My Desire update Wednesday 20 July 2022

My desire 20 July 2022: The Episode starts with Ahana thanking Rudra for forgiving her after Niketan did all that. Rudra says its okay, its not your mistake, don’t keep any guilt. She asks him to stay the same always, don’t get angry, don’t fight with Balraj. She says I will talk to Balraj, he won’t force you to do the concert, if Rajeev was here, would you say the same, I m Rajeev’s wife, can’t I do this, promise me, you won’t leave the house. He says dad said so. She says I will talk to him, have your green tea. She goes and thinks its called divide and rule, I m becoming fav of dad and son, it will be profitable for me. Rudra says its time for Prisha and Saransh’s medicines. Balraj says stop, what did you decide about the concert. Rudra says we will talk later.

Balraj argues. Rudraksh asks what happened to you. Prisha hears them and thinks they are fighting again, I have to explain Rudra, She sees Saransh sleeping and the bed wet. She says he has piddled again, maybe due to fear, how long can I hide this from Rudra. Rudra asks her to open the door. She greets them and asks is everything fine. Rudra says yes. Balraj says no, he is ruining the business. She says its not right to take the big risk. He says you know about my loss. She says pandemic didn’t get over, if we keep Rudra’s concert, how will we maintain social distancing. Balraj says people will take care of themselves, I don’t care they live or die. Rudra says they are my fans, I can’t bear loss of lives, I will leave the house.

Prisha says give me some time to think, I will tell you, everyone is worried. Balraj says fine, do something till the evening, else you know what I will do. He goes. Rudra says dad does what he wants. Prisha says you didn’t think of Sharda and Saransh. He asks shall I risk many lives. She says let me think. He says you are the most stubborn, fine, I will meet Saransh. She says no, he is sleeping. He says I will check him once. She stops him and says he took medicines. He asks her to leave his hand.Gopal asks Vasu not to answer Yuvraj’s call. He says I know how is he. Vasu says he has supported us a lot. He recalls asking Prisha whom is she saving. Yuvraj says its me, I did that accident.

Gopal thinks I can’t tell you that Yuvraj killed Rajeev and blamed Prisha. Prisha wakes up Saransh. She asks did you get a good sleep, did you forget to go to washroom at night, did you dream about Niketan again. Saransh says its water, I was having water at night and it fell down on me. She says you should have told me. Saransh says I m feeling hungry, I will get freshen up. She thinks why is he hiding this from me. Vasu asks Gopal what is he thinking, he doubts everyone. He says not everyone, just Yuvraj. Yuvraj comes home. Vasu says you just called. Yuvraj says I got worried when you didn’t answer. Gopal asks how did you come so soon. Yuvraj says I will go if Appa is upset, I was buying fruits and vegs for you, I called to know if you want medicines. She says there is everything, sit, I will make coffee.

Gopal says let him go, he will have work. Yuvraj says no work is imp than you all, maybe you are angry on me, call me if you need anything. Yuvraj thinks if I kill this old man, my future will also get over, calm down. Prisha tries to change the bedding. Rudraksh comes and helps her. He gets some smell. He asks will you lie to me, are you a real doctor or doing fraud. Prisha says I m a doctor. He asks why aren’t you resting. She says I was just changing the bedsheet, can you do this. He says let me do and see. She asks him to tuck the sheets inside. She helps. He says I was doing the same, if you want, then work hard. They have a moment. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan…. plays…

Saransh comes and greets Rudra. Rudra asks Prisha why did she change the bedsheet. Prisha says Saransh dropped water by mistake. Saransh says we will go and have breakfast. Prisha thinks to find out why is Saransh doing this and then tell Rudraksh.Sharda asks Rudra to come and have food. Balraj taunts Rudra. Rudra says I m working since childhood, nothing is free for me. They argue again. Saransh gets scared. Rudra says Prisha said she will have a solution. Ahana asks really. Prisha says I found a solution. Ahana says let it be, you are a doctor, you don’t have business sense. Prisha asks them to just hear the suggestion. Balraj says she means the concert will not happen. Prisha says concert will happen, it won’t be outside in any auditorium, but online, a virtual concert.

Ahana asks her to talk sensible. Prisha says its sensible, hear it first, virtual concert will ensure safety of fans, he can prepare at home. She asks Rudra will he do online concert. Rudra says no, I will surely do it, its a mind blowing solution, I didn’t know you are so intelligent, I will call Bunty, there is much work, I will have food later. He goes. Balraj asks will this get profit for us. Prisha says more than regular concert, you don’t have expenses to book location, air tickets and event management, just sell the tickets online and have earning. Balraj says no expenses, just profits, brilliant, superb idea, good job, I will go and talk to Ahuja. Sharda says you did a good job, now they won’t fight, thanks. Prisha says welcome. Saransh says my mumma is a genius. Ahana thinks I won’t leave you, you are ruining my life, I will make you out soon.

Prisha looking for Saransh. She says great, Rudraksh started the rehearsals. Rudra sings will you marry me…. Prisha smiles. She says you should sleep now. Saransh says you know Rudra had sung this song when we met him for the first time. They dance. Saransh asks Rudra to come and sleep along with him. Rudra says I have to rehearse. Prisha thinks why is Saransh so scared. Rudra asks is there any problem. Prisha says no, Saransh don’t get stubborn, come and sleep. Saransh says please. Rudra says let him be here, if he feels sleepy, I will get him to you, you also want to hear my song. She says no, bring Saransh to me. She thinks if Saransh sleeps here and wets the bed, then…. no I will take him in some time.

Its morning, Prisha looks for Saransh. She sees him sleeping with Rudra. She checks if Saransh has wet the bed. Rudra wakes up. Prisha says you scared me. Rudra says you scared me, what were you seeing. She says I was waking him up. He says he held my hand and slept, he doesn’t want to go to his room, something is wrong, I will ask him. She says he wanted to sleep with you.He says he was scared, he wasn’t ready to go to his room, is there something, what happened, is there any problem. Prisha thinks what shall I do. She says I had to tell you something.

He asks is Saransh fine, tell me, what are you hiding. Prisha says let me say. Balraj comes and says I m so excited, Ahuja also liked the idea, he is coming, we will talk to him. Prisha gets a call. Nurse says a lady is admitted, her delivery is due, she is virus positive, she is in pain. Prisha says so what, I will come and talk to HOD, her delivery will happen, what if anything happens to the lady or her child, I m coming. Balraj stops her and says you are risking our lives by taking this case. Prisha says any other doctor can also refuse, that lady needs me. Balraj says I need my family. Prisha says I have to do my duty, Rudra explain him. Rudra says dad is right, sorry, you can’t risk the family. Balraj says you won’t go anywhere. Prisha says sorry, I won’t listen to you.

Rudra says if you get infected then, I can’t take risk for Saransh. Prisha says all doctors have children, they are also working in the hospital, who will treat the patient, you are stopping me. Balraj says my decision won’t change by your lecture. Prisha says if any doctor didn’t treat me and Saransh that day. Rudra says you weren’t infected. Prisha says doctors don’t know about patients, I m lucky to know about the patient’s infection, I will take precaution, think of your state that day, if doctors didn’t treat Saransh that day, you would have lost Saransh, that lady is pregnant, none is there to save her, you are stopping me, we can’t become so mean, you cancelled the concert to save your fans, can’t I think for my patient, its a big responsibility, if Saransh knows that I left the patient to die, what will I teach him, I will go for my and Saransh’s sake, none can stop me.

Balraj says I will make you out of this house, like I was ready to make Rudra out. Prisha says do anything, but I will go. Rudra says Prisha will go to the hospital, she will save that pregnant lady and that child, you won’t stop her.Balraj says fine, Prisha you will be responsible for what happens with you. He goes. Rudra says I will drop you, come. Prisha gets ready. She sees Saransh sleeping and says I m going to hospital to treat the virus infection patient, I may not meet you for 14 days, you will feel proud of my work, take care. Rudra drops Prisha at the hospital. She advises him to take care of himself and Saransh. He says relax, you go, all the best, I worry for Saransh and for you too. Yeh hai chahatein….plays…. She says I remember we are together for Saransh. She asks him to leave her dupatta. He asks what, I didn’t hold anything, I m innocent. She sees dupatta stuck. He says you wanted me to hold the dupatta and stop you. She says not in dreams, go home and take precautions.

She thinks I m mad, why will he hold my dupatta, we are together just for Saransh. Rudra says she has solid attitude and courage, she is going knowing the risk. He prays for her. Prisha meets the patient Usha. Usha’s husband Naresh says none is helping my wife. Prisha asks nurse to do the tests, its imp to immediately operate her, we have no option, I will talk to HOD. She asks Usha not to worry and just take a long breath. She goes to HOD and asks him to see the patient’s state. HOD says she is virus positive, the infection can spread. Prisha says we can make separate ward for that patient. He says you won’t treat that lady here. She asks are you threatening to fire me. He says you will be losing the job. She argues and says I will treat the patient, you type my termination letter, I will save their lives. She prepares herself and goes.

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