My desire update Tuesday 10 January 2023


My desire 10 January 2023: Inspector shows GPS’ pic to hotel manager and asks if he had come here. Hooker Chameli signals him. He says yes, this man booked a room and took Chameli inside. Sania watching hiding thinks even this plan worked and remembers bribing manager to live. She thinks Rudra played with her, she will put all the blame on Rudra and then Rudra will lose Preesha. Preesha shouts manager is lying as her appa cannot do wrong. Rudra thinks appa was with him in bar and something happened after he left in cab. Preesha says manager is lyinng. Manager says even waiter saw GPS with Chameli and cals him. Chameli asks Preesha if she believes her now.

Preesha says she will not as her appa cannot do this. Chameli shows her fake injures and lies that GPS is a monster who enjoyed with her and when she asked for payment physically tortured her. Inspector says GPS will be booked in 3 cases, one to promote illegal hotel, two complaint by society, three for physical violence against woman. Arman says he can’t do this. Inspector says they can bail out GPS in the morning, but tonight he should be in jail. Vasu pleads not to arrest GPS as he is innocent. Rudra says he will take commissioner’s permission. Inspector says it won’t help and takes Chameli along to file complaint. Vasu cries that GPS cannot do that.

Arman tells Preesha that he will bail out appa in the morning. Preesha asks how did he find out about Appa’s arrest. Arman says Sania informed him as she saw Preesha going out with Rudra and taunted him to control his wife. Rudra thinks why is Sania doing this. Arman thanks Rudra for helping Preesha and warns him to stay away from his wife and let him handle his wife and her parent’s problem. Rudra yells he is unfit to speak to him. Arman says he even he is and tells Preesha lets go home as they can’t do anything till morning. Preesha looks at Rudra and walks away. Tumna Hue Mere To Kya.. song plays in the background.

Rudra returns home and angrily waking up Sania asks why did she inform Arman. She says she doesn’t share her things with others and hence informed Arman to call back his wife and send her husband back, he did wrong instead by trying to save GPS. He shouts that she and Ahana are troubling him and asks to give him Saransh’s clue now. She says Ahana is holding Saransh and not her, so he shouldn’t shout at her. He says he doesn’t know all that, she should speak to Ahana and get Saransh’s clue. Sania calls Ahana. Ahana wakes up and asks if he doesn’t have any manners to call her at midnight. Sania informs her that GPS is in jail. Ahana shocked asks if Rudra really did that. Sania says he was trying to protect GPS instead and explains how she manipulated things and got GPS arrested.

She says Rudra wants Saransh’s clue and explains her plan. Ahana hesitantly agrees. Rudra returns and asks if she spoke to Ahana. She says Ahana will call him in the morning. On the other side, Preesha makes Vasu sleep and hopes Appa is released tomorrow morning.Next morning, Arman informs Chachaji about GPS’s arrest. Chachaji says if a retired judge GPS can do that, even they will be defamed. Arman says Preesha told her appa can’t do that. Preesha walks in and says her Appa cannot do anything wrong. Chachaji tongue lashes her for madly roaming around Rudra while being Arman’s wife and says she forgot that she is Thakur family’s bahu and because of her appa, they have to face humiliation.

Preesha confronts him and says she didn’t expect this from him, she values her appa more than anything in the world and he should mind his language, whoever insults her appa will repent later. He says problem is she doesn’t understand. She says he doesn’t understand instead and continues. He walks away. Arman asks Preesha not to bother about Chachaji’s words and says let us bail out appa first. Preesha goes to Vasu’s room and finds her missing. Nanny informs that amma left.

Sania walks to Rudra and informs that Ahana sent him a pendrive with Saransh’s clue. Rudra plays pen drive and hears Saransh pleading him to save him. He panics and strangulating Sania asks where is Saransh. Ahana’s video plays and says he should be happy that his son is alive, she is happy that he completed her task and sent middle class old man GPS to jail, he should complete her next task and make sure GPS doesn’t get bail and shouldn’t get out of jail at any cost, then she will send him Saransh’s next clue.

Vasu sells her bangles to bail out GPS. She sees Preesha’s missed calls and thinks she will not trouble Preesha’s family anymore and will bail out GPS via this money. She waits for an auto outside. Rudra disguised as masked biker snatches her money bag and speeds away. She runs behind him.Vasu waits for auto after selling her bangles to bail out GPS. Rudra disguised as a biker snatches her purse and speeds away. He thinks he cannot let her bail out Appa for Saransh’s sake. Vasu pleads public for help. Preesha calls her and asks where is she and why is she not picking call. Vasu says she had sold her jewelry to bail out GPS and that money is stolen.


Preesha says Arman will bail out GPS. Vasu says she didn’t want to take Arman’s help after hearing Chachaji’s conversation. Arman says Chachaji is elder and is concerned, they are going to bail out GPS. Chachaji apologizes Preesha for hurting her mother.Sania meets Ahana at a restaurant and tells her that Rudra fulfilled his promise and sent Preesha old father to jail and trouble old mother, so Ahana should give Saransh’s next clue to Rudra. Ahana says Rudra will double cross them again. She says she tricked GPS with hooker’s help and sent him to jail, if they need Rudra’s trust, they need to give him clue. Ahana says fine. Sania explains her next plan.

Preesha with Arman reaches police station to bail out GPS. Vasu cries hugging Preesha. Arman asks GPS what exactly happened. GPS remembering Rudra’s request thinks he cannot risk Saransh’s life and stands quiet. Preesha asks Arman to bail out appa soon. Sharda says there is no need for that as she bailed out GPS. Vasu thanks her. Preesha asks how did she find out that appa is in jail. Sharda remembers Rudra giving her money and asking her to bail out appa. She asks if he concerned for GPS as he is Preesha’s father and he loves her immensely, she will inform Preesha that he bailed out GPS. Rudra asks not to inform Preesha or else she will see his dead face. Out of flashback, she says her friend who stays in GPS’ building informed her.

Preesha asks not to lie as Rudra sent her to bail out appa and tells GPS that Rudra loves her immensely and hence bailed him out, she wants to meet Rudra right now. Sharda says he is not at home. Preesha inisists. Arman takes GPS home.Preesha with Vasu and Sharda reaches Rudra’s house and calls him. Sharda says she told he is not at home. Preesha asks what is she hiding. Sania enters and says Rudra doesn’t love Preesha or else he wouldn’t lie. Preesha asks what lie. Sania says Rudra got her appa inebriated and sent him with a hooker. Preesha yells she is framing Rudra. Sania shows Rudra and GPS’ bar video. Preesha is shocked to see that. Sania asks if they can’t trust her even now; she made a small mischief in mall, but Rudra did a sin. She shows Rudra’s bike and helmet. Preesha rudely asks why is she showing bike.

Vasu identifies bike and says Rudra stole her money. Sania says Preesha’s mother is more intelligent than her. Sharda thinks Sania is trapping Rudra, Rudra gave her money to bail out GPS, if he stole Vasu’s money.Rudra returns home. Preesha asks what is he doing. Vasu asks Rudra why he stole her money. Preesha asks if he stole money and send Sharda to bail out GPS with that same money. Sania thinks Rudra will know what happens when someone betrays her and reminisces to expose him in front of Preesha and her family as punishment. She shows pen drive to Rudra. Preesha insists Rudra to speak. Rudra shouts he told her 1000 times that he doesn’t love her and she should spare him, hence he did this to prove that he doesn’t care her and her parents.

Preesha asks if he character assassinated her appa and stooped so low. Rudra says he had to to get stop her troubling him, her father was insisting him to accept her, hence he taught a lesson to her father, he loves Sania now. Preesha slaps him and says he deserves her hatred, she knew he can give her pain, but why did he harmed her parents. Vasu says they supported him, but he harmed them; she will break ties with his family.

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