My desire update Thursday 30 March 2023


My desire 30 March 2023: Rudra forgives Bunty and takes back case against him. Inspector asks how can he forget Bunty trying to harm children. Rudra says Bunty’s intention wasn’t wrong and he acted situationally. He looks at Preesha and says bad are people who act as loving and backstab them. Inspector asks whom he is talking about. Rudra says Preesha who acts innocent and backstabs. Yuvraj watches the drama hiding and thinks of using the situation in his favor and rushes To Roohi’s room. At Roohi’s hospital room, she tells Saransh and Sharda that she like a family with them. Saransh says they are family. Yuvraj rushes in and asks Sharda to come out and see what her son is doing.

Rudra asks inspector if he knows who this woman is. Inspector says she is Dr. Priya Sharma who works at Khurana School as a doctor. Rudra says she is Preesha Srinivasan who was convicted in her brother’s murder case, escaped jail, and is absconding since 5 years. Inspector asks if he knows what is he saying. Rudra says yes and says Preesha is a big sinner and should be punished. Yuvraj thinks now Roohi will hate Rudra. Roohi confronts Rudra and says she will not let mamma go to jail as she is her only parent and she doesn’t have a father. Yuvraj says he is her father, then says though he is not, he will take care of her. Preesha warns him to stay out of it as its between her and Rudra, she will go to jail if Rudra wants to.

Roohi asks whom she will stay with if mamma is arrested. Saransh says he will take care of her as her elder brother. Police arrests Preesha and take her away. Saransh warns Rudra to stay away from Roohi and takes her back to room.Sharda questions Rudra why did he make Roohi alone, how will she live without a mother, even he is crying. He hugs her and says he is crying as Preesha is also crying, he is suffering by sending Preesha to jail. She asks why did he send Preesha to jail. Police takes Preesha towards jeep when Yuvraj walks to her and says she need not worry as he will help her. Preesha warns him to stay away from Roohi as she knows Rudra will handle her, he should keep his dirty face and thinking to himself and stay away from her family.

Yuvraj says she scolds him always when he helps her instead of scolding Rudra, now he will never come in front of her.Sharda is surprised to hear Roohi is Rudra’s daughter and asks why did Preesha hide such a big truth. Rudra says to betray him and keep Roohi away from him; she befriended Yuvraj and created a fake DNA report to keep Roohi away from him, now he will not let her keep Roohi away from him. Sharda says maybe Preesha was helpless. He says she kept him away from Roohi for 5 years and made him suffer, now he will make her suffer. Saransh hears him and asks if he wants to punish mamma for hiding truth, even he hid truth from him that his mamma is alive, they both are same, should he punish him for keeping mamma away from him for 5 years. Rudra says he doesn’t understand.

Saransh asks him to take care of Roohi as he is going to meet mamma. Rudra stops him. Saransh says he cannot stop him as he is stubborn like him and will get mamma out of jail at any cost. Rudra thinks he knows Saransh will do right as he has Preesha’s good upbringing. Saransh reaches jail and meets Preesha. Preesha emotionally hugs him and cries.Saransh visits Preesha in jail. Preesha emotionally hugs him tightly and apologizes him for hiding her presence for 5 years. She says she didn’t want him to be called as a murderer’s son, Roohi born in jail, and Rudra get into trouble because of her.


He says he loves her immensely and nothing matters to him, she accepted him when his own mother disowned him, she faced people’s allegations that she was an unmarried mother, etc. She asks him not to say that. He says he is Roohi’s elder brother and will take care of her and even will get mamma out of jail at any cost even if he has to go against Rudra. She asks not to blame Rudra. He says Rudra got angry when she hid truth about Roohi and sent her to jail, Rudra did whatever he felt right, he is Rudra’s son and will do whatever he feels right. Constable informs that visiting hours are over. Saransh leaves saying he will visit her tomorrow with a lawyer tomorrow.

Rudra with Sharda returns to Roohi’s room and finds her angry. Nurse says she is uncontrollable and not even having food. Rudra says he will feed her and walks to Roohi. He tells Roohi that just like a con has 2 sides, even there are 2 sides of his and Preesha’s story and asks if she wants to listen to his story. She says she doesn’t want and they are no more friends as he sent her mamma to jail. He says he should at least listen why he sent her mamma to jail. She says her mamma is world’s best mamma, he would have punished her instead of sending her away from Roohi, Roohi doesn’t even have a daddy and is alone now. He says he will take care of her. She says she doesn’t want to prays that god doesn’t give anyone a father like him.

Saransh walks in and asks him to stop disturbing Roohi and go out. Rudra walks out. Saransh asks Roohi not to worry as he will get mamma out of jail. She asks if he will really get her mamma out of jail, she cannot live without her. He says even he can’t, then says he doesn’t have a mamma and hence doesn’t want her to miss her mamma. She asks why did Rudra send mamma to jail. He says elders continue their fight for years and don’t reconcile. He feeds her food. Rudra feels happy seeing that and waits in waiting area. Nurse asks what is he doing here when Saransh is taking care of Roohi.

He says he is worried for his both children and requests her to let him stay there. He sleeps on sofa. Next morning, he wakes up and goes to check Roohi to find out that Saransh already got her discharged and took her away. He calls Saransh who doesn’t pick his call.

Rudra film’s artist visits Preesha’s jail to promote the film. Rudra rushes home and asks Sharda if Saransh and Roohi cme home. Sharda says no and gets worried. Saransh with Roohi enters and says they had gone to have icecream. He informs that Roohi will stay with them from hereon. Rudra shows his concern for Roohi, but Roohi warns him to not come near her as she here is for Saransh. She goes into flashback where expresses her anger towards Rudra in front of Saransh. Saransh shows Rudra’s photo and asks her to burn it and vent out her anger. She tries but stops. He thinks he knows their mother’s good upbringing will not let her do that and suggests her to stay at Khurana house and trouble Rudra. She agrees.

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