My desire update Wednesday 29 March 2023

My desire 29 March 2023: Doctor informs Rudra that Roohi and Priya/Preesha’s treatment is on and he needs a family member’s signature on consent form. Rudra says he will call their family. Saransh shocked hearing that asks if they are not Roohi and mamma’s family, Rudra and Roohi look same. Rudra says Roohi is Yuvraj’s daughter as Preesha and Yuvraj married 5 years ago, so Preesha cannot get back into his life even if she wants to. Saransh asks what about him, he needs his mamma back. Rudra calls Yuvraj and informing about Roohi and Preesha’s accident asks him to come to City Hospital and sign their treatment consent form.

Yuvraj tongue lashes Rudra that he is Preesha’s family and not Rudra and if something happens to them, he will not spare Rudra, etc.Sharda calls Saransh and asks where is he. He says he and Rudra are in City Hospital. Sharda worried asks if they are fine. Saransh reveals the whole story and asks her not to worry as he is returning home. Sharda gets worried for Saransh and thinks what he must be feeling after find out about Preesha. Vyjayanti hears Sharda’s conversation and worries that she will be out of Rudra’s house and life.

Preesha is shifted to ward. She dreams about the accident and wakes up worried for Roohi. Rudra consoles her and says doctors are treating her. She hugs him and pleads to save Roohi somehow. Yuvraj walks in and tongue lashes Rudra for hugging Preesha and warns him to leave as he is not Preesha’s family. Their argument continues. Nurse asks them to stop fighting and asks who are they. Yuvraj says he is the patient’s family and Rudra is no one. Preesha says he is like a family. Nurse asks Rudra to leave as visiting house have finished. Rudra walks out. He looks at Roohi from glass window, breaks down remembering their happier movement and her accident, and walks away.

Preesha walks to god’s idol and prays god to save Roohi. Nurse informs her that Roohi needs blood transfusion, has rare AB negative blood and difficult to find, so she should find the blood within 15 minutes to save Roohi. Yuvraj asks Preesha not to worry as he will arrange blood. Preesha searches Rudra to get his blood. Yuvraj says she has to inform Rudra that Roohi is his daughter to get his blood. Preesha slaps him and says she will do anything to save Roohi.

Bunty police station thinks Rudra took away Bubbles from him, so he will not let Rudra and Preesha reunite. He calls Rudra and reveals that Preesha has hidden a biggest secret from him that Roohi is his daughter and not Yuvraj’s, she did it to keep him away from Roohi. Rudra asks how to trust him and believe that he is not lying. Bunty says he saw his death from near and hence thought of informing him the truth that he found about it in Rothak. Rudra thinks how can Preesha lie to him when she knows how much he loves Roohi, etc. Preesha rushes to him and requests him to donate blood to Roohi. Rudra asks why didn’t she ask Roohi’s father Yuvraj.She says his blood will match Roohi’s blood as she is his daughter.

Preesha reveals Rudra that he Roohi’s father and collapses on his shoulder. He carries her back to hospital and informs nurse that he will donate blood to Roohi as she is his daughter. At Khurana house, Saransh packs his clothes. Sharda asks what is he doing. He asks why should he when she didn’t inform him that his mother is alive. She says Preesha didn’t even think of him once in 5 years and never met him, so she didn’t want to hurt him. He says even then Preesha is his mother, vents out his anger, then apologizes for misbehaving with her, and says he is going to hospital to stay with mamma as she is ill. Sharda worries for Preesha and says even she will accompany him to hospital. Vyjayanti stops them and says she heard their conversation. They ignore her and walk away.

Rudra donates blood to Roohi remembering their bonding. Pita Se Hai Naam Tera.. song plays in the background. He thinks Roohi was craving for her father while he was in font of her, now he will not let her away from him. Preesha gets conscious worried for Roohi and tells nurse that her daughter needs blood transfusion. Nurse informs that Roohi’s father donated blood. Yuvraj walks to Preesha and scolds her for informing truth to Rudra and tries to brainwash her against Rudra, but she scolds him back and warns him to get out of there. Yuvraj thinks he will not let Rudra ruin his plan and will get Preesha and Roohi at any cost.

At police station, inspector asks Bunty to handover his belongings. Bunty finds Preesha’s mobile ringing in his pocket and picks it. Doctor informs him that Bubbles’s kidney transplant was successful and she can lead a normal life. Bunty feels guilty for mistrusting Rudra and Preesha and requests inspector to take him to Rudra and Preesha one last time to apologize them. Inspector agrees and orders constable to get him into jeep.

Sharda with Saransh reaches hospital and meets Rudra. Rudra reveals that her that Roohi is his daughter. Nurse informs that Roohi is conscious new. Rudra walks to her and emotionally hugs her. She asks what happened to hm. He says he will never let her go away from him from hereon. She asks if he is hiding something as he is not looking into her eyes like mamma. He is about to speak when Preesha enters and pampers her. Rudra stands aside. Roohi asks why they are still not in talking terms. Preesha sys she wants to inform who her father is. Saransh with Sharda walks in just then and gets emotional seeing Preesha. Preeesha remembers their bonding and hugs him emotionally. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Nurse informs Rudra that Bunty wants to meet him and Preesha. They both meet Bunty. Bunty apologizes them for misunderstanding them and says he became a beast worried for Bubbles, Preesha was right that Rudra performed her kidney transplant and she is fine now. He continues pleading Rudra to punish him, but forgive him. Rudra says he forgave him.

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