Rajjo starlife update Sunday 16 July 2023

Rajjo 16 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo arguing. He says you cleared that Mannu and running are imp to you. She asks why do you say your feelings and then deny it. Chirag comes and says Arjun has told truth in intoxicated state. Arjun says spare me, you always defend Rajjo and never take my side, I m going to the US, its enough now. He goes. Chirag asks Rajjo to drink the juice. She says he is leaving, I have to stop him, do something. He says I don’t know why he wants to go, he loves you. She says even if he doesn’t love me, I have no complain. Mannu comes and says he loves you, you know it. Rajjo asks why is he doing this. Chirag says there is something related to Madhu, Arjun has never raised his voice on her, I saw his different side when you fainted down, he was questioning her, its about you.

Mannu says Madhu got them married. Rajjo says yes, she tried to make me move on this relation. Chirag asks since when is he doing this, try to recall. Rajjo says he was talking to me nicely, he answered a call and left from the house, that phone was in Madhu’s room. Chirag says that call came for just mum. He goes. Pushkar is angry on Mannu and Rajjo. Madhu comes and scolds him for targeting Rajjo.

She says you are doing this to save yourself. He says I don’t care if your truth comes out. Chirag says mum doesn’t have any phone in her room, Arjun has broken it and removed it, I got the phone bills, tell me the day and time, we will check the call logs. Chirag checks the phone call details. Madhu says I will not assist you from now, I will bring your past in front of them. He asks really, will you tell them that Rajjo is my illegitimate daughter. She says yes. He scolds her and says I will expose your evil deeds. She says you will get questioned. He says you also want to kill Rajjo, you aren’t called a mum. They both shout on each other.

Chirag calls on the number. He says we will know the truth. Rajjo worries. Pushkar laughs. He challenges her. Madhu says you are a coward, I will see how you accept her. Chirag and Rajjo hear the person on call and says Gurumaa… Chirag says what did she tell Arjun that he wants to leave from here. Rajjo asks what benefit will she have. Chirag recalls. Mannu says I don’t understand what’s happening. Rajjo says we will find out the truth.

Jhilmil says so much gold. Madhu says I m going to gift this to Gurumaa. Jhilmil says give it to me, she isn’t miraculous, she told the solution, but she didn’t unite Arjun and Rajjo. Madhu says we have to take this to Gurumaa. Rajjo and Chirag take a disguise. They come to meet Gurumaa. Chirag says Kalindi used to wear such clothes when she came to college. Rajjo says we used to see foreigners in such clothes, I should focus on my work now, I have to show Gurumaa, who is her Guru, I will break the law today. He asks are you not scared. She says no, I will expose her truth today. The lady asks them to come inside. Rajjo and Chirag act like NRIs. The guards stop them and ask them to give the phones to them. Rajjo gets Mannu’s call. The guard says go out and talk. Rajjo gets Mannu’s message that Arjun is leaving. She worries. She gives the phone. They meet Gurumaa. Gurumaa asks them to sit. Rajjo records their meeting.

Swara getting coffee for Arjun. She says you are missing Rajjo a lot, you are my first friend here, I will tell you something, you have to say few things, else it remains in the heart as a burden, lucky people get love, when you are so lucky, then you should thank God for giving you love. She advises him. She says sorry to give much lecture, Rajjo has gone out with Chirag for some work. She goes. Arjun says I m going to US, I want Rajjo to not worry, so I m making distance, but I want to see Rajjo. Gurumaa asks Rajjo and Chirag to sit. Rajjo acts like a NRI.

Gurumaa talks to them in English. Chirag says we still love our mother tongue, hindi. He introduces Rajjo as his sister. Rajjo makes a smiley on the bed with the cushions and sheets. Madhu comes. She asks him not to go away for the sake of family. He says I promise I won’t go, but you have to do one thing, you have to apologize to Rajjo and accept your mistake, you have to bear the punishment if he says, tell me, will you do this, answer me. She worries.He says I know you have no answer for this, so I had decided to leave, I m going to dad to sit for some time. Chirag and Rajjo lie to Gurumaa. They give different answers, and then cover up. The guard stares at Chirag. Rajjo sees this and screams. She asks is there any rat, my brother is scared of rats. Gurumaa says there can’t be any rat here. Guard threatens them.

Rajjo scolds the guards. She says I think you just have a big name, we will go to other Baba, he knows about our crores of property. Gurumaa says you have a problem about the will. Rajjo says yes. Gurumaa says you want to get the money. Rajjo says yes, who will lose 800 crores, my Bua didn’t get married. Chirag says the money will come to us if she dies. Gurumaa says I will get you the money in one year. She gets Madhu’s call. She thinks Madhu has to wait for some time. Madhu calls Gurumaa. She asks Jhilmil to take the stuff and go to Gurumaa. Jhilmil says I will go, don’t worry. Rajjo says she wasted our time, we will go. Chirag says she wants to help us. Rajjo says I know she is greedy, she is fooling us. Chirag says you know we need money, Gurumaa will help us, many people come to her. Gurumaa says I will give you something that you have to feed it to Bua. Rajjo says we have no time, my boyfriend will not wait for me for one year, he is a foreigner.

Gurumaa says fine, one year is long, tell your Bua that her Kundali has dosh and she will be alive for one year. Rajjo says she is smart, we can’t fool her, she won’t believe this kundali. Gurumaa says when I make the kundali and tell the dosh, she will believe it, she will value you both and give all her money to you. Rajjo says she is very smart, its not easy to fool her, how many rich people did you fool till now. Madhu calls her. Gurumaa shows Madhu’s name on the phone. She says she is one sample.

Gurumaa says she is my big devotee, she is one of the rich people of Lucknow, I told Madhu about the big dosh in her son’s kundali, she believed my lie. Rajjo and Chirag are shocked. Rajjo asks what. Gurumaa says I used her fear and then I told her. Rajjo’s phone rings. Gurumaa asks whose phone is ringing. Rajjo says guard took my bag and phone, you were saying something. Gurumaa says Madhu got her son married to a servant, I told her that when Arjun gives a wife’s rights to her wife then his death will go on his wife, so that foolish woman is trying to bring them close. Rajjo cries and recalls Madhu’s words. Chirag gets angry. He recalls Arjun’s words.

Gurumaa says she is giving me many chadava to get a solution. Rajjo asks what else. Jhilmil comes with the gold chadava. Chirag and Rajjo get worried. Rajjo asks how did she come here. Chirag says don’t know, hide your face, else we will get shocked. Jhilmil gives the gold jewellery. Guard takes Jhilmil. She falls. Rajjo and Chirag hold her. Gurumaa says I will call Madhu. Jhilmil sees them and goes. Rajjo and Chirag get relieved. Gurumaa asks the guard to distribute the gold in the poor. She says I m Sanyasi, what will I do of this, see Madhu has sent Jhilmil with the gifts, she has gone mad, I m giving her solutions to bring her son and bahu close, like bhaang loban, chameli perfume, her son and bahu will die by trying these things. Rajjo recalls.

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