My desire update Friday 30 December 2022

My desire 30 December 2022::Rudra and Arman’s fight continues. Rudra hits Arman’s head with a vase and he collapses. Rudra then walks to Preesha and holds her. Preesha says she is feeling lightheaded. He asks if she consumed alcohol and fumes on Arman. He takes her out when he sees receptionist bringing security guards, gets back in, sets fire in room, takes her out diverting their attention, and gets her into cab. Driver asks if everything is alright as fire alarm is ringing. Rudra says everything is fine and asks him to drive cab fast. Receptionist wakes up Arman and asks him what happened. Arman reminisces Rudra hitting his head and taking away Preesha and asks hotel staff to search his wife.

Drives takes Rudra and Preesha to his friend hotel and says nobody will disturb them here. Rudra thanks him and taking Preesha to a room fumes on Arman and thinks he will never let Arman comes near Preesha. Receptionist informs Arman that his wife is found nowhere in the hotel, maybe that man took his wife with him or she went with him. Arman asks her to find their location.

Chechaji calls Arman. Arman informs him that Rudra took away Preesha and explains whole incident. Chachaji fumes and says he will complain police commissioner against Rudra. Arman stops him and says the truth of him and Preesha not yet married will be out and it will be problematic to him, Rudra shouldn’t know this truth, so he will handle the issue in his own way. Chachaji asks him to handle it sensitively as the whole world knows that Preesha is Thakur family bahu and their dignity is at stake. Arman nods yes. Chachaji thinks only one person can inform him about Rudra.

Heavily drunk Preesha gets romantic with Rudra and says she is uncomfortable in sari, so she needs clothes. He asks how will he get clothes now. She insists him to give his T-shirt. He hesitantly removes it. She slips behind bed asking him to close his eyes, removes sari, wears T-shirt, and says she is feeling free now. She then get romantic and touches him seductively. He nervously asks if she knows what she is doing. She says yes and continues. Dil Mein Ho Tum Ankhon Me Tum… song plays in the background. She is about to kiss him when she falls asleep. He thinks she tempted him to the core. Sharda calls him and scolds him for going behind Preesha to Shimla as she found it out via Bunty and Chachaji and says Preesha is someone’s wife and a mother and he should leave her alone for sometime.

Rudra says he doesn’t have any problem with Preesha becoming Anvi’s mother, but cannot spare her for Arman. Sharda continues he is wrong, but he discontinues her call. Chachaji walks in and warns her that her son is trying to ruin their family’s dignity and he will not spare her son. He then calls Arman and asks if he found out of Preesha and Rudra’s location. Arman says he searched many hotel and not yet found their location. Chachaji suggests him to track Preesha’s mobile. Arman says her phone is with him, so he will track Rudra’s number. Chachaji says they shouldn’t spare Rudra.

Preesha wakes up and sees Rudraksh behind her. She shouts. He says good morning wife. She asks what are you doing here. Rudrash asks if he don’t remember what happened last night. Preesha recalls and tells that she was in the hotel with Armaan, you have come there and had a fight. He says how can I bear you with him and brought you here. She asks what do you mean, where? She asks what I am wearing. Rudraksh says my tshirt. She asks why? He asks if she don’t remember whatever happened between them. She asks what? Rudraksh says everything and asks if she don’t understand seeing their condition. She asks what do you mean? He asks her to understand.

Preesha says you are lying and asks if he forced her and took her advantage. Rudraksh says you took my advantage and came closer to me, and asked if I am feeling anything. She asks what? Rudraksh says he is a human and couldn’t control. Preesha cries and says I haven’t done anything. Rudraksh says I tried to stop you, but you didn’t stop. She says I didn’t do anything and cries. Rudraksh laughs and says I was joking with you, and tells that he made marks with her lipsticks, and was sleeping on the sofa. He says you are so good, I will get you with your wish. Preesha hits him with pillow. He asks her to give his tshirt. Preeha gets down from the bed and goes to bathroom.

Preesha comes out of the bathroom wearing a saree and says you have changed, now Servants are not need. He says I have lost Saransh after you and then I got poverty and learnt everything. He asks her to eat. She makes tea for him and asks if Armaan knows that we are here. Rudraksh asks if I will tell him, I punched on his head and brought you here. He says I couldn’t bear him touching you, was taking you in his embrace, you know that I love you. Preesha says so you brought me here. She says I have to stay with Armaan as I can’t leave Avni. Rudraksh says even I love her, and wants to be with her. He says you can go to meet her whenever you want, and says I am not refusing you to be her mother, but stopping you to be his wife. He says I know what she is for you.

He says I know your bond with her and tells that you can’t stay there. Preesha asks how is this possible? Rudraksh asks her to divorce him and come to him. He says nothing was easy for him, but he understood after losing her and Saransh. He says he couldn’t lose her. Preesha says now I understood why you came here, as today is your birthday. He says yes. She says today is your special day and you want to spend it with me. Rudraksh says now you have understood why I wanted you to spend day with me and not with Armaan. She hugs hum and wishes him happy birthday. She wishes that God shall fulfill all his wishes. He says his wish is her.

Armaan comes there and tells that he will not leave him, for snatching Preesha from him. Rudraksh says you snatched her from me. Preesha says she is not a thing and asks her to ask what she needs. He says I know what you needs and asks her to come with him. Rudraksh says nobody will dare to take Preesha away from me, on this day. They have a fight and start beating each other. Rudraksh falls down the stairs during the fight. Preesha shouts Rudra. Armaan and Preesha looks on seeing him heavily injured. She runs downstairs and says nothing will happen to you. She asks him to open his eyes and asks Armaan why did he beat him? She says I can’t stay without you, I love you and asks him to open his eyes, says she will die without him. She tells Armaan that if something happens to Rudra that she will die and will not see his condition. She asks the hotel staff to help her take him to hospital.

They take him out of the hotel to take him to hospital. Preesha says sorry to Rudra and asks Armaan to drive the car fast. Armaan drives off. They come to the hospital and the hospital staff take him to OT. Preesha says she is a doctor and can come inside. Nurse says you are his family and can’t come. Armaan asks Preesha not to go. Preesha blames him for pushing Rudra and tells that if anything happens to him, then she will also go.Rudra’s mother talks to God and asks him to protect Rudra and Preesha. She asks God to bring them back safely. Just then the light lamp sets off, and prays to God to be with him.

Armaan goes to do hospital formalities. Preesha prays to God to save him, thinks he is in critical state, don’t let anything happen to him. She picks the call. Rudra’s mother asks Preesha what happened? Preesha says Rudra met with an accident and fell down from the stairs. She says I am very scared and asks what to do. Rudra’s mother says nothing will happen to him and asks her to send the location. Nurse comes out and tells that they need blood, but it is in their hospital. She says she will try to arrange blood. She calls many hospitals and couldn’t get blood. Preesha asks Nurse to tell doctor to continue the operation and says she will bring O positive blood.

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