Anupama Starlife update Monday 9 January 2023

Anupama 9 January 2023: Anupama enters Shah House. Vanraj stops her at the door and taunts her that power went off with her auspicious entry. Anupama says its just a power, but he is reacting if he was stricken by lightning. Power returns, and she notices whole failing waiting for her. She remembers Baa’s taunts and greets everyone. Bapuji stops Vanraj from reacting more. Anu touches Bapuji’s feet and asks Kinjal how is she. Rakhi asks why did she leave Kinjal alone when she was worried for her. Anu asks when she Rakhi was present there, how can Kinjal be alone; taunts that its time to become a naani/grandma and not nagin anymore. Kinjal asks Rakhi can she talk now if her taunts have finished and asks Anu how was her Udaipur trip. Anu says it was very good, Anuj had needing continuously. Bapuji asks Samar to bring Anu’s trophy and hands it over to Anu. Samar says cool dude took 100 selfies with it. Bapuji say she will take 1000 selfies as his daughter won it.Anu feels excited seeing the trophy and thans god. Samar reminds Anu winning her first trophy at Pakhi’s school. Bapuji says that trophy was not respected, recalling Vanraj’s rude behavior, but this trophy must be respected. Samar like a reporter questions Anu how is she feeling after winning this trophy.

Vanraj shows Anu’s video in social media and says whole is shaming Anu and reads lewd comments. Rakhi laughs out loudly. Samar asks Vanraj to stop. Vanraj says its not him but comments on internet. Rakhi taunts Anu its time not to romance but to become a grandma. Kinjal warns Rakhi to stop. Rakhi asks Vanraj to continue reading comments. Anu asks him to continue, adds a few comments for him, and says she was getting bored in cab and thought of reading the comments.Vanraj asks if comments didn’t affect her. Anu says not at all as commentors as like medium pacers in cricket, but she has played against the fast bowlers like Baa and Vanraj for 26 years. Baa yells she was shameless and has become mad now. Anu says she is mad in Anuj’s love. Baa yells she should bother about people’s opinion. Anu says she is just bothered only about her family’s opinion and requests her to stop commenting and listen to her today as it’s her day. Kavya asks Rakhi to shut Anu’s mouth. Rakhi says even she can do that. Kavya says she doesn’t want to bear Anu’s wrath. Rakhi says that is why she is listening silently.

Baa yells at Anu why should they bear her shamelessness, she should bend her head in shame seeing the comments instead and shouldn’t take love from her mouth. Anu gives a long lecture on love and says she is tired carrying the burden of society’s thinking and is returning it to them; it’s easy to fight with the society and difficult to fight with her dear ones. Baa yells she never considered her as dear one. Anu says she should ask herself and then questions how are they related that she is questioning her; Kavya is her bahu now and she should burden her responsibilities on her. Kavya says she cannot. Anu says she is doing the tasks which even her bahu is not doing for her. Vanraj asks if she is counting her favors. Anu says she is counting her love for Baa and if Baa had spoken earlier for her, her life wouldn’t have been like this.Vanraj passes lewd comment again. Anu warns him to stop stooping too low and challenge her and Anuj in business and are not to use her children against her. She then confronts her children Toshu and Pakhi that she spend her life for them and bore all the bitter comments for her. Toshu and Pakhi say they are bearing embarrassment because of her. Anu says she was feeling embarrassed since the beginning and hence took Kavya to her school prom as a mother and Toshu jumped into his MIL’s pent house finding a chance.

Toshu says pointing at their mistakes will not chance the fact that she is embarrassment for them. Anu says her happiness is an embarrassment for them; they don’t bother when a mother cries alone in the kitchen and feel embarrassed when she wants to grow in life, etc. Anupama tells Toshu that when he used to not get things he wanted to in childhood, he used to roll over the floor in the market itself; she didn’t feel ashamed of him then; she didn’t feel ashamed of his incompetency to get a job and riding his mother-in-law and father’s shoulders for the job. She continues that she didn’t feel ashamed when he called his unborn child as inauspicious, but he is feeling ashamed when his mother wants to remarry and live happily. She then confronts Pakhi that she doesn’t feel ashamed when Pakhi gets lice in her hair from school and she removes them patiently, she doesn’t feel ashamed when Pakhi went to stay with her friend, but Pakhi feel ashamed of her mother. She says just like children unhesitantly give verdict over mother, if mother gives verdict on their each act, they would be ashamed multiple times. She says they start crying seeing a person’s sorrow who is far 7 seas away, but can’t see a mother’s sorrow and pain standing in front of them. They both stand speechless.

Baa rolls her eyes in arrogance hearing Anu’s speech. Anu then tongue lashes Rakhi that she herself doesn’t respect her husband Pramod and insults in in front of everyone and has left him in exile since many days, she wants to teach her morales. Rakhi shouts her name. Anu warns her to shut up. She says she is not an embarrassment but was thinking as one since many years blindly believing them; they are all wrong and she is right as she hasn’t done anything wrong which would made them embarrassed; they are embarrassed because off themselves and not her; she took care of each family member’s needs but enough now; she took every step till now for the family, but she will stand up for herself, etc.GK over phone asks Anuj if he is not afraid. Anuj says absolutely not as he trusts Anupama and knows she will not be quiet this time; only one thing is bothering him that Anu may break down seeing her dear one’s defeat. Back to Shah house, Toshu and Pakhi blackmail Anu that they will not talk to her or show baby’s face if she marries Anuj. Anu says she is ready to not talk to them but will not bear their blackmail at any cost; says she became self-confident not with Anuj’s love but with their rejection. She warns Toshu that she has right pamper his baby as a grandmother and he cannot stop her, then tells Pakhi that she will continue to adore her as a mother and not even her father can stop her. She says they are all an embarrassment for her as she is right and they are wrong. She continues that they are bothered about the society and not her, but lives for her family and not for the society. She says she is not a furniture and deserves respect, she will not budge to their blackmail; they may forget her in happiness, but will return to a mother when in distress. Vanraj asks if she is praising herself. She says she is telling truth.

Anuj tells GK that he wanted to accompany Anu, but its her fight with her dear ones and he is sure that she will not lose. GK hopes so. Anuj says he completely trusts his love. Back to Shah house, Baa asks if new entry in her life Kapadia became more dearer than them. Anu says if they is her dear one, then why she is against her happiness, why didn’t she feel sad seeing her tears, why didn’t she sacrifice her happiness for her happiness, etc. She says her children don’t change their new shoes when it bites, but feel embarrassed when their mother scolds them. She continues her emotional speech and says she tried her best to explain Baa, Toshu, and Pakhi realized that they will not even if she dies as they don’t want to; a mother is defeated today. She recalls each of their bitter words and says enough of their nonsense now. She continues her speech on motherhood and says she is not great but a common human and will not let them blackmail her; she sacrificed everything for this house, but not anymore; enough of respect now, this daadi will marry now. Bapuji, Kinjal, MAmaji and Samar emotionally clap for her.

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