My desire update Saturday 3 February 2024

My desire 3 February 2024: Samrat gives his credit card to Nayan and asks her to go on shopping with Nitya and Kashvi and buy them some gifts. Nayan asks gifts for what? Sam says as a thanks for handling the wedding sensitively and he doesn’t want to shop or else Nayan will scold her for overspending.

He insists her to take Nitya along at 10 a.m. and return by 12 a.m. Nayan agrees. Sam thinks when he goes to meet minister at 10 a.m., Nitya wouldn’t be in her office. Nayan visits Nitya and insists her to accompany her for shopping as Samrat wants to gift her family something as they gifted them so much during Arjun and Kashvi’s wedding. Nitya agrees after much insistence.

Samrat reaches minister’s office and asks manager if Nitya is at office. Manager says Nitya hasn’t reached office yet. Samrat thinks why Nitya lied to him and disapproved his parking lot project. He meets minister who asks why didn’t he meet Nitya directly as he heard she is his samdhan now. Samrat says he doesn’t want people to talk that he used personal relationships for professional gains. Manager shows docuemnts to minister and says Nitya told parking lot can’t be constructed at that land due to environmental constraints.

Minister checks all the documents and says everything is clear and he can start construction from today itself. Sam thinks he needs to find out why Nitya denied permission or else his relationship with Nitya won’t be same.

Veera asks Mahima how did he book a hotel suite in Mumbai and got new phone and clothes. Mahima asks her toforget about it and call her brother who will get her a modeling contract as she is hot and beautiful than Veera.

Veera say many girls more hotter than her arrive in Mumbai with dreams. Mahima says let’s go for shopping now. Veera asks how did she get so much money. Mahima thinks she blackmailed Sam for his secret and got money from him. She says lets enjoy shopping first. Kashvi returns to her room and finds wet towel on bed. She asks Arjun to hang it in balcony to dry. He gets busy studying. She says he is ignoring her. He says he was busy studying. She says he has responsibility towards house and do his basic chores himself. He says servants will take care of it. She says what if servants go on leave, he should manage his chores and can’t dump the work on her.

Aruna passes by and hearing their conversation interferes and yells at Kashvi that world’s all wives pick husband’s wet towel, she is not the first wife to do that. Kashvi says times have changed, now women walk alongside men and are equal, there is an old saying that husband and wife are 2 wheels of a chariot and they should balance their life. Aruna asks Arjun if he can see his aunt being insulted by his wife. Arjun asks Aruna to calm down and warns Kashvi that he will not change for her and will not pick towel from the bed. He walks away with Aruna who yells that men don’t do household chores.

Nitya returns to office where minister informs that she got a good samdhi who is worried about her reputation, he had come to him and got permission for construction of a parking lot opposite to his mall. Nitya is shocked and thinks Samrat insulted her by sending her out of office in lieu of shopping, even Nayan is hands in gloves with him and fooled her. Samrat starts construction at the site. Manager asks why didn’t he inform minister that Nitya gave false reason of environmental hazards. Sam says its between him and Nitya and manager shouldn’t talk about it. Nitya panics fearing her secret would be out if Samrat starts construction there and calls him. Samrat keeps his phone away busy at the construction side and doesn’t pick her call.

Nayan visits Daadi and asks if everything is already at home. Romila says they don’t have any money left and can’t even afford proper meals, she knows their shop is burnt and mall shop will open only after a month, but that is in Kashvi’s name and they won’t get anything. Nayan says they can keep mall shop and take money from her for expenses. Daadi refuses and says let them handle their own problems, it’s Keval and Romila’s responsibility now to take care of the house and she doesn’t want to put their burden on Nayan and Sam.

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