed him. Tinkle excitedly asks if he spoke to Imlie and when is she coming. He stands silently. Tinkle says Imlie will not return again. Taiji asks him to take back all snacks. Malini stops him and cheers them up saying one who loves them will return to them for sure, and if they don’t, they should realize that their togetherness was till that moment.Satyakam introduces Prakash to him as his son. Dulari yells that Satyakam adopted an orphan boy. Satyakam warns him to stop. Prakash says Immlie is his childhood friend.

Adi says Imlie didn’t discuss about him till now. Prakash says they will know each other soon. Dulari checks Adi’s bags and asks if he didn’t bring any gifts as daughter brings gifts from maika, he should have brought laddus if not jewelry and clothes.Satyakam takes her aside. Mithi asks not to feel bad about Dulari’s words as she is sharp tongued. Adi says he knows.Aparna asks Malini to sit with them. Pankaj asks if Adi reached Jamshedpur. Malini says she didn’t speak to him as she kept her phone off and he will call them instead.

Tauji suggests her not to stop talking to Adi. She says Adi should be ready to talk, he was hesitating to reply her, this never happened till now and she never stopped him from going anywhere. Aparna says Adi is lucky to marry Malini. Malini says she is lucky to have them to speak her heart out or else she would be in more pain. Pankaj asks her not to worry as Adi will call her soon.Dev tells Daadi that he has to go as there is no other choice. Anu asks if they saw their favorite servant’s act, Tripathi’s pampered her a lot, so she left home uninformed; Daadi gave her gold chain to let her escape with it. Daadi says Imlie left that chain at Tripathi’s. Dev says everyone are not kind like Imlie and are cruel like Anu. Anu shouts how dare she is. Dev gets a call and asks to book tickets. She asks where is he going. He says Mumbai for exhibition. He asks how can he go out suddenly after servant left.

He says she can think whatever she wants to and walks away.Malini cries reminisces Adi’s rude behavior with her. Nishant walks to her and asks if she is fine. He wipes tears. He says its not allowed to cry in this house. Malini says she is absolutely fine. He says his experience says something is not right. She says Taiji informed her about his and Pallavi’s love, if he loved her so much, then why did he leave her. He says she wanted to be with family and he wanted to go abroad, so he broke up with her. She says her knew her since long, then why did he change his decision suddenly. He says sometimes situations, relationships, and even people change. Malini reminisces Adi’s changed and rude behavior.


Imlie studies at home. Mithi hopes Imlie and Adi’s togetherness should be intact forever, Adi loves her and hence came behind her. Imlie says let her study. Mithi asks why she is studying instead of being with Adi. Imlie asks not to disturb. Mithi says she told came here to perform pooja for Adi, then why she is acting mad. Imlie thinks if Adi came here lying Malini for her, why did he do that.Satyakam chats with Aditya. Imlie tells Mithi that she cannot study between so much noise and is going to study at dadda/Satyakam’s house. Satyakam asks her to stay back with Adi as Adi will teach her. Adi nods yes. In Delhi, Malini tells Nishant that Taiji informed her about him and Pallavi and asks if he met Pallavi after returning home. He says no.

She says all men are the same, he stayed closer to Pallavi for so many years and changed so easily; she feels even Adi is changing and going away from her. He says Adi will never change and will always love her. She says his bestfriend went on many assignments before and always informed her where he is going, but this time he didn’t even after her insistence.Adi teaches Imlie. Mithi calls Imlie and informs that she could prepare only 2 rotis from the floor left at home, so they should give it to Adi and themselves have some milk. Imlie says she is not hungry. Adi hears their conversation. Mithi serves him rotis. He says let us have food together and insists.

Imlie thinks he always insists to have food alone, then why is he insisting to have it with everyone. Adi brings plate from kitchen and shares it with Mithi. Mithi tries to sit down. He makes her sit on cot. Imlie and Mithi are impressed with his kind gesture. Adi says they work hard in fields and he eats, so he wants to cut down on his food and become slim. She smiles. He continues chatting and says he is full with half roti. Mithi gives his plate to Imlie. Imlie asks why can’t she get another plate. Mithi says if she shares husband’s food, her husband’s life will elongate. Adi says someday he will also have Imlie’s food and elongate her life. Mithi tells Imlie that she got a companion and not husband. Adi thinks why is he doing this.

Malini thinks Adi didn’t even remember her yet, should she call him then as per Taiji’s address, then reminisces his rude behavior and thinks he always forgets to call her, but this time he purposefully didn’t, so she will not call him this time.Mithi tells Adi that she has fixed his and Imlie’s bed and walks away. Adi hears Imlie pronouncing Pythagoras theorem wrong and teaches her. She asks why is he doing all this, he came here and insisted to stay with her family. He asks her to study here as he is returning to Delhi in 2 days. She pronounces right. He says he knew she knows and asks her to return to Delhi with him as she can study well there with his family members’ help. She says she wants him to study well and get her married to someone else.

He asks what will she do here, can she inform her family about them. She says not yet, but soon will like he already informed Malini. He asks if she is informing or asking. She says he can give him advice but not right, so she doesn’t ask him anything; she requests him to accept her. She asks if she wants him to go, then he will. She says he will not get bus at night. He says he will manage.Anu calls landline and asks Malini why her phone is switched off since morning. She says she forgot. Anu asks if she fought with Adi. She says she didn’t as she doesn’t know where he is. Anu says even Dev is going on a business trip and suggests her to control her husband before its too late. Malini as usual argues with her and disconnects call.

Adi picks his bag to leave Imlie’s house thinking why he is feeling bad leaving Imlie. Imlie feels same and pronounces her lesson wrongly. He tries to correct her, says he will go tomorrow morning and continues teaching her and They both fall asleep. Next morning, Dulari enters and yells that they are shamelessly sleeping together in open while she has given them a room. Satyakam with Mithi enters and stops her. Adi feels guilty and says he will go now. Satyakam says he came just yesterday. Imlie says its the right time for him to leave. Adi walks out to wash his face thinking how to leave Imlie alone. Imlie hopes to meet Adi soon. Prakash says he will drop Imlie to exam hall.

Imlie goes out to help Adi. Mithi says she feels something is wrong between Adi and Imlie. Prakash says he feels same. Satyakam says they should interfere between husband and wife. A snake bites Adi.

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