My desire update Sunday 4 February 2024

My desire 4 February 2024: Daadi gives her promise to Nayan and asks her not to help them from hereon and concentrate on her life. Romila walks away fuming. Nayan requests Daadi to let her help them financially. Nitya gets anxious after learning that Samrat got a permission from minister for a parking lot construction against her wish and panics thinking there would be a big trouble if Samrat starts construction work.

She calls Samrat and he doesn’t pick call. She then calls Nayan and accuses her of supporting Samrat in his plan against her to construction a parking lot and purposefully taking her for shopping to avoid her opposition. Nayan says she really doesn’t know about it. Nitya says she betrayed her and disconnects call.

Nayan informs Daadi about Nitya’s accusation and goes to meet Samrat. Nitya asks her assistant to keep an eye on Samrat and inform his each move to her.Mahima asks Veera’s brother if he really can get a model job to her or just bragged about his Bollywood connection. Brother says he spoke to a producer about her who is ready to replace her with Aaliya, but she needs a professional photoshoot before that via a professional photographer.

Mahima excitedly asks him to get the photoshoot done then. He says she needs min 5 lakhs for that. She transfers 5 lakhs instantly to him and asks him to arrange photoshoot. Brother leaves asking her to be ready tomorrow morning for the shoot. Mahima rejoices. Nitya’s assistant informs her that Samrat has already started digging the land for construction. Nitya rushes towards the spot.

Nayan reaches construction site and informs Sam what Nitya said. Sam says he will explain her what is the problem here.

Nitya enters and she will tell what is the problem here; Sam purposefully sent Nayan with her for shopping and got permission from her senior to construct parking lot even after her warning. Sam says even he can question her why she didn’t give him permission even after all the documents are in place. A worker informs that they found a skeleton underground. Sam asks him to get it out carefully as it looks like a very old skeleton. Nitya stops him and says he can’t construct a parking lot on a murder site, calls her assistant and informs to bring police and forensic team at the construction site. Sam watches her silently.

Arjun notices wet towels on his bed and questions Kashvi. Kashvi says she used them for bathing and didn’t remove them from bed as he told there are servants at their house for that. He says its not servant’s job. Kashvi says even she had said same in the morning and walks away asking him to use hair dryer if he doesn’t want to lie on a wet bed. After some time, Arjun tells her that he understood what she wanted to explain and says sorry. Kashvi says she didn’t hear him. He shouts sorry and says he understood how men make women’s work tough with their irresponsible behavior. He asks how will he sleep on a wet bed now. Kashvi shows him that she already fixed a plastic sheet over the bed as she wanted to make him realize his mistake. Arjun thinks she is very intelligent.

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