My desire update Friday 13 January 2023

My desire 13 January 2023: Preesha asks Krishna if wants to have ice cream with her and Anvi. Krishna nods yes. Nanny says Ahana madam ordered not to leave Krishna alone. Preesha says she can also accompany them. Nanny agrees. Krishna holds Preesha’s hand and walks with her. Sania walks to Ahana’s house and asks why didn’t she leave yet. Mishka yells their nanny and Krishna hasn’t returned home yet. Ahana says they will leave once they come. Preesha offers ice cream to Krishna. Krishna eats ice cream in Saransh’s style. She remembers the event and thinks Krishna behaves just like Saransh. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Ahana calls nanny and scolds her to reach home soon. Nanny takes Krishna and leaves. Vasu calls Preesha and asks her to reach home soon for haldi ritual.

Preesha returns home and gets ready for haldi ritual. Arman gets happy seeing her. Vasu picks haldi bowl to apply haldi to Preesha. Rudra takes it from her. Vasu asks why he came here. He says he is invited. Anvi says she invited him. He says he will apply haldi as he is invited and applies haldi to Preesha. Chachaji fumes that Rudra is a shameless man who came uninvited and touching Preesha inappropriately, he will call guards to kick him out. Arman stops him and says they can’t do anything in front of guests, even Preesha is quiet for the same reason. He thinks what is Sania doing. Preesha thinks why Rudra is applying her haldi when he never wanted to go away from her.

He thinks soon they will be together with Saransh. Sania calls him and informs that she found out Saransh’s location and will send him GPS location. He says he will come right now. Arman thinks Sania called Rudra, bye Rudra.Rudra reaches Sania’s sent location and calls Sania to hear her phone ringing inside. He breaks the door open and sees Sania unconscious. He wakes her up and asks what happened. She says she found Saransh with Ahana and tried to stop her, but she hit her on forehead and escaped. Rudra panics. She says he need not worry as she installed GPS tracker in Ahana’s phone. She messages Arman that work is done. She misleads Rudra and says Ahana is heading towards Shimla. He thanks her for help.

She thinks she will fool him endlessly. Vasu asks Preesha not to repent her decision. GPS asks Preesha to think about Rudra. Vasu asks after what he did, he shouldn’t even speak about Rudra. GPS calls Rudra who acting as speaking to Bunty informs that he is with Ahana and will hopefully find Saransh tonight. GPS tracker stops at a tempo. Rudra pulls out tempo driver and asks to tell where Ahana bhabs is. Driver asks how does he know. Rudra as usual shouts at him. Sania dials Ahana’s number which rings inside tempo. She says Ahana fooled them again. Rudra says he needs to return to Delhi. She thinks she needs to stop him somehow.

Preesha’s mehandi ritual starts. Anvi heads for tuition sadly. Chachaji asks why she looks sad and where is she going. Anvi says tuition and Prishma told her. Preesha says Anvi missed many classes already. Anvi says she promised to drop her to tuition. Preesha agrees and walks with her thinking she lied family as she wants to meet Krishna.Rudra with Sania shows Ahana’s pic to people in Shimla market and asks if they saw her. Everyone nods no. He tells Sania that he doesn’t think Ahana is here, so they should return to Delhi. Sania says she saw Ahana there and shows a woman.

He walks to woman and apologizes saying he thought she is his bhabhi. Woman smiles and leaves. He scolds Sania. She says she was looking like Ahana. He thinks where Ahana must have taken Saransh. Preesha drops Anvi to tuition class and searches Krishna. She sees nanny and asks if she dropped Krishna early today. Nanny requests her not to meet Krishna as Ahana strictly warned her against it. Preesha thinks of waiting till Krishna’s class finishes. Back in Shimla, Rudra tells Sania that he will return back to Delhi as he is sure Ahana is there. She asks him to get her some juice or at least some water and once he goes to shop removes car tyre’s air and thinks now she will see how will he return to Delhi. Rudra brings juice and water for her and says let us return to Delhi soon.

She shows a flat tyre and says they should stay in Shimla now. He says they can’t and he will make some arrangement. Arman calls Sania and asks where are they. She says Shimla and briefs him situation. He asks her to make sure Rudra doesn’t reach Delhi till his and Preesha’s marriage. Rudra returns and says he hired a cab.Anvi returns from tuition. Preesha asks about Krishna. Nanny gets worried that Ahana will scold her. Preesha sends Anvi to car and searches Krishna in class rooms to find her locked in a washroom crying. She asks Krishna to twist door knob.

Krishna says she tried a lot and its not opening. Preesha scolds teacher and going to window asks Krishna to hold her hand and come out. Krishna says she will fall. Preesha says she will not. Krishna says god promise and holds Preesha’s hand. Preesha fails to pull her, then asks her to climb a stool and then wash basin platform. Krishna does same. Preesha gets her out and pampers her emotionally thinking who is this girl who feels so dear one. Nanny takes Krishna away. Preesha thinks why is she attracted to this kid.

Rudra asks cab driver to driver fast as he needs to return to Delhi soon. Sania thinks she will not lose so easily and mixing a hypnotic powder in water offers it to Rudra. He denies. She says he should drink it for Saransh’s sake. He takes a sip and feels drowsy. She asks if he is fine. He says he is feeling drowsy. She acts as scolding him. He says everything will be fine once Saransh is found and falls unconscious. She asks driver to take them to a hotel and thinks now she will see how Rudra will reach Delhi on time and stop Arman and Preesha’s marriage.

Preesha gets ready for next preweedding ritual and wears her earring. Stud falls down. She imagines Rudra picking it and getting her ready in SRK’s style. Jaanam Dekhlo Mitgayi Dooriyan, Mai Yahan Hoon Yahan.. song pays in the background. He fixes all jewelry intimately. She finally stops him and asks her not to torture her more as she is getting married. He hugs her from behind and asks how is it possible as he stays in her heart. She says he is lying, he went away and now lying that he can’t stay without her. Vasu knocks door and asks if she needs help. He hugs her tightly and says they cannot separate. She asks asks him to go as amma will get angry if she sees them together. He says he is not afraid of anyone. Vasu gets worried when she doesn’t open door.

Arman asks what happened. She says her daughter is not opening door, something is wrong. He goes to bring spare key. Preesha and Rudra continue to express their love for each other, then Preesha gets conscious when Vasu walks in and asks what happened and realizes it was her imagination and Rudra didn’t come. She tells Vasu that she was in washroom. Vasu takes her along. Arman thinks Preesha was lying and calls to find out Rudra’s location. Sania takes unconscious Rudra to a hotel room and wiggling his air thinks he can peacefully sleep here as he cannot reach Delhi easily.

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