My desire update Monday 3 April 2023

My desire 3 April 2023: Rudra and Preesha’s argument continues. She orders him to get out of his room. She says she will not as she booked this room. Neighbor room customer asks them to go home and fight or ask manager whose room is it. Rudra wears his shoes and tries to leave. Preesha slips. He holds her. Their eyes lock. Main To Tera Hua.. song plays in the background. She gets alert. Their nok jhok continues. On the other side, Roohi gets worried for Rudra. Saransh asks her not to worry about him and thinks even he is worried for Rudra. Vyjayanti/VJ walks to him and asks him to find out her last call’s location. He asks whose call was it. She says her friend, thinking how to tell him it was Preesha’s call. Sharda walks to him worried for Rdura and days his phone is not reachable.

VJ calls police and files Rudra’s missing complaint. Roohi gets tensed. Inspector visits and asks if they got any call. VJ says no. He says he will investigate.Rudra and Preesha walk to manager and ask whom did he give that room. He says he gave it to both as there was only 1 room. Preesha asks why there is no light in that room. Manager says he disconnect light to stop them from seeing each other. Preesha and Rudra argue its their room. Manager says its both. Rudra says he will go from there. Manager says he can’t as there is no other hotel nearby and its a jungle. Their argument starts again and they finally agree too stay in same room. They return to room and continue arguing. They then hear a man forcefully taking his wife away.

Preesha rushes to wife’s rescue. Man twists Preesha’s hand. Rudra trashes him asking how dare he is to touch his wife. Man apologizes and walks away. Preesha comforts lady. Lady thanks her for her help and says she will call her brother to come and pick her up.They both return to room. Preesha asks on one side he says he hates her and wants to send her to jail, but on the other side he fights for her and shows his love for her when he finds her in trouble. He says he doesn’t love her or has any feelings for her, he would save any woman in trouble, so Preesha shouldn’t think he loves her; he hates her and will never forgive her. She sleeps sadly. He thinks he told her he hates her, but why is he feeling pain. She thinks he told he hates her, but his eyes speak otherwise.

Najane Koi Kaisi Hai Ye Zindagani.. song plays in the background.Inspector gets call records and informs Sharda and VJ that someone picked call and spoke for 28 seconds. Saransh says he picked that call, but couldn’t hear anything and hence disconnected call. Inspector says he will investigate. Sharda cries worried for Rudra. VJ consoles her. Saransh and Roohi thank god that they escaped. VJ notices Preesha calling her from the same number and informs inspector about same. Inspector asks what if Preesha is behind Rudra’s kidnap.

Inspector asks Vyjayanti/VJ to call the number and find out if Preesha kidnapped Rudra. She calls number where hotel manager informs that Rudra is present there. She asks him to call Rudra. He knocks Rudra and Preesha’s room door. Rudra opens door and asks why is he disturbing them now. Manager says there is a call for him. Rudra picks phone and informs that he is in some Gurgaon hotel and asks her to send someone to pick him up. Preesha says he cannot go. VJ asks what is happening. Preesha says Rudra will stay with her. Rudra scratching himself asks her to stop her drama. She says she is a doctor and can see him scratching. Rudra says there must be bedbugs in this hotel. Manager says their hotel is clean. Preesha shows Rudra’s skin and says he got chickenpox. Rudra says chickenpox happens to kids and he is grownup. Preesha says he didn’t get chickenpox in childhood and hence got it now, its contagious and will spread to his children.

VJ asks him to stay there as Sarnash and Roohi may contract it. Rudra continues arguing with Preesha, but Preesha adamantly drags him to room. Inspector asks VJ if he should go and bring Rudra. She says no need for that Rudra’s chickenpox can spread to children, Preesha is with Rudra and will take care of him there.Preesha ties Rudra to a bed. Rudra resists. She says she is a doctor and knows how to manage his disease. At Khurana house, VJ hears Saransh and Roohi discussing that they gave wrong address to Rudra to cancel his concert. She confronts them and asks why did they do that.

Saransh says the person whom Rudra sent to jail is his mother, then looking at Roohi says like his mother and wants her to get out of jail soon. VJ says its a complicated case and she is trying her best to bail out Preesha. Saransh says she should. VJ thinks she cannot reveal truth to them and cannot inform that their parents are together now.Preesha removes Rudra’s T-shirt. He resists and warns not to misuse his situation. She shuts him and applies medicine to his body to calm his itching and pain. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain.. song plays in the background. He gives up for sometime and then says is better he scratches his skin than let her apply him medicine and asks why is she taking care of him when she already betrayed him.

She asks if he ever thought why she did it, her love and care is not a drama and she truly loves him, she bore a blame of being a murderer and couldn’t let him ruin his life and career by running behind her, she wants him to be happy with children as they are also her children, he should open his eyes and realize her true love for him, etc. Rudra thinks when she lied him earlier, how to trust her now; he lost 5 years because of her and will not get them back.

VJ informs Sharda that Rudra got chickenpox, but Preesha is taking care of him; they are staying at a hotel on highway. Sharda asks if Preesha got bail, why didn’t she inform her. She says Preesha didn’t want kids to meet Preesha and see her in that condition, so she had to follow Preesha’s request. Yuvraj hears their conversation hanging from window and thinks of ruining Preesha chipkali/lizard and nalla/waste Khurana’s happiness.

Preesha brings food for Rudra. Rudra asks her to free his hands as he wants to have food himself. She says he will scratch if she frees his hands. He says he will not have food then. She enjoys food and says its very yummy. He feels tempted. She keeps food thali near him. He tries to eat it and acts when she returns. She returns and feeds him food.

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