My desire update Thursday 4 April 2024

My desire 4 April 2024: Goon places bomb on Kashvi’s car. Kashvi tries to get out of car and finds the doors locked. She pleads for help. Pradyuman thinks he just wanted to punish Anu, but not kill her.

Goon asks him to forget all this and transfer his money. Pradyuman leaves from there. Mahima notices Kashvi in danger but refrains from helping her. Arjun notices Kashvi in danger and runs towards her. Goons attack him and he beats goons. Mahima thinks if Arjun saves Kashvi’s life, their love will increase more, so she has to do something to stop him.

She acts as fall down under a burning pillar and seeks Arjun’s help. Arjun asks her to move away from there and thinks whether to save Kashvi or Arjun. Mahima hopes Arjun rescues her on time or else pillar will fall on her.

Arjun notices a burning pillar falling towards Mahima, runs, and bears it on himself and saves Mahima. He scolds Mahima. Mahima acts as crying and tries to hug him. Arjun stops her and says he doesn’t have time for all this, runs and throws bomb in air before it explodes, and asks Kashvi to come out. Kashvi says door is locked from inside.

Arjun kicks the door open, gets Kashvi out of car, and hugs Kashvi emotionally. He says thank god she is fine, he can’t live without her. Mahima thinks if Arjun used to even love her madly.

Police reaches and informs that they handled the situation on time with Jagadish’s timely intimation and asks how the incident happened in this peaceful environment. Sarpanch says villagers are against biogas project and staged a protest. Arjun says biogas project will benefit their village. Villager says he saw the attackers who were not villagers and were goons instead, villagers want this biogas project instead as it will generate employment and progress in their village. Kashvi says then someone purposefully staged this attack. Inspector says he will investigate and asks them to go home soon as their family is worried for them.

Romila eagerly waits for her sons and once they reach takes them to serve them food. Kashvi, Mahima, and Arjun return next. Jagadish asks if they are fine, shall he call a doctor. Arjun says they are fine and will manage with first-aid at home. Back to room, Kashvi applies ointment to Arjun’s wound and cries sensing his pain. Arjun says even he can sense her pain and applies ointment to her neck wound. He tries to kiss her. She feels shy and runs away and thinks she was feeling attracted to Arjun not as a friend but a lover, she feels even Arjun loves her. She recalls Arjun trying to propose her and thinks if this miracle can really happen. She dances around the house and bumps on Mahima. Mahima asks if she has gone mad.

Kashvi says she was thinking something and bumped on her, asks where is she going. Mahima says to give ointment to Arjun as a pillar fell on her while trying to save her. She describes how Arjun saved her first over Kashvi and lies that Arjun is concerned for her more than Kashvi.

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