My desire update Saturday 24 September 2022


My desire 24 September 2022: Ahana starting her acting in front of Sharda hospital room tells Mishka that she is going to temple to pray for mummyji’s speedy recovery and takes her along. Mahima thinks those 2 bhootniyan went out, how she should go from here as she is suffocating. She takes Saransh out in lieu of feeding him something and thinks how ladies act as good daughter-in-law; she would have shown Khuranas their place if her crores worth money wasn’t stuck with them. Once she leaves, Preesha walks in and hugs Sharda emotionally. Rudra acts shouting how dare she is. Sharda stops him and reminiscing all the incidents asks why did she come here. Preesha says whatever happened between her and Rudra is their issue, but she couldn’t control herself hearing maa fell from stairs and got injured.

Sharda asks who told her that she fell down. Saransh rushes to bathroom leaving Mahima out. Rudra acts as fighting with Preesha. Sharda stops them and seeing Preesha’s bandaged hand asks what happened. Preesha says it burnt a bit. Rudra gets concerned, but stands silently. Sharda worried asks how did it burn, what did doctor say. Preesha emotionally hugs her. Sharda says she had become a daughter than DIL and taught her to fight for herself and live a life, then how can she do wrong; she knows she cannot do anything wrong to Rudra. Preesha says she is thinking this as she is a mother, whatever she is doing is for her love and thinks its her son Saransh.

She leaves room looking at Rudra. Serials’ title song plays in the background. Rudra also walks away saying he will be in a minute. Sharda thinks how much ever Rudra hides, his eyes speak his love for Preesha and he must have gone behind Preesha; how did Preesha find out about her accident. Rudra stops Preesha and emotionally holds her injured hand, asks if she is severely injured. She says no, it wil get well soon.Yuvraj walks to them and asks if they both planned beforehand and came here. Rudra says his mother is here. Yuvraj realizes Preesha’s drama to come here and meet Sharda and describes how she burnt her hand with hot oil to come to hospital. Rudra gets more worried.

Preesha says she will be fine in 2 days. Rudra hugs her emotionally. Yuvraj fumes that he became side hero from hero in 2 minutes, he wouldn’t have tolerated all this if it was not for his piggybank Saransh. Saransh insists Mahima to call Rudra as he cannot pee without hearing a song. Mahima walks towards Rudra. Yuvraj sees her coming, pushes Rudra aside and hugs Preesha. Rudra shouts how dare he is. Yuvraj says Mahima is coming. Mahima walks to Rudra and asks to go and sing for Saransh as he s not getting pee. She sees Preesha and asks what is she doing here. Yuvraj says Preesha accidently poured hot oil while cooking pakoras, so he brought her here. Preesha says Yuvraj loves her a lot and says let us go jaanu.

Rudra acts as fighting and thinks why she called Yuvraj as Jaanu. Mahima takes him away.Doctor checks Sharda and informs that she is fit to be discharged from hospital, but should get a checkup by gynecologist. After sometime, Rudra from home calls Preesha and asks why did she call Yuvraj as Jaanu. She asks if she should call him Shona, puchku, etc.. Rudra warns her to dare not do that and getting romantic kisses her. Sharda enters and smiles hearing his conversation. Rudra nervously falls down and says he was speaking to Bunty. She asks if he was kissing Bunty. Rudra nervously says no and asks her to go and rest.

Sharda walks out thinking he was definitely speaking to Preesha and what they both are hiding from her, she needs to speak to Preesha and plans to meet her in the morning. In the morning, Sharda sits for breakfast when Ahana says she is happy to see her back on dining table. Preesha walks in. Saransh happily hugs her and asks if she will stay with him again. She says no. Ahana yells at Preesha. Preesha warns her to stop yelling in front of kid and she doesn’t want to stay here. Rudra asks then why did she come here. Sharda says she called Preesha here.


Preesha enters Khurana House in the morning. Rudra asks why did she come here. Preesha says she was called and didn’t come by herself. Sharda says she called Dr. Preesha as she was her gynecologist before and she is comfortable only with her. Rudra yells he will call her another gynecologist. Sharda says his ego is not bigger than her life. Ahana asks how can Preesha treat her as her license is canceled and Rudra had got it cancelled. Mishka backs her. Preesha says her license his renewed and thinks Rudra got it back. Rudra thinks he got her license back and reminisces the event where they meet nurse and request to speak truth in front of medical team. After hearing nurse, medical team apologizes Preesha and returns her license. Preesha walks with Sharda and asks her why did she call her here.


Sharda says to know truth as she knows she and Rudra are hiding truth and Rudra was speaking to her last night; she would be coming for her check up repeatedly and can meet Saransh also. Mahima watches them and thinks they are acting as if they are still saas bahu/MIL and DIL, she needs to break their jodi and for that she needs to come close to Rudra. Rudra is busy explaining servants about Sharda’s routines when Mahima walks near Rudra and acts as twisting her ankle and writhing in pain. Rudra walks to her. She requests him to carry her to her room. He lifts her and climbs stairs. Miska gets jealous seeing that. Ahana clicks picks and posts in social media with a tagline most romantic couple in town to make Preesha jealous. Preesha fumes seeing photo and calling Rudra blasts him for picking Mahima. He nervously blabbers.

She informs that Ahana has posted a pic in social media with a tagline most romantic couple in town. Rudra is shocked and says Mahima forcefully asked her him to carry her and describes the other day’s incident where she came into his room wearing skimpy nightie. She shouts how dare he is to let another girl touch her, she is his real wife and not Mahima, she will come there right now etc. He says at least to fight she showed her wife’s right no him, he is happy to hear that. She disconnects call and says I love you. He says I love you too.

Preesha visits Sharda in the morning and informs her that her reports are back and she has urinary tract infection, she will prescribe her medicines. Sharda gets concerned hearing that. Mahima asks Preesha if she should bring her hot coffee. Preesha says no need for that and thinks she will pour hot coffee on her for touching Rudra. Rudra thinks Preesha will kill Mahima for touching him. During traveling in car towards Noida to meet Arjun, Preesha vents out her anger on him and he gets romantic. They reach samuhik vivah/mass marriage venue to meet Arjun, but organizer doesn’t let them in saying only bride and groom can enter. They both plan to disguise as bride and groom and enter the venue and do same. Mahima switches on TV to watch news. Reporters see Rdura and throng him asking why did he come for samuhik vivah. Rudra tensed says he came to attend wedding.

Mahima fumes at reporters seeing that and thinks why did Rudra go to Noida, he lied to her and she needs to find out why did he go there. She hurriedly gets ready to go out when Saransh noticing her requests to teach her maths like before, but she rudely scolds her that she has other work also and walks away with her bag. Saransh thinks what happened to her and calls Rudra, but he is surrounded by reporters. He then thinks of complaining Sharda and walks down when he sees Ahana clashing with Mahima and asking where is she going so hurriedly. Mahima says to meet Rudra and thinking she shouldn’t inform her intention to bhootni sisters says Rudra called him for lunch.

Saransh thinks he should go along with her to meet Rudra and complain against her, and since she will not take him along, he wil hide in car and accompany her..

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