My desire update Sunday 25 June 2023

My desire 25 June 2023: Preesha doesn’t get sleep thinking about today’s event and thinks how could she do this. Pihu walks in with her mobile on and asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Preesha nervously asks her to go and sleep. Pihu asks her what is bothering her. Preesha says she did and said something which she shouldn’t have. Pihu asks what. Preesha says she said I love you to Rudra and felt she said him I love you before, how could she say I love you to a person who tortured her so much, she is Armaan’s wife and is feeling guilty for her act. Pihu asks not to feel guilty as she is a honest person and must have gone with a flow. She makes her lie down and walks away. She asks Rudra if he heard what Preesha said. Rudra says yes and recalls calling Pihu and requesting her to go and check on Preesha as he feels Preesha is not fine. He says he feels guilty for forcing Preesha into this situation. Pihu asks him not to feel guilty as he is doing it for his love and she is helping him to get the truth out.

Next day, Armaan returns home from jail with Digvijay. Preesha and Pihu are surprised to see him. Armaan says Chachaji bailed him out or else some didn’t even bother to know how he is. He asks Kanchan to distribute sweets among servants and says he himself will give one box to Prem and his children. He walks to outhoue and finds it locked. He explains Digvijay what to do. After sometime, Prem with his team walks in and asks Kanchan if she called him. Armaan says he called Prem to celebrate his release from jail as Prem had sent him to jail. Prem acting confused asks what he does he mean. Armaan removes Prem’s wig and reveals he is Rudra.

Preesha is shocked to see that. Armaan holds Rudra’s collar and asks how dare he is to enter his house and conspire against his family. He provokes Preesah against Rudra that Rudra misused her kindness and portrayed his inhumane behavior.Preesha walks to Rudra. Rudra says Armaan is wrong and whatgeve the did was.. Preesha slaps him and says truth is in front of her. Armaan says Rudra fooled their whole family, he alerted Preesha many times that Prem and Rudra are other, but she didn’t listen to him. Digvijay and Kanchan say Rudra is really a monster like Armaan said. Armaan thinks his mission is complete and recalls sending Digvijay to Rudra’s house in lieu of attending party. Digvijay enters Rudra’s house via window while everyone are busy partying and notices Rudra and Preesha proposing each other.

He informs Armaan about Preesha proposing Rudra. Armaan realizes the medicine he was giving to Preesha are changed and hence Preesha’s memory is returning. He asks Digvijay to bring the medicine to him. Digvijay brings medicine. Armaan checks them and says Rudra has changed medicine and has played a game of sending him to jail and exchanging medicine via his gardener aide. He asks Digvijay to get him out of jail tomorrow at any cost as he is obsessed with Preesha and will not let Rudra take away Preesha.

Armaan thinks he went to find evidence against Prem and got a jackpot instead. He recalls going with Digvijay to outhouse to call gardener Prem and finds the door locked from inside. he hears someone bathing in a bathroom and peeps in where he finds a young man bathing with Prem’s wig and clothes nearby. He is shocked to see Rudra and realizes that Rudra was living in his house as gardener Prem. He plans to expose Rudra. Out of flashback, he accuses Rudra that he is torturing Preesha even after knowing that Preesha is his wife and wans to snatch her. Pihu asks him not to blame Rudra. Armaan says if she is also supporting a devil now. Pihu says she knows the reason behind Rudra’s act and insists Rudra to reveal the truth. Preesha says enough now, truth is out in front of everyone.

Rudra says she doesn’t know the truth much and will realize who is the real devil after knowing the truth. He reveals that Armaan is giving her memory erasing medicines mixed in water and hence she doesn’t remember anything. Armaan says he created a nice story to save himself. Rudra says he is not lying. Armaan says he is not like Rudra who troubles the one he loves. Preesha says Armaan loves her and gives her medicines for her mental health which got worse because of Rudra’s torture, Armaan can never harm her. Rudra says Armaan is harming her, which she is not understanding. Armaan asks him to prove it then. Rudra says let us go to Armaan’s room, he will prove how evil Armaan is. He takes everyone to Armaan’s room. Armaan asks him to show the proof then.

Rudra removes painting and shows a secret safe inside a secret cupboard where Armaan hid the medicines. He asks Armaan to open the safe with his finprints. Armaan opens safe and shows money instead. Rudra and his team are shocked to see money instead of medicines. Rudra asks where are medicines. Armaan grins and recalls discussing with Digvijay how Rudra fooled them til now. He says Rudra replaced medicines and knows where the safe is, he will definitely show the safe to Preesha and will fall flat on his face when he will find money instead, Preesha will not believe Rudra, then he will expose Rudra and his children and will kick them out of the house.

Rudra tells Preesha that he has real medicines and will show them to her. Preesha says he is lying again, but will give him a chance to prove himself. Rudra takes her to garden and says he hid medicines in pots as he knew Armaan would do something like this. He doesn’t find medicines there. Armaan recalls finding medicines in pots and planning to give a double dose again to Preesha to erase her past memories completely. Out of flashback, Preesha says Rudra failed to prove himself again.

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