My desire update Sunday 10 march 2024

My desire 10 march 2024: Arjun tells Jagadish that there is also one bad news. Jagadish asks what is it. Arjun says he and Kashvi think someone tried to kill Dadaji 10 years ago and even today someone tried to kill him. Nitya gets tensed thinking Kashvi involved even Arjun in her search.

Jagadish asks who wants to kill his father. Kashvi says she feels it’s one of their family member and says Dadaji got a panic attack when she showed him family pic, she thought it’s Arjun, but then when Arjun met him, he was very happy and hence she realized he panicked seeing a family pic. Arjun asks Kashvi to inform him about Samrat’s doubt.

Kashvi informs that Samrat had met Dadaji once and knew who tried to kill him. Nitya thinks it’s good that she got Samrat killed before he could expose her. She asks Kashvi to show that family pic, checks it, and tells Jagadish that Bauji panicked seeing Aruna. She lies to him that Aruna and her husband had called Bauji to Haridwar 10 years ago. Jagadish refuses to believe her and asks Kashvi and Arjun to go and rest.

Arjun brushes his teeth with a tree stem before sleep. Kashvi jokes that he is acting primitive. Arjun says Dadaji taught him that tree stem deep cleans teeth. Kashvi suggests him to use a brush today and asks if he is feeling fresh. Arjun stands mesmerized with her beauty and thinks why he can’t see anything else than her. They then go to sleep. At midnight, Nitya walks to Bauji’s room to kill him when attended Om walks in and asks what is she doing here. She came to check if Bauji is fine and walks out. She calls Sharma and explains her plan. Next morning, Nitya gets Sharma’s call and informs family that Suraj and Pankaj escaped from jail and they must have attacked Bauji. She recalls how Sharma helped Suraj and Pankaj elope, thinks now everyone’s attention would be towards Aruna and not her. Kashvi says they shoud speak to Aruna then. Jagadish agrees.

Mahima gets ready for her wedding with makeup artists’ help. Pradyuman calls her and asks if her bride is ready. She says yes and asks him to video call her to see how he looks. He says bride and groom shouldn’t see each other before marriage. She laughs and asks since when he started believing in all this and thinks once she marries rich Pradyuman, she will lead a lavish life in London. Jagadish with his family meets Aruna and assks why she tried to kill Bauji. Nitya asks why would she try to kill her own father, she is blunt but can never think of killing anyone. Arjun says she attacked Dadaji yesterday via her sons who have eloped from jail. Aruna refuses allegations.

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