Every Girl’s Dream update Thursday 30 March 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 30 March 2023: Dev sits in Krisha’s garden and starts singing tere sang yara. Krisha glares at him but her mother goes to him and dances with Dev. Rati is watching his live video when Vamika comes there and breaks her phone. Rati says you can’t change the truth. Vamika says but I can manipulate it.Krisha tries to ignore Dev but he keeps singing for her. Krisha comes there and asks all servants and people to leave from there. They all do. Dev says thank God you at least came out. Krisha says if you don’t leave then I will call the police. Dev says I know you have something else in your heart. Krisha says to stop creating a scene, she leaves from there.

Jaya tells Vamika I have a surprise for you. She brings her to Raghav who is brought into the house by some men as he is severely injured. Jaya says he tried to trap my daughter so I had to break his legs. She runs to him and asks what happened? Raghav glares at Vamika and says I had an accident. Ugra says we don’t have a good time but we will have our time soon. Raghav glares at Vamika and leaves from there. Jaya tells Vamika that nothing is more important than you for me that’s why I want you to stop running after Dev. He will come running to you. I will use political power to bring him to you. I want to rule this whole city and you remember that nobody loves you more than your mother. Vamika looks on.

Scene 2
Krisha gets Rati’s message that Dev is winning hearts on social media but I want him to win your heart. Krisha watches his video on social media and says he wants to be a hero. She is in the kitchen and suddenly a cloth catches fire. Krisha stops the fire and says my decision was right to keep Dev away from me because I don’t want him to get hurt because of me.Rati is taking care of Raghav but he pushes her away and says I don’t need your support, once I can stand up then I won’t spare you. Rati says you are miserable and leaves from there. Ugra comes there and tells Raghav that I know Vamika is behind all this and I will punish her for this.

Krisha calls Rati and asks her to bring Dev back home. He can’t stay here as he might get hurt. I saw a dream in which a baba asked me to protect my husband. Rati says but you both are each other’s support, you should stay with him. Krisha says no one is on my side, she ends the call.Dev talks to Krisha’s mother and says I won’t eat or drink anything till Krisha comes back with me. Krisha comes there and says I am not coming back with you. She takes her mother from there. Her mother says he won’t go from here, he will stay hungry. Krisha says let him be but don’t go to him.

At the night time, Dev is sitting alone in the garden. Krisha looks at him through the window. Her mother asks her to eat something and make Dev eat too. Krisha says he will leave soon, he can survive without eating for a day.Krisha comes outside the house to check up on Dev. She goes back in the house. The rain starts pouring. Krisha tells her family to not go out to meet Dev. She goes to her room but can’t sleep. Dev starts dancing in the rain. Krisha goes to check on him, he calls her out but she goes back to sleep. She meets the baba again in her dream who tells her to protect her husband instead of running away. In the garden, some goons attak Dev.


Krisha is trying to sleep but wakes up when she hears Dev’s voice. In the garden, some people attack Dev and start beating him up badly. Krisha runs out of the house so the goons run away. Dev falls down and is bleeding.Krisha and her family bring Dev to the hospital. The doctor takes him to the OT. Jaya, Rati and Vamika arrive there too. Jaya stops Vamika and asks if she is behind the attack? Vamika says you don’t know me? I didn’t do anything. Jaya says Raghav is not in the condition to attack him so who is behind the attack? That person has to know that I have to revenge on Dev so no one else can injure him.Krisha looks at the unconscious Dev and says you have to win this fight then we will be together again. She hugs him and the doctor takes

him away. Krisha applies sindoor to herself and says see Dev.. I am yours again. The flashback shows Dev applying sindoor to her. Jaya comes to the OT and asks what happened? Sudha tells her that Dev was attacked by some goons. Jaya asks Krisha to handle herself. The doctor comes out and says we are trying. Jaya says I need Krisha’s help to identify who attacked. The doctor comes there and says we tried our best but we can only wait for a miracle. He is in a coma so we are not sure when he will wake. They shift Dev from the OT. Krisha tells him that I am with you.

Scene 2
The minister calls his attackers. The attacker says I will make sure that Dev dies from my hands.Krisha recalls her memories with Dev. He tells her that she would say that I planned all this to make her emotional and lose her anger. Krisha says how could you plan all this just to make me come back to you. Dev says sorry. Krisha turns to see it was her dream and Dev is still in a coma. Krisha cries and says I can’t see him like this. Sudha says he was so hopeful yesterday and see him today. Krisha’s father says he has good intentions so nothing will happen to him. Jaya says Krisha will stay here so Sudha should bring her clothes. Jaya asks Rati and Vamika to go back home and tell the family. Rati says I don’t want to leave Krisha. Vamika says then I will go, she leaves. Rati asks Krisha to sit down. Krisha says I will and leave from there.

Krisha comes to the mandir and says I never asked you for anything because I always trusted you but today I am asking you to wake Dev up. I will sit on my knees till Dev wakes up.Jaya is sitting outside Dev’s room. The attacker comes there as a doctor and asks her to bring the medicines. Jaya leaves. The fake doctor enters Dev’s room and says this injection will make him die. He puts the injection in his drip. Dev is lying in coma and dreams of losing Krisha. He wakes up and looks at the attacker.

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