My desire update Sunday 2 April 2023


My desire 2 April 2023: Saransh calls Vyjayanti/VJ. Preesha asks VJ not to inform him about her bail. Saransh asks if she is bringing mamma home. VJ lies that she couldn’t get his mamma’s bail. Saransh says she had promised him. She says she is driving nad will come and speak. She asks Preesha why she is doing this to her children. Preesha says she doesn’t have a place to stay and if Rudra sends them out of house, where will she keep them. Roohi blames Rudra for her mamma’s troubles and determines to punish Rudra. They both walk down and listen to Rudra and his investors’ conversation where agent tells Rudra that investors are ready to pay him double for his tomorrow’s concert.

Rudraksh agrees. Investory say concert should be superhit. Rudra assure them. Roohi and Saransh plan to ruin Rudra’s concert.VJ offers money to Preesha asking her to find a place for her to stay and buy some good clothes and mobile. Preesha says she stayed alone for 5 years and will handle herself. Yuvraj stops VJ’s car. VJ gets angry on him. She says she looks intelligent, but is actually not. She asks what does he mean. He says he warned her not to bail out Preesha as once Preesha re-enters Rudra’s life, she will be out. She slaps him and warns him to be in his limits and stop interfering between her and her sister.

Yuvraj thinks he thought she will help him separate Rudra and Preesha, but he was wrong. He gets a news about Rudra’s concert and thinks of ruining it.VJ returns home. Saransh with Roohi asks why didn’t she get mamma’s bail. VJ says its difficult as Preesha was hiding from law since 5 years, but she will get their mamma out of jail soon and hence they shouldn’t get sad. They sadly walk away. Rudra hearing her conversation says she is dual faced like Presha and asks why did she lie to the children. VJ says if she had informed the truth to the kids, they would have gone to Preesha, which Preesha doesn’t want to, so even he shouldn’t tell truth to kids.

Rudra returns to his room to practice song and finds his guitar ruined by Roohi and Saransh to trouble him. He picks his spare guitar from the cupboard and practices song. Roohi and Saransh feel disappointed that and think they should think of some big idea to spoil Rudra’s concert. Saransh says they shouldn’t let Rudra reach concert.Yuvraj meets mukhiya in a bar, shows him Rudra’s concert ad, and provokes him to spoil Rudra’s concert and take revenge from him. Mukhiya says he will kidnap Rudra and will make sure nobody offers him singing. Yuvraj likes his idea.

Rudra wakes up in the morning and goes to bathroom. Saransh exchanges his phone silently. Rudra gets ready, walks down and shares his excitement for the concert with Sharda, and then feels nervous and alone without Preesha as she used to accompany him to the concert. Sharda says she will attend his concert, feeds him sweet curd, and wishes him all the best. Servant informs that driver took a leave today. Rudra decides to drive the car himself. Saransh sends him wrong concert location and discusses that he exchanged his phone with Rudra’s and gave leave to the driver. Sharda insists them to accompany her to the concert.

They deny citing studies. Rudra calls Sharda. Saransh thinks Rudra found out about the phone exchange and is calling Daadi, so he silently switches off Sharda’s phone. Rudra calls VJ next. Sharda says let us go to mall then. Saransh and Roohi give weird excuses.Sharda agrees to accompany Saransh and Roohi to a shopping mall. They say they don’t want to as Roohi has homework. Roohi denies at first but then agrees on his insistence and tells Daadi that she will obey elder brother. Sharda walks out confused. Saransh reveals Roohi how he saw Rudra calling Sharda and switched off Sharda’s mobile. Roohi says Rudra may call Vyjayanti/VJ next. They both rush to VJ’s room and while Roohi distracts her insisting her for food Saransh switches off phone.


Rudra calls VJ and finds it switched off. He then thinks of calling landline. VJ notices her phone in Saransh’s hand and asks whose call was it. He says credit card company and asks her to prepare food for Roohi. He then senses Rudra may call on landline and disconnects it. Rudra wonders what is happening.Fans wait for Rdura at the concert venue. Agent gets tensed when Rudra is not reachable. Investor warns agent that he invested a lot on this concert and if it fails, Rudra has to repay him. Rudra’s call stops midway and he gets out of car to seek help.

Saransh discusses with Roohi that he leaked car’s petrol so that Rudra cannot reach concert. They feel happy that Rudra cannot reach concert now and they Rudra ruined Rudra’s concert. Mukhiya with Yuvjraj waits outside concert venue to kidnap Rudra.Rudra meets a girl Diya and seeks help. She says she works at a hotel and will get him a room for tonight. He says he doesn’t want to stay at a five star hotel as he doesn’t want anyone to see him in this condition. Diya says she has a friend’s small hotel and can drop him there. He expresses his life’s ordeal with her. She shares her experience and says he is lucky that he has someone who loves him so immensely. He says Preesha betrayed him by hiding truth.

She says sometimes women are in a tough situation which men cannot understand and hopes he understands Preesha soon. She drops him near hotel and leaves. Rudra entes hotel and asks manager if he can get a mechanic as his car broke down. Manager says he can only in the morning. Rudra seeks a room. Manager says he should pay. Rudra says of course, calls home landline and informs him whole story. Saransh gets tensed seeing some servant refixing landline wire and disconnects it.Agent walks in angrily and calls Rudra. Sharda says he left for the concert since morning. Agent says Rudra didn’t reach for the concert at all, its canceled, and investors are very angry for their loss.

Sharda gets worried for Rudra. Saransh says she need not worry as Rudra goes missing usually like he did during his last concert. Agent warns Sharda of dire consequences and leaves.Manager gives a room to Rudra and informs that there is a load shedding and hotel doesn’t have power backup. Rudra asks for food. Manager says there is a dhabha near by and takes him there. VJ waits for Preesha’s call and hopes he must have got a place to stay. Preesha calls her and informs that she found a hotel room. She rests in her room when Rudra returns to same room and sleeps on the other side. He then realizes someone on the other side of the bed and shouts. They both identify each other and their nok jhok starts alleging each other.

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