My desire update Wednesday 10 August 2022

My desire 10 August 2022: The Episode starts with Doctor treating Rudra and asking him to take care. Rudra says I want to tell you something, I don’t see anything after seeing you, I miss you a lot, I want to be with you always, don’t know what is it. Prisha asks what do you want to say. He asks her to read his eyes. He says you have become my life, I love you Prisha. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays…. She slaps him and asks how dare you say this, you think I will love you if I take care of you, we are together just for Saransh, don’t come near me. He asks her to listen. He shouts, listen, don’t leave me. His dream ends.

Prisha shouts Rudra, what happened, tell me. He says nothing, your grip is strong, you seem like a fighter, not doctor. He thinks thank God, I didn’t get your slap in reality, I won’t say anything. She gives him water. She asks him why is he scared. She gives a pen and says Appa gave it to you, its special for him, don’t you remember it. Rudra says he gave me a big gift. She asks him to call her dad as Appa from now. He smiles and says Appa… Bunty comes and asks can I disturb you. Prisha asks them to talk. She goes. Rudra says I told her I love you in dream and got slapped. Bunty says you are a coward, just tell her, she will also say I love you too, what’s the problem. Rudra says think if she feels bad and leaves me. Bunty says no, you have to fight fear and win, go and tell her. He encourages Rudra.

Everyone comes at the award’s function. Balraj sees Vasu and Gopal. Rudra says they will sit with us. Balraj scolds him. He says I won’t sit with these middle class people. He goes. Rudra greets Vasu and Gopal. He takes their blessings. Gopal smiles. Rudra uses his gifted pen to sign autographs. He says your blessing will be with me. Gopal hugs Rudra. Yuvraj and Rahul come. Yuvraj says so much love, Rudra will hate them. Rahul says today’s plan shouldn’t fail. Yuvraj says it won’t fail, I will just come. Yuvraj goes to Gopal and says it was not my mistake in the party. Rudra asks him to go. Yuvraj says he is my Appa, not yours.

Gopal says Rudra is my son, he has handled Prisha and Saransh well. Yuvraj goes and thinks see who breaks your trust now. Prisha gets a call and goes. Rahul stops her and asks will you get anything against Rudra. She says I have answered you before. Ahana sees them and goes to Rudra. Prisha and Rahul argue. Ahana asks why is Prisha talking to him, do they know each other. Rudra says no, maybe they met in the party. Ahana says she is weird, she came with you and has friendship with Rahul, why does it happen with Prisha, she is conversing with our business rival, what’s wrong, will you get angry again, come on, I m saying what I m seeing, I care for you. Yuvraj asks is everything okay, Prisha. Ahana says Yuvraj is Prisha’s ex lover. Rudra gets angry.

Ahana asks what’s happening. Prisha scolds Yuvraj. Rudra says Prisha would be scolding Yuvraj, that’s all. Yuvraj asks Prisha to stop for a pic. Prisha poses for the pic. Ahana says she is clicking pics with them, you still think she is right. He says yes, I m sure she isn’t doing anything wrong. Prisha goes.Yuvraj sees Ahana and smiles. He asks how did you like the drama, that’s why I asked you to call Prisha here. Rahul says good one. Yuvraj says I called the photographer, the pic will be talk of the town. Rahul says Rudra got disturbed. Yuvraj says it was imp to do this, we have to separate Prisha and Rudra. Ahana stops Yuvraj. She asks him to tell him Saransh’s real mum’s secret.

She says you can get Prisha back. He says I don’t know. She says you know it, tell me, I will make sure that Rudra throws Prisha out. He thinks this fool will get Prisha for me, I already made the plan, she may spoil my plan. The award function starts. Prisha asks Rudra to prepare for thank you speech. Rudra says I didn’t know you know Rahul, what were you talking to him. She thinks if I tell him the truth, he will be upset, I will tell later. She says Rahul’s wife is my patient, Rahul was feeling sorry, Yuvraj works with him, Yuvraj was giving excuses, I asked him not to come after me, you don’t spoil your mood, you are getting a big award, lets make the day memorable. She thinks sorry, I feel bad to lie to you.

Prisha getting accused. Rudra looks at her. Some time back, Yuvraj says I have made the video, I actually wanted to kill Rudra. Prisha asks what. Yuvraj says you would be happy now, I have not done this, I love you even now, if you don’t love me, I will take blame on me, I will get arrested and defamed, I can’t see you sad. She says don’t say nonsense, you have used people, truth will come out. Mishka clicks their pics. Prisha leaves. Yuvraj laughs and says I know you can’t put blame on anyone, but your pride will break, just go home and see. Mishka says I think the pics are enough. Ahana says this is what I call proof, I will show it to Rudra. Mishka says we have to reach home before Prisha. They leave. They come home before Prisha.

Inspector says we have to check all phones. Rudra says you think family members will do it. Inspector says we have to check it, video was made at home. Balraj says he is doing his work, Rudra, let him. He gives his phone. Everyone gives their phones. Prisha comes and says police. Rudra says Balraj called the police. Balraj says your dad said right, once we know the video source, we will know the culprit, I will ruin that person’s life. Inspector asks for her phone. She gives her phone. Rudra asks where were you. She thinks to say she has gone to meet Yuvraj, since she doubts him. She says I had a doubt and went to meet…. Inspector says we got the video in her phone. Everyone gets shocked.

Yuvraj laughs and says I will take revenge, I saved the video in your phone and sent it, you will be the culprit now, when Balraj knows this, he will call the police, you will be trapped, like I trapped you during Rajeev’s matter, Rudra will throw you out, you will come back to me and get Saransh. Prisha says this can’t happen. Inspector shows the video.Prisha checks her phone. She says I don’t know about it, I didn’t record it. Saransh comes. Balraj scolds Prisha. He asks her to get out. Sharda says listen. Balraj shouts on Sharda. Saransh says Balraj is scolding mumma again, how to save her. Prisha says I m saying the truth, I didn’t do this, someone recorded it and saved in my phone. Balraj says stop this drama, see what you did with Rudra, you ruined his name and respect.

She says I didn’t do it. Balraj asks who did it, tell me, you came to do this, you made him leak secrets and then leaked it to media. Prisha says Rudra, can I do this with you, try to recall, trust me.Rudra shouts enough, you don’t need to clarify, I trust you. She smiles. Everyone gets shocked. Rudra says you can never do wrong with me. He says Prisha is saying this video isn’t hers, someone did this, she can never lie. Ahana says she can lie, don’t be so sure Rudra, she is lying, she is behind the conspiracy. Prisha asks why are you lying. Ahana stops Rudra and asks what did she tell us before she went out, she will drop her parents, wrong, she went to meet Yuvraj, talk once I m done. She says I knew you will not listen to anyone, I got proof with me. She shows the pics. Rudra gets shocked seeing the pics.

Saransh calls Vasu. She asks what happened. Saransh says come and save mumma. She asks why are you crying. Saransh says something big happened, Balraj is scolding mumma a lot, come and save her. Vasu says we are just coming. Gopal says don’t cry, we are coming, how dare Balraj oust Prisha. Saransh prays. Balraj says now ask Prisha, are these pics a lie. Prisha says I went to meet him, I told you that I have to tell you something, I went to meet him, I had a doubt that he made the video, I wanted him to admit the truth. Ahana says wow, did he accept. Prisha says no, he said he didn’t make this video.

Ahana says don’t be so dumb, who easily confesses the crime, are you agreeing you did this, don’t think we are fools, you thought he will admit that he did recording and leaked video in function, are you a fool. Prisha says yes, wrong happened with my husband, I wanted to find truth, I met Yuvraj to get proof against him, you are not foolish, why did you follow me, to take these pics and blame me. Ahana says yes, I followed you, I did that for Rudra, I care for him, I know he got blind faith on Prisha. Gopal and Vasu come.

Ahana says I got this proof to make him believe, Prisha is a liar, she is behind this scandal, I think Yuvraj is with her, who was in the room that night, Rudra was drunk, Prisha was fine, who else can make the video, it has to be Prisha, it proves she is a liar, she used the video against you. Prisha says Rudraksh…. Balraj says I will snatch your name and respect. Ahana smiles. Balraj says inspector, arrest Prisha, take her away. Inspector agrees. Rudra says don’t touch my wife, recording is in her phone, it doesn’t mean she made the video, she is saying the truth, I also doubt Yuvraj, he did all this, Ahana went there to get proof against Prisha, Prisha went to get proof against Yuvraj. Ahana asks do you trust her. Rudra says yes, she is innocent, I trust her. Gopal smiles.

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