My desire update Friday 2 February 2024

My desire 2 February 2024: Samrat asks Nitya if he can’t show his love for his daughter. He says he missed to watch is daughter’s childhood, pampering her, walking holding her hand, etc.

Nitya says he can, but he saw how Aruna reacted; they just need to be careful to avoid any more drama. Nayan says Nitya is right and goes out to check the arrangements. Sam asks Nitya why didn’t she approve his parking lot project outside his shopping mall as it will help shopkeepers and others do better business.

Nitya says she can’t approve it as it’s against environmental norms. Sam says he will discuss with his manager to find some other way out then. Nitya says they should go and start Kashvi’s muh dikhayi ritual.

Kashvi tries to wear sari for the ritual hurriedly and sees Arjun’s help. Arjun asks her to say please. Nitya calls Kashvi to come out soon. Kashvi says please to Arjun. Arjun tries to help her and gets mesmerized with her beauty.

He says her waist is slim and beautiful and he never noticed that. Kashvi feels shy. Arjun says she is so hot. Kashvi asks him to stop staring at her. Arjun says a husband can stare at his wife. Kashvi feels shy and runs out. Her muh dikhayi ritual starts. Nayan asks Kashvi’s papa Sam to come and perform the ritual. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Nayan says since Sam is married to her now, he is Kashvi’s father. Sam performs ritual. Kashvi calls her papa. Sam gets more happy and says she gave him the best return gift. He walks aside feeling emotional. Nayan says even she felt same when Kashvi called him mamma first.

Nayan notices Arjun sad and asks if he is missing Mahima. Arjun says to be frank yes, but they most of them can’t get what they want. Nayan cheers him up and says he can share his thoughts with her any time. Sam gets his manager’s call. Sam says he spoke to Nitya and learnt that she can’t permit parking lot construction due to environmental norms. Manager says he checked all the norms and got all the permissions and sends copies to Sam. Sam checks them and thinks why Nitya denied permission then.

Kashvi wakes up in the morning hearing alarm and tries to set it off leaning over Arjun. Arjun wakes up shouting he saw a bear. Kashvi says she is setting off alarm. Arjun says he saw really a bear then. Their cute nok jhok starts. Sam fixes a meeting with a minister to get construction permission and thinks Nitya’s office is also in the same building, so he needs to make sure that she is not in the office when he meets minister.

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