My desire update Sunday 11 December 2022


My desire 11 December 2022: Sulochana chats with Devika and asks if she is eager to become her bahu. Devika says honestly she is not feeling anything. Sulochana says she need not worry as Rudra will love her a lot. Avni walks to her crying and says Preeshma/Preesha didn’t come to recite story and make her sleep. Devika takes Avni to Arman searching Preesha where Arman says Preesha is not here. She says she will check Preesha in Chachaji’s room. Arman says he just came from Chachaji’s room and she was not there. They start searching Preesha in every room. Devika says even RK is missing. Sulochana thinks Preesha and Rudra must be together and she needs to alert them before Arman and Devika sees them. Preesha insists Rudra to open store room door. He insists her to tell truth and open the door herself.

She says she will shout and gather everyone and tries to rush towards door, but slips and falls spraining her leg. Arman calls Preesha and finds her mobile on a table nearby. Sulochana asks servant if he saw Preesha madam. Servant says she went towards store room to pick something. Sulochana thinks definitely they are in store room and she needs to alert them.Preesha writhes in pain. Rudra finds first-aid box and insists to apply balm on her leg. She resists and warns to dare not touch her. He insists and applies balm on her leg. She relaxes.

He says she was in so much pain and pulls her ankle. She shouts and scolds him. Sulochana hearing her voice rushes towards store room door. Rudra reminds that she treated his ankle sprain similarly and remembers a detail incident. Sulochana knocks door and asks if they are inside. Preesha says yes and Rudra has locked the door from inside. Sulochana asks Rudra to open the door soon. He opens door. She asks why wasn’t he opening the door. Arman and Devika reach there and stand shocked seeing Preesha and RK there. Arman asks Preesha what is she doing in store room with RK. Devika tells RK that she thought he went to meet Sharda maa. Preesha says she came to pick cartons.

Rudra says he cake to help her, but somehow door got locked from inside. Preesha backs him. Rudra says they shouted for help, its good that maa came and opened the door. Arman says he will get the door repaired tomorrow and informs Preesha that Anvi is waiting for her.Sulochana asks Rudraif door was jammed or he locked it. Rudra nervously stammers why would he. She asks not to lie as his eyes reveal that he still loves Preesha. He says he is marrying Devika. She says she wants him to move on, but can see that he is marrying Devika to hurt Preesha. He says he really likes Devika and didn’t know that Preesha is her bhabhi, its fate and he is doing right. She thinks she doesn’t know about fate, whatever Rudra is doing is wrong and may repent.

After sometime, while selecting saris Rudra holds Preesha’s hand in lieu of picking sari and looking at Preesha tells Devika that this red sari looks pretty on her, asks Preesha bhabhiji if his choice is good. She says yes. Arman selects a sari for Preesha. Preesha jealously looks at Rudra. Next day, during jewelry selection, Arman selects a diamond necklace for Preesha and she asks him to fix it in her neck. He does. Rudra gets jealous and fixes a waist band in Devika’s waist sensuously touching her. Preesha gets jealous. Rudra asks if something is burning, Preesha must be smelling it. Preesha says no. Rudra thinks if Preesha accepts that she is getting jealous, he will cancel the wedding.

She thinks he is misunderstanding again. He thinks she will repent. After sometime, while selecting dress for Rudra, he asks Preesha bhabhiji to select one for him. She selects one. He says her choice is good and asks if she accepts it or not. She says big no.Guests start coming for Devika and Preesha’s haldi/turmeric applying ceremony. Vasu walks in. Arman greets her and says he felt good seeing her and now he feels family is complete. She says she asks about Anvi and says she came to help Preesha in wedding arrangements. Arman introduces her to Sulochana and says she is Anvi’s music teacher but loves them like a mother.

Sulochana says mothers love their kid a lot and are always worried for them, she felt good meeting Mrs Srinivasan. Devika walks down. Vasu says she is looking pretty and asks Preesha to apply nazar tika/black dot behind Devika’s ear. Chachaji clicks family pic. Rudra with Sulochana for haldi ritual. Ritual starts. Vasu performs ritual first followed by Preesha who applies haldi only to Devika. Devika reminds that she didn’t apply haldi to RK. Chachaji asks Preesha to apply haldi to even the groom. Preesha applies haldi on Rudra’s face remembering their haldi. Rudra thinks this is how their haldi happened, its not late yet and she should tell truth to everyone. She thinks no. Vasu says don’t know what Rudra is up to after returning into Preesha’s life. Sulochana says she should think about her daughter first as she is ashamed to acknowledge her as a mother and calls her a music teacher instead, at least my son calls me his mother.


Vasu says she is stretching the discussion and its better if they stay away from each other. Sulochana murmurs she should if she wants to. Chachaji applies haldi next and says he will tear groom’s kurta now. Rudra resists. Chachaji says he is sparing him as he is his SIL and asks Preesha to take Devika for a bathe while they take RK.Chachaji’s businessman friend Ahuja comes next. Chachaji happily greets him and says he is late. Ahuja says he got stuck in traffic. Chachaji says Arman wanted to discuss business with him as their company wanted to laugh India’s best music talents.

Ahuja says he will get him best singers. Arman walks down with Rudra. Chachaji introduces him as his special guest Mr RK. Ahuja in shock says Rudraksh Khurana. Arman asks if he knows him. Ahuja says Rudra is India’s one of best singers and he used to represent Rudra 6 months ago, they wouldn’t be knowing him as they were staying abroad and came here 6 months ago and Rudra left singing 6 months ago. Ahuja says he is proud that such a big rockstar Rudra is marrying his niece. Ahuja asks how can Rudra marry again as he is already married. Devika also walks down with Preesha and is shocked to hear that. She asks Rudra if he is already married. Ahuja sees Preesha and says his wife is… Sulochana drops juice on him and takes him to washroom. Devika and Arman insist Rudra if he is already married.

Ahuja asks Sulochana why did she bring him here, Rudra and his wife Preesha are already present here. Sulochana says they were married and divorced now, Preesha is Arman’s wife now and Rudra is marrying Arman’s sister Devika now. She threatens Ahuja to keep his mouth shut or else she will not let him earn a penny from Arman and forcefully sends him from there. Arman and Chachaji insist Rudra to tell truth or if he is fooling Devika for money. Preesha tries to speak, but Vasu stops her. She says she feels as if she is betraying her dear ones. Sulochana says she will answer them and reminds Devika that Rudra was emotionally labile and heart broken when she met him, he was a big rockstar with immense wealth 6 months ago, but lost everything including his wife.

Chachaji asks why did he hide his past from them. Sulochana says her son wants to forget his past as his wife is dead, his son lost wealth and even love and became lifeless stone; Devika entered his life then and induced a new ray of hope in his life; why should her son ruin his wife remembering a dead person. Vasu says Preesha let her say whatever she wants to.Arman apologizes Rudra for doubting him and says he will leave the decision on Devika as its her life. Devika says she wants to talk to RK alone first and drags him away. Preesha follows them, but Vasu stops her and asks not to interfere in Rudra and Devika’s life. Preesha says she will inform truth to Devika.

Sulochana stops her and warns her not to reveal truth as she ruined Rudra’s life and is dead for them. Preesha says she ruined Rudra’s life. Sulochana continues blaming her. Vasu takes Preesha away. Devika tells Rudra that she doesn’t want to know about his past but just wants to ask him if he loves her or still loves his ex-wife. Sulochana enters and says she will tell her if Rudra loves her or not.

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