My desire update Saturday 24 December 2022


My desire 24 December 2022: Chachaji claps and tells Preesha that she cooked up a good story, she went to Devika’s room even after Arman’s warning and easily consoled Devika. He continues that she is the one who went to Devika’s room last and she is the one who killed Devika. Sulochana tells Sharda that they wanted to celebrate Rudra and Devika’s wedding, but are mourning Devika’s death. Bunty walks in and asks about Rudra. Sulcohna says he has gone to hotel. Bunty says he is not there and calls Rudra who informs that he is at Arman’s house and there is a big problem. Bunty informs same to Sulochana and Sharda. Sulochana says she cannot trust Arman and his chachaji as they are hell bent to prove that Rudra murdered Devika They head towards Arman’s house.

Preesha pleads Chachaji that she is innocent. Chachaji says she is and evidence is against her. She asks Arman if he also thinks she is a murderer. Chachaji asks her to stop her acting and asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector orders constables to arrest Preesha. Rudra tries to protect Preesha and says there is some misunderstanding and he should take DNA test again. Inspector says they test it 4-5 times not to punish an innocent and with all the proofs against Preesha, she is convicted. Rudra continues that he knows Preesha well who was sacrificing her happiness for Devika and will never kill her, he will not let them arrest Preesha. Inspector says he will arrest him also for interfering in their duty. Sulochana tries to pull him back, but he persistently stops constable.

Preesha finally stops him and lets constable handcuff her. Hamari Adhri Kahani.. song plays in the background/ Anvi rushes to Preesha and asks where is she going leaving her alone. Preesha says she is playing hide and seek like they do. Anvi pleads her not to play this game and go away from here. Chachaji takes her away. Police takes Preesha towards jeep. Rudra holds Preesha and shouts its wrong, he will not let them arrest her. Inspector warns him, but Rudra continues his usual drama. Constable trashes him. Preesha’s romantic mode gets on, she holding him gives her promise and asks to let her go. He calms down. Their hands part away, and constables take her away. Rudra says he will not let Preesha alone and will go to police station. Bunty accompanies him. Hamari Adhri Kahani… song continues in the background.

Constables complete arrest formalities and take Preesha towards jail cell. Rudra reaches her, and constables don’t even notice him. She says she didn’t murder Devika. He pampers her and their romantic mode gets on again. Constable returns and asks Rudra to leave. Preesha says she is worried for Anvi. Rudra promises her to bail her out. Constable drags Preesha away while Rudra resists again. Another constable asks him to leave, but Rudra gets adamant. Bunty drags him away. Rudra gets adamant that he will prove Preesha innocent and get out real murderer. Bunty asks how. Rudra says he will check Arman’s house’s CCTV footage. Bunty asks who will give him footage as everyone knows him. Rudra gets an idea and sends him to Arman’s house disguised as constable. Bunty insists watchman to give wedding day’s CCTV footage.

Watchman denies. Bunty threatens to send him to jail. Watchman agrees and starts copying footage. Rudra sees Chachaji coming and whistles. Bunty takes footage and rushes away. Watchman tries to inform Chachaji, but Chachaji busy over phone leaves in his car.Mishka and Ahana watches Preesha’s arrest news in detail, Preesha marrying Arman and Rudra trying to marry Devika, etc. Mishka says finally Rudra and Preesha have separated. Ahana says didn’t she forget them spying on us a few days ago. Mishka says whatever it is, truth is they have seaprated now. Ahana rejoices, calls her lawyer and says he can finish his task slowly as they are not in a hurry to leave Delhi.

Rudra fixes footage pendrive in laptop and thanks Bunty. Bunty says he made him an actor with businessman. Rudra says anybody can be a murderer except Preesha. He sees Devika’s friend hiding and says how did he come without invitation and explains theory that he must have met Devika and she must have got angry on him and he must have killed her. Bunty asks where will they find this man.Rudra with Bunty checks CCTV footage and seeing Devika’s old friend entering the venue in a suspicious way discusses that he must have killed Devika.

Rudra remembers the man attending Devika’s party in his hotel and questions staff about the guest list. Staff says it was Devika’s private party and they discard guest list after party is over. Rudra says he cannot take Arman’s help. Bunty says Arman will file another case on them and will put them in jail. Rudra gets an idea and leaves. Arman ties to feed Anvi, but she insists to have food only by Prishma/Preesha. Arman angrily says Preesha cannot come. Anvi says he gets angry, but Preesha doesn’t scold her. Arman enters and cheering her up asks why is she crying. Anvi says she wants Prishma as she is missing her. Rudra says even Preesha is missing her and since she cannot come, she sent him with a special gift for her. He gifts her a big teddy. Anvi gets happy seeing it.


He says Prishma asked to hug it whenever she remembers her. Anvi thanks him. He asks her to have food if she doesn’t want to anger Prishma. He feeds her food, clicks a selfie video, and makes her sleep. Maid thanks him and says Preesha is wrongly alleged as she loved Devika a lot. He says he needs her help and asks if she knows where Devika did her internship. Maid informs company’s name. He thanks her and leaves.Rudra then visits GPS and says he needs to talk to her something important regarding Preesha. He closes door and says Vasu is ill due to Preesha’s tension, Vasu was happy that she started a new life. Rudra says he came in between.

GPS says he is Preesha’s past and hence should stay away from her and let her live peacefully with Arman. Rudra informs him about police arresting Preesha on Devika’s murder charges and describes the whole incident. GPS gets worried and says he wants to meet Preesha. He says he came to take him to police station and has hired a lawyer to bail her out. GPS says he doesn’t know whether to scold him or thank him for supporting Preesha. Rudra says he will not let anything happen to Preesha, GPS shouldn’t get weak and should fight with him. They with a lawyer reach police station where inspector says Preesha cannot be granted bail until they get any strong evidence of her innocence.

Rudra says police don’t have strong evidence of Preesha’s crime. Inspector says DNA is matched. Rudra says that is not a strong evidence as Devika must have scratched Preesha before she was murdered and maybe her nails hit Preesha while picking something; he insists inspector to finish the formalities and release Preesha. Inspector asks if he will teach him his job and warns him if he interferes again, he will arrest him. GPS calms down Rudra, and lawyer backs him. He requests inspector to let him meet Preesha. Inspector permits him 5 minutes.

GPS emotionally hugs Preesha and asks how much she will suffer, she was punished for becoming Saransh’s mother, then Mahima entered her life, then she lost Saransh and Rudra, her new life had started that this happened, till when she will suffer. Preesha says god will not let her lose. GPS says she will not lose as she didnt’ do anything wrong, he and Rudra are always with her, she shouldn’t lose hope. Once he leaves, Rudra enters and asks Preesha how is she, she looks weak as she was looking healthy. She smiles. He asks her to keep smiling and leave tghe rst to him. She asks if he went to meet Anvi, how is she. He shows their selfie video and says Anvi was missing her and hence he gifted a teddy from her, Anvi loves her immensely like Saransh, she need not worry as he will handle Anvi.

She thanks him. He thanks her for trusting him and sending him to Anvi. She says he trusted her when no one did. He says he will get catch the real culprit and get him out of jail. She says she doesn’t know how dangerous the murderer is, she lost Devika and cannot lose him. She hugs him emotionally. He holds her face and says he is nothing without her and will get her out of jail at any cost. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.. song plays in the background. He asks her not to think much as he will take her out of here soon. Their romance, cuddling, and hugging continues when constable informs time has finished. Preesha looking at him leaves.

Rudra with Bunty reaches Devika’s internship company and in lieu of organizing a prayer meet for Devika requests receptionist to give her friend’s list. Receptionist gives him list. He sees 7 guest list and visit them one by one. He reaches the culprit Harry’s house. Culprit watching the nuse thanks god that nobody saw him attending Devika’s wedding. he peeps via window, panics seeing Rudra, and switches off lights. Rudra and Bunty knock door and think nobody is at home. Rudra says they should wait. Bunty says its waste to wait and takes Rudra away. Rudra says he knows Harry is present. A pizza delivery boy asks Harry’s flat address. Rudra realizes that Harry is hiding at home.

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