I do update Thursday 29 September 2022

I do 29 September 2022: In the late hours, azad injects himself with unconscious’ injection, so that he doesnt harm mahira, and also ties himself up. A forest oficer meanwhile eyes mahira from a distance. When she turns around, she finds him inside the room. she is scared and asks what he wants. he says that she shouldnt be alone out here in the forets. She keeps trying to emphasise that she is here with someone else too, to scare them off. Some more goons meanwhile drag mahira outside, and throw her on the floor. she is scared, and asks to be left alone. They meawnwhile start to leeringly eye her, ready to take advantage of her, in the isolated forest. She is scared and tensed. She thinks that azad is in the room, and she has to reach there somehow.

she throws some sand in his eyes, and she takes this time to get inside. mahira starts screaming at azad’s door to open but he is too weak inside for thirst of human blood, and barely is able to control his temptation and keeps it locked. she keeps protesting that she is genuinely needing his help, but he doesnt pay heed. the goons come in and ask her to save her screams for later when she would need them. she keeps calling azad. they again capture her and take her out. Meanwhile, azad inside thinks that he cant let this happen. through his semi conscious state, he braves himself to be awake, and opens the door, untying his ropes. He comes out, but then crashes outside. She fights and then makes a mad dash.

On the road, the goons begin to take mahira, while she protests vehemently. At the stroke of midnight, his eyes open as he changes into his vampirish form. Just when the goons are about to follow the girl, they are stopped by aan awakened azad, who beats and kills them all, and then finally their leader, who screams in pain. This alerts mahira, who is shocked too. She however still keeps running, but collides with something on the road, and falls on the ground, hitting her head and dropping unconscious. A truck comes from the opposite end of the road, while the driver is inebriated, and doesnt see her on the road. He is stopped just in time, when azad stops the truck with his bare fists. The drivers get down and asks why he stopped them, but seeing his eyes, they run away. he carries mahira in his arms, and walks off. he lays her in the room of the barn again, while she screams horrified that someone comes out to help her.

He assures her that he is right here. she remembers how he hadnt paid heed to her cries. She asks him not to pretend now, as he wasnt there when she needed him. he thinks that he cant tell her even if he wants to. she asks him to speak up, and asks him to go as she doesnt want to see his face ever again. he eyes her tensedly. Mahira reprimands azad to go and sleep only, as she saw today how insensitive he is, that he left her to be killed and ruined outside, while he was easily dosing off inside. he is tensed and finally asks her to shut up. She asks him to realise what could have happened to her, and says that she shall go. he asks her where would she go at this time of the night. she says that she shall stay with wild animals as thats far safer.

he angrily walks out, that its better she stays alone. She reprimands herself only for scolding him too much. Outside, he angrily vents out his frustration, that he saved her, and she is lecturing him only. he says that since she is so interested in being alone, then so be it.In the barn, mahira wonders if azad went actually, and is boggled, that after such anger, he must really be gone. She tries to assure herself that she isnt scared of being alone, wherein actually she is, as strong winds start blowing. She wonders how azad became so obedient all of a sudden, that she asked him to go and he left. Khan begum enters just then with razia. Mahira doesnt see them, turned away from the doors, and in anger, she presumes that its azad, and tells him to come and not make a dramatic scene.

Khan begum asks razia who is she talking to. razia asks what difference does this make, and opens here hand to reveal sme sort of powder, as in sometime, she would be silent forever. mahira meanwhile says that since he doesnt want to come up, she only shall come, and apologise too, since he wont. but just as she gets up, razia sprays the powder, that she gets in her eyes, and falls unconscious on the floor. they both eye her tensedly. Khan begum asks why did she wait so long, if they just had to douse her. razia says that patience is required if motive needs to be attained, and asks why is she so scared opf this girl, as this girl doesnt even realise what that special figure is, and what can it do. Razia asks her not to waste time, and finish all the black rituals. They eye her. Khan begum comes ahead. the screen freezes on mahira’s face.

As mahira lies unconscious, Khan begum checks the figure on her back, saying that she wants to double check, since the last time she killed an innocent. razia says that she is destined to kill and asks her to get to it. Khan begum approaches mahira with a dagger, while razia instructs her to kill mahira now, and end all. Khan begum lifts the knife to give a fatal blow. Just as she is about to kill, razia hears jhanjhariya’s voice and the anklets ringing, and stops khan begum from stabbing. They duck from there. razia thinks that its good that khan begum didnt hear the sounds or see jhanjhariya, or else she would have known her intentions.

Outside, azad waits in the car, and says that he has waited a long time for her, but since her ego is so huge, she can stay with it alone in the jungle. he drives off in anger. Azad enters in the barn after sometime, and finds her asleep, and thinks that he was mistaken to assume that she must be scared to death sitting here all alone. He says that he could have gone, but didnt quite feel right about it. He remembers his past moments with her, and wonders whats happening to him, as if he is with her, then he is tensed with her, and if he is away, then he is tensed for her. She turns around in her sleep, and her hands falls on his. he eyes her awkwardly yet lovingly, as she clutches tightly at his arm. he wonders what to do, as she is in deep sleep, and doesnt feel like waking her up. he too lies beside her, with his hand on hers.

The next morning, as sunlight falls on them, azad wakes up, and caressingly eyes mahira fast asleep, a lock of hair, on her eyes. he gently wafts it away, her hand still in his. he eyes her lovingly, but then gets tensed as he remembers his helplessness last night. he reminds himself that he cant be safe for any girl, particularly not mahira. he asks himself to waive off all emotions that he has been feeling lately. he decides that he should stay away from her. he gently takes his hand away from her clutch, while she shifts in her sleep, as that wakes her up. she wakes up and doesnt find anyone, and wonders if she was alone all night, and how he didnt even come to watch over her once. Sh brands him as insensitive.

She then decides to go home alone too. as she opens the door, she finds him waiting by the side. she starts fumbling, and he callously tells her to thank the garage fellow who got their tyre changed. he then gives her chewing gum, and she again starts her funny banter. he gets in the car and they drive off. She eyes the chewing gum, and wonders who eats gum in the morning. she says that she wants to talk about what happened last night. he remembers holding hands, and asks her not to mention it. she says that things need to be talked and sorted out. she says that a person should apologise, if it feels like that. he remembers caressingly pulling her hair away. he asks if she was in her senses the whole time. They dont realise that its a misunderstanding. she says that when he came close…and he hurriedly asks what.

she says that she remembers everything, but doesnt know why she was babbling. he realises that she was talking about something else. He is relieved. She asks if anything else happened too. He fumbles and says no. she asks when he came back. he says that somewhere in the middle of the night. she asks why he didnt come in and sleep then. he says that she is talking as if she is his…..She asks what. he doesnt reply. She realises the awkward moment, and then distracts with another topic, that he should put his good body to use. he remembers beating the goons, and wards off her advices. they drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum and razia arrive back. she fumes that she would stab tyhe knife, once she sees her again. she eyes the knife, and finds it breaking down into pieces. they both are surprised. Khan begum asks what happened to the knife. Razia says that it spoiled itself due to the failure. khan begum says that her blow wouldnt have been in vain, had she not stopped her. Razia says that she heard people coming. she says that she would killed that person too. razia asks her to be alert, as anyone came and that would have interfered with the ritual. she asks what if mahirta was awake, and she saw her, and once she ran away, would she have been able to find her back so soon. Razia tells her that mahira is a mere servant, and asks her not to be tensed too much, as she would have to return back to the haveli.

Khan begum says that she doesnt have the magic knife too now. razia says that even an ordinary dagger would do. they both step out. Khan begum goes inside tensedly. After she leaves, jhanjhanriay comes again, swining her anklets, and razia thanks her for alerting and saving her just in time. She says that khan begum is playing her game, and now she shall play hers.The next morning, khan begum waits impatiently eyeing the door. amad comes and asks that he looks tensed. she doesnt respond. he says that she must be waiting for her beloved son, who didnt even bother to tell her where he is and when he would be back. amad taunts khan begum, about her love for the affectionate son, Azad, who is getting all concerned for the maid, while she is worried dead for him. she is surprised, and frustrated with his banter too, and asks him to stop babbling about his brother. to make her believe, he shows him the door, and she is shocked to see that azad and mahira are chatting up in the doorway. amad eyes him victoriously.

he teases by singing a romantic number in her ears, and says that they seem a match in heaven. he leaves. she thinks that this cant be, as if azad has started taking an interest and liking the girl, she would have to kill mahira asap. she says that if the likeness turns into love, then he would do anything to save this girl, as love teaches rebellion. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

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