Rajjo starlife update Monday 26 June 2023

Rajjo 26 June 2023: The Episode starts with Rajjo going out. Arjun says end this chapter. Rajjo looks for Urvashi. The man comes there and waits for Urvashi. He keeps his phone there. Mannu says I have to tell you something. Pushkar asks how did she come out, I don’t want any other drama. Rajjo says I will take her. He says nurse, take her. Mannu says I have to see the bride, she is so beautiful. She hints Rajjo. He says Madhu said Mannu shouldn’t be seen in the marriage. Nurse goes. Rajjo looks for Urvashi and recalls Mannu’s words.

Urvashi meets the moneylender. Rajjo looks on and records them. Urvashi says I want to get free from Rajjo, do you agree, tell me. The man says yes. He asks her to hide the drugs well. Rajjo says thanks Maai, now Urvashi will go to the jail. She comes to Arjun and smiles. She runs and hugs him. They fall over the bed. Wo rang bhi…plays… They have an eyelock. He asks what happened. She says I have to say something imp. She says don’t marry Urvashi. He asks why. She says because I love you. He looks at her and says I love… His imagination ends. Chirag asks I love what. He makes Arjun ready.

He says life is spent well when love is along, I wish what’s right for you should happen. Rajjo says I m coming with the truth. She gets attacked by Urvashi. Urvashi scolds her.They fight. Rajjo scolds her. Mannu looks at them. The moneylender hits on Rajjo’s head. Mannu worries. The man says she has troubled us a lot, shall I kill her. Urvashi says no, keep her shut in the room, make sure she doesn’t run from the outhouse. The men take Rajjo. Mannu runs and finds the door locked. She climbs down the pipe. Kalindi sees Urvashi and asks what’s this, where are you roaming. Urvashi makes an excuse. She goes to her room. She sees the drug packets. Kalindi says she is hiding something, I m thinking of hiding my face from Chirag. Chirag comes and they see each other. They go. Mannu calls the police.

She goes to free Rajjo from the outhouse. She breaks the lock with a stone. She goes to Rajjo and asks her to get up, her mum has come. Madhu blesses Arjun and hugs. Rajjo wakes up. Mannu says I can’t forget my daughter, I remember everything, get up. Rajjo asks for her phone. She says I have to go and tell the truth to Arjun. Mannu says no. Madhu does Arjun’s aarti. Rajjo says I can save Arjun today, please don’t stop me. Mannu says listen to me, rich won’t believe the truth from the poor.

Mannu asking Rajjo to think with a calm mind, and not lose the last chance. She says I understand your feelings, I have seen how you feel for Arjun, I want Urvashi’s truth to come out, but after the police comes, I have called the police, you do what you want but in the presence of the police, everything will get fine. She hugs Rajjo. Arjun comes downstairs and hugs Pratap. Mannu says you will be hurt, but don’t worry, you have to do this for Arjun and yourself. Chirag sees Sia hiding and asks what happened. He asks why are you scared. Sia says your eyes were opening yesterday, so I m scared, you don’t die, dad, always be with me. He hugs her and sees Kalindi. He says don’t worry, your dad will never leave you, I love you a lot, you are special. Sia asks how much. He says so much. She asks really. He says yes. She kisses him. She says now you look good, I have done something, I kept the nice dress in Rajjo’s room, Swara wrote the letter, I asked Rajjo to become my beautiful Chachi, you also come, we have to convince Rajjo.

He says fine, you should not lose hope in life, don’t give up. He thinks why don’t I follow this thing. Mannu says we can’t trust Chirag, but don’t tell anything now. Sia says I want to ask something. He says don’t refuse. Rajjo goes with Sia. Chirag says I won’t tell anyone that Rajjo came to meet you, you will know it when your memory comes back. Jhilmil says I feel guests are few. Madhu says guests will be there in reception, I m scared of humiliation because of Rajjo, so I didn’t call any guests. Sia gets Rajjo there. Arjun turns and looks at Rajjo. Jise zindagi dhund rahi hai….plays….

He imagines her. Chirag asks are you searching for Rajjo, there is still time, don’t lose true love. Urvashi comes downstairs. Chirag says there is still time, you can’t change this later, time is running. Rajjo comes in front of Urvashi. Urvashi worries. Rajjo taunts her. Urvashi asks her to go and tell the truth to everyone. She says no one will believe you here. They argue. Madhu says Rajjo won’t listen. Chirag says you aren’t a donkey, say something and prove it. Madhu asks Rajjo why is she wasting time. She takes Urvashi to the mandap. She stops Rajjo.

Arjun and Urvashi sit in the mandap. Rajjo feels hurt and cries. Pandit asks them to do gathbandhan. Jhilmil says I have sent Pankhudi for some work, she will come, we will wait. Madhu asks Swara to make Sia do the gathbandhan. Sia gets sad. Everyone asks Sia to do it. Urvashi says mahurat is passing. Arjun asks Sia to come. Sia goes. Rajjo cries. Mannu looks on worried. Police comes. Inspector shouts stop this marriage. He says we got news that something illegal is going on here. Pushkar asks what are you saying, groom and bride are adults, it’s a legal marriage. Inspector says I m not saying that, we got a news that someone has hid drugs here. Rajjo signs Chirag.


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