My desire update Friday 16 February 2024

My desire 16 February 2024: Nitya threatens Birju at gunpoint for exposing her truth and tells Arjun and Kashvi that Birju is lying and trying to frame her. She tries to slap Birju. Kashvi holds her hand and asks if she will kill even Birju like she killed her parents.

Nitya says why would she kill her best friend Nayan. Kashvi says Birju is just a hired good and would do whatever is asked to do, Nitya hired him to kill her parents. She says Arjun had called police first, then how did Nitya learn about Birju’s location and came here before police, it proves she wanted to come here and silence Birju.

She asks if she brought a gun to kill Birju, but their plan failed seeing us here. Nitya acts and says Birju is trying to frame her. Birju shows Nitya’s assistant Sharma money transfer receipt online and conversation.

Kashvi asks Nitya why did she kill her best friend. Arjun says he can’t believe that he is a murderer’s mother, he hates her. Kashvi says police will arrive in a few minutes, she will make sure Nitya is punished.

Nitya asks Arjun if he will get his mother arrested. Arjun says yes. Police arrives and arrests Birju. Birju asks police to arrests even Nitya as she is the mastermind behind Sam and Nayan’s murder. Arjun also asks police arrest his mom as she killed Sam and Nayan. Police arrests Nitya. Nitya shouts to leave her. She gets into senses and realizes it’s her imagination. She thinks she should kill Birju before Arjun and Kashvi notice her. Kashvi doubts Birju must have escaped by now. Arjun says door is locked from inside means Birju hasn’t gone out.

Aruna wakes up Jagadish from sleep and shouts that Nitya, Arjun, and Kashvi are missing from home, but he is sleeping peacefully here. Jagadish asks her to relax as Arjun must have taken Kashvi out to cheer her up as she is upset after her parent’s death. Aruna insists him to call Arjun and find out where they are. Jagadish calls Arjun. Birju gets alert hearing phone ring. Arjun tells Kashvi that papa found out that they are out of the house and is calling him. Nitya years Arjun phone ring tone and thinks she should kill Birju before Arjun and Kashvi reach him. Birju bumps on her and asks her to save him. Nitya says she came to save him and asks him to get out via a door in that direction. Birju walks in front. Nitya is about to shoot Birju when Arjun catches him. Birju pleads madamji to save him. Nitya hides. Birju asks Arjun to leave him. Arjun asks shall he leave him after killing Nayan and Sam. He pins Birju down. Nitya hides in a carboard box and walks towards an open window silently.

Arjun beats Birju and insists to reveal who hired him to kill Sam and Nayan. Birju stabs his shoulder and runs away. Nitya thinks she will shoot Birju when he reaches window. Kashvi throws a rod at Birju and makes him fall. Arjun beats Birju again and asks him to reveal who madamji is. Birju pushes Arjun again. Kashvi hits Birju with a rod again and insists to tell who had hired him. Nitya gets tensed thinking Birju will take her name.

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