Bitter Sweet Love Starlife update Friday 5 April 2024

Bitter Sweet Love 5 April 2024: Vaibhav’s Tai and Aai making demands. Vandana worries. Sarita says look for a good party hall. Vandana says its better to save money than inviting the people in the marriage, we should live for our dream than people’s hopes. Sarita says its my son’s dream to have his grand marriage.

Vaibhav sats Vandana and I discussed… Vandana says we decided. He asks his dad to see if they can save money. Vinay says yes, right. Sarita says happiness is more imp than savings, I m already compromising to accept Vandana, they didn’t want to marry for 5 years, I m getting a bahu at 35 years age. Aaji says Vandu was ready to marry at 30, but Vaibhav wanted money, he is 38 years now. Sarita argues.

Tai says Vandana’s career is nothing, Vaibhav has to manage their lives. Sarita taunts Vandana. Vandana asks what’s wrong in singing, its my Sadhna. Tai asks what’s good in this. Vaibhav says we decided to have a court marriage. Sarita says I have to answer the relatives. Vandana says we will invite them home for lunch and spend time, we want to marry in the court. He asks her to calm down. Shivam goes to play cricket with the guard. Guard says I m on duty today. Shivam says I will talk to Kunal. Guard says no. Bobby looks on. Shivam asks how shall I play cricket alone. Kunal goes to play with him. Vandana says we decided it, why didn’t you tell them, they will find me wrong, I m saying it for our good. Vaibhav says you are right. She asks why didn’t you tell this outside. He says I have to handle it. Bobby does fielding. He asks Shivam why is your mood upset. Shivam says Vandu will get married and go, I will miss her. Kunal asks what’s in her that you will miss her. Shivam praises her.

Shivam hits the ball at the wicket and shouts out. Vaibhav says I love you a lot. Vandana says I love you too. He says we have to marry and stay together, don’t waste time, our time has come. She says give me 5 mins. Shivam says I will give you a second chance, hit a six now. Kunal says I will show you who is the real batsman. Kunal hits the ball. It strikes Vandana. Shivam says I didn’t hit the shot. Kunal throws the bat and stands. Vandana goes out to fight. She sees Kunal talking to the broker. She says I will see you later. Anagha takes Vandana. She says trust yourself and your love.

Vandana says I m stressed, I wanted to become financially independent. She gets angry seeing Kunal. Vandana hits the football at Kunal. She says I m sorry, scores got settled. Sarita says fine, we will keep a big heart, start the marriage preparations with a good heart. Aaji says its good. Sarita laughs on Vandana’s age and says we want a baby in her lap in a year.

Anagha says age doesn’t matter. Tai says they are marrying late. Vaibhav gets a call and goes out. Vandana goes to him and asks why did you say that. He says we will decide when we want the baby, one has to make easy by ignoring few things. Kunal comes and looks on. He says I always say the truth, Bobby, you should listen to me. Bobby says done, what did you say, wifi. Kunal says life is beautiful. Vaibhav sees Kunal and greets. Vandana stops him. He says welcome to the colony, I m Vaibhav, Vandu’s fiancé. Kunal says all the best. Vijay says this house is also yours. Sarita says Vaibhav, you come here sometimes to stay here, son in law is like a son.

The money lenders come and ask Hemant to introduce them. Hemant asks why did you come, I will come and talk, my sister’s Sasural people have come, we will talk later. The goon demands the money. Hemant says give me some time, I will arrange money, please go. Sarita stops Vaibhav. The goon hurt Hemant. Vandana scolds the goon. The goon starts beating Hemant. Sarita says don’t move, its their matter. The goon goes to hit Vandana. Kunal comes and stops the goon. He beats the goon. Bobby says yes, bro. Everyone looks on.

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