My desire update Saturday 20 August 2022

My desire 20 August 2022: Rudra and Saransh play with each and fight with pillows. Preesha joins them. Serial’s title track Yeh Hai Chahatein…plays in the background. Rudra and Preesha make Saransh sleep looking at each oother, then Rudra angrily gets up and asks her to come along without questioning. He drags Preesha to Kirti’s room. Kirti hugs Rudra and asks why did he come late and why he bring Preesha while they had planned to spend time alone. Rudra says they are alone and Preesha is nothing. Kirti says she will feel awkward. Rudra says they are alone and Preesha is just like a piece of lifeless furniture. He says they will play music whole day and his phone battery will drain, so Preesha will stand near socket and charge his phone as she had broken his charger.

He yells that Preesha woke up Saransh purposefully, so this is his revenge. Preesha thinks whatever he tries, she will not give up. Rudra pushes her near charging socket to stand there charging phone and not move until he says. Preesha helplessly obeys while Rudra enjoys champagne with Kirti and mimics song Bulleya… Preesha’s hand pains holding charger in high socket, but she stands silently. Rudra orders her to play next song. Preesha plays Jo Tum Na Ho To Hum Bhi Hum Nahi….song. Rudra dances with Kirti and makes her sit on his lap.

Saransh wakes up and gets afraid seeing himself alone. He walks out calling Preesha and Rudra, enters Kirti’s room and is shocked seeing Kirti sitting on Rudra’s lap. He asks what is happening here, why is Kriti aunty sitting on Rudra’s lap. Rudra pushes Kirti down and nervously says they were playing game and checking who is more strong. Kirti backs him. Saransh asks why is mamma keeping her hand high. Rudra says she won the game, so raising hand. He signals Preesha to sit down. Preesha falls down. Saransh asks what happened to her. Preesha says her leg got numb. Saransh scolds Rudra to lift mamma and make her lie on bed. Rudra obeys. Saransh massages Preesha’s foot saying she will get well soon, asks Rudra also to massage mamma’s another foot.

Preesha says she is fine, but Saransh signals to keep quiet. Rudra thinks Saransh always rescues his mother. Saransh asks Rudra why he plays weird games. Preesha says let us go and sleep. Saransh asks Rudra to accompany them. Rudra says he will practice with Kirti for some more time. Saransh says if he practices late night, he will get throat pain, so come and sleep with them. He makes Preesha and Rudra sleep with him holding his hands. Preesha hopes she prove herself innocent and didn’t betray him. Rudra thinks if she had not betrayed him, he gets hurt hurting her, but he wants to hurt her. Preesha thinks she is helpless and is unable to prove herself innocent. She and Saransh fall asleep. Rudura sees Yuvraj calling Preesha and walks away fuming.

Preesha wakes up and picking call asks Yuvraj how are he is to calling her. He requests to come and meet him to see Kirti’s secret.Family is having breakfast together. Kirti tries to impress Sharda. Meanwhile, Preesha asks Yuvraj why he called her and what he’s doing outside Kirti’s room. She shouldn’t have trusted him. She refuses to go in the room, but he insists saying she will need to go inside to know Kirti’s truth. She agrees. They come inside. He says even he was shocked yesterday when he checked cupboard yesterday. He shows her by opening it, but there’s nothing inside. He gets shocked. She asks is he trying to defame Kirti who saved Rudraksh’s band? She warns him next time she will go to police.

He says he is not mad that he would call and bring her to Kirti’s room. He then shows photos in his phone in which there are notes and cross marks on family member’s photos. She asks what that means. He says that means she’s trying to finish the family. Maybe she doubted him and she removed everything from the cupboard. She’s just trying to act innocent. She says she won’t let anything happen and asks him to join her and tell everything to Rudraksh.She comes to Rudraksh. He tells her to tell whatever she wants in front of everyone. She says Kirti is planning something against their family. Everyone is shocked. He asks if she is in her senses.

She says she’s just doing an act of helping him and family. He tells her to stop. Before blaming someone else, look at herself first. He asks for proof. She says she has proofs and calls Yuvraj there. Rudraksh says so her lover boy is also involved. She says he’s not her lover boy and she’s telling the truth. She asks Yuvraj for his phone. He takes out his phone, but a waiter bumps into him and drops food, juice on his phone. His phone doesn’t get turned on now. He lashes out at the waiter. Preesha gets tensed. Kirti is glad that she did her planning on time. It’s shown in flashback that she saw Yuvraj and Preesha entering her room. And then she gave money to the waiter to follow her orders when she gestures. She says she can’t let Preesha waste her years of hard work.

Yuvraj has nothing to show now. Rudraksh tells them to stop their drama. Preesha says phone had pictures that would reveal all Kirti’s truth. She tells everyone what was in the pictures. Kirti says enough. She respects Preesha a lot and she’s blaming her like this? She wishes phone didn’t break as she wanted to see pictures too. She knows there are problems between her and Rudraksh and in that if she’s getting friendly with Rudraksh, then she understands Preesha would get upset. But Preesha also needs to understand that they are just friends. Kriti further says that Preesha raised question on her character and she cannot take this. She cannot continue this tour.

Balrajtells her that she won’t go anywhere. He tells Preesha to stop her nonsense and be in her limits. Kirti is his lead singer. She’s much more important than her. So next time, she should be careful with her words. Rudraksh interrupts and says, else he will forget who she (Preesha) is. He tells Preesha that it’s her character to lie, betray, ploy, not Kirti’s. She wants to destroy him and his family. He knows her very well. He asks her to look at herself before blaming someone else. It will be better if she keeps her mouth shut. He takes Kriti and leaves from there. Yuvraj is annoyed.

Everyone comes to Ahmedabad now. There is Navratri party tonight. Everyone goes to get ready. Yuvraj holds Preesha back. He says it was not coincidence that waiter bumped into him and his phone broke. It was all planned by Kirti as she figured she would get caught. She says Kirti is smarter than they thought. He says she’s dangerous too. They will have to do something, together. They will find her past and try to gather proofs. He tries to get closer, but she doesn’t like it. He says he knows she doesn’t like him, but what he can do? He loves her, especially when Rudraksh is behaving like this with her. She tells him that she’s talking with him just for her family and he should stay in his limits. She leaves. He says love is really blind. Preesha is still caring about Rudraksh despite his poor treatment to her.

He calls someone and asks to find out information about Kirti. He says by exposing Kirti, he will get his revenge and also win Preesha.Other side, Preesha decides to wait few days to see whether Yuvraj is able to gather anything, otherwise, she will try to find truth herself. Saransh comes asking what they will wear in Dandiya party. She says they are going for shopping and they will decide what Rudraksh will wear as he’s busy.They come back. Saransh gives Rudraksh’s dress to him saying Preesha bought it. He says sorry, he already selected his dress.

Preesha says he always brings for her and she wears his choice, so this time, he will have to wear dress of her choice. Rudraksh doesn’t want to wear, but Saransh says he won’t talk if he doesn’t wear that dress. Rudraksh agrees. After Saransh leaves, Preesha thanks Rudraksh for accepting her gift. Her phone rings and he sees Yuvraj’s name. He gets angry.Dandiya party starts. Preesha and Saransh are waiting for Rudraksh. He comes. Kirti goes and hugs him. She says he’s looking dashing. He says choice is hers in end. Preesha and Saransh get heartbroken as he didn’t wear their gifted dress.

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