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I do 24 September 2022: Mahira is scared and screams loudly, as she eyes the red eyes and then the monstrous shadow beside the bushes and then takes a u-turn and begins to run. she falls on the floor, and cuts herself on the hands, causing it to bleed. she is tensed as she sees this, while by then azad has already killed a man to quench his thirst. mahira gets up and runs again, oblivious that she has left her necklace behind. She runs and then collides into azad, who is turned away from her. She keeps asking who is it, while azda doesnt turn back. He notices the moon passing in the clouds and closes his eyes. When he opens them back again, they are normal eyes. She asks him to turn around, and he complies, knowing his secret is safe. she is shocked to see him. She asks whats he doing here, and then tells about the dangerous animal that she saw.

Azad remembers killing akram. he says that its a jungle and dangerous animals are to be found, and asks whats she doing here. she starts talking about the special night, but azad notices the red blood, and then asks her to go home, as he turns away not to be disturbed by the blood. She asks him not to order her, as she shall do what she likes, as she isnt his servant at this time of the night, and then instead asks him whats he doing at this time of the night. He doesnt respond, and when she persists, he holds her hand and she falls on the ground, bruising her ankle. she says that she cant walk now, and he takes her in his arms, and she wonders what caused this sudden change in the monster, as he eyes her lovingly and caringly.she eyes him tensedly too. he composes himself, and gets back into angry mode, and starts to carry her from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Khan’s residence
Khan begum meanwhile is anxiuously waiting for the flower for the past 25 years, and wonders when it shall come, and gets tensed wodnering whether azad shall become unsuccessful this time too to get the blue kajnar flower, but then wards it off, saying that this time he shall bring it, as he cant see his mother dead. He wonders why isnt he back yet. just then, she eyes his silhouette with red eyes, looking at her tersely. She says that she knows how difficult it is for him to control himself on the special night, and thanks him proufsely for doing so, for her and kainat’s sake. she then hesitatingly asks him for the flower, so that she can get kainat right, as he would have got it, if he loves his mother and his sister. he keeps eyeing her with angry, red eyes.

he remembers coming right in front of the flower, while its blossomed in the moonlight, and then keeping it in a bag, securely for her sake. She waits in anticipation, while he takes out that packet and places it on the table, holding his hand out from the curtain, that separates him and khan begum. she is agape with amazement, while he says that he fulfilled his duty as a son, and now its his turn to do the same as a mother, and get kainat right. she hurriedly says that kainat would be alright. he hurriedly passes by her. She then takes out the flower, and is much happily excited, and that she finally got the flower for which she had been waiting desperately for 25 years. she takes the flower in her room, within her hands, as eyes its its glow lights up the room. she is unable to believe what implications it has now. she places it delicately in a vase, and eyes it with much lust and evil victory. She says that she doesnt care who is cured by this flower and who isnt. Evilly, she says that she only cares that she would get back her entire powers in earlier glory.

She says that she is tired of living like a normal human being but not anymore, eyeing the flower, saying that now she has it. She holds the vase, and then remembers sanam’s last threat before dying, and shouts that sanam lost, and guffaws loudly, basking in the glowof the flower, as she would be more powerful than ever now, and sanam wont be able to do anything, or stop her, as she is nowhere around, as she is dead, and cant return. She says that she is unstoppable now, as yesteryears’ new sanam was just a pawn in evil, black magic world, but today’s khan begum shall be the queen of this world. she guffaws again. She keeps her hand on the flower, and it normalises back, returning to its original youth and vibrance.

In the outhouse, mahira remembers the dreaded animal that she saw in the jungle. she thinks with firm determination, nothing goes in vain, and she had fullest noble intentions, to get the flower for kainat. She thinks that had the monstrous animal not be seen, she would have gotten that flower for kainat. she is sad. She is scared even remembering again the monstrosity of the two legged animal. She wonders what was azad doing there, and why was he caring so much for her.

Meanwhile, azad hastily enters into his room and locks himself, and then goes to the almirah, and eyes the bottles of blood of different groups, saying that this shall not to be able to quench his thirst, and that he is a slave to this thirst, and has to quench it anyhow, by the blood that he needs. He keeps muttering that he needs blood, from someone, thats prohibited to him, as his turn red yet again, and due to the special night, he couldnt chain himself. He is extremely frustrated. the screen freezes on Mahira’s, azad’s and khan begum’s face.As the night is in full grandeur with the full moon, khan begum concocts her evil plans and then places her palm on the flower, to gain her energies back. But just then then, she feels a jolt, and is thrown back, while the blue flower starts to burn.

She is shocked, and says that she cant let this happen, as she apologises, saying that she shall use it for kainat. she says that she cant let her 25 years wait go in vain. As it turns to ashes, she is distraught and frustrated thinking that this cant happen again, and that this time around, she cant be defeated by life yet again. she thinks only azad can save her now. Meanwhile, Azad sees latif passing and for a second, he loses his control, but then thinks that he would have to lock himself yet again. For fear of being seen, azad rushes hastily back in the room, just in time, when khan begum rushing herself from the opposite ends of the corridor, distrtaught, sees him going in. she thinks that azad is going to the attic, and that she shall have to talk to him before he reaches there.

Azad inside, takes the carpet off, and then retreats to a secret compartment in the ground, and locks the door back again. She enters just then and finds the secret door locked from inside, and starts hollering for azad to listen to her and come out. She is shocked as she hears kainat’s voice, and quickly pulls the carpet back again. kainat comes tensedly, askinmg what she doing here and why was she calling azad. Khan begum remembers azad telling her, that he doesnt want anyone to know and that this secret should be between them, that he is more of an animal but less of a monster. He asks her to never reveal that he can live live normally, but by midnight, or on special nights, he cant control his thirst for human blood. She makes an excuse saying that she was talking to azad, but he just went to the kitchen to get milk for her.

Kainat asks if she was talking about her only. Khan begum complies. kainat asks her not to worry, as she shall get it whenever she does. khan begum hugs her, while she is more alert about wanting to talk to azad. she asks kainat to go and sleep. She happily complies. After she is gone, khan begum thinks that now she can talk only in the morning, and wonders what shall happen now.Down in the attic, azad chains himself to be able to control his thirst, which is heightened at that moment.Meanwhile, in the outhouse, mahira is still boggled as to what an unusual animal she witnessed in the jungles, and surfs through her father’s books. Mahira studies about weird monstrous animals, from her book, and finds about the type that she encountered, that they are blood suking monsters.

she is shocked. She thinks that she could have died, and what would have happened then. She says that she doesnt need anoither monster as she already has one in azad. in a light hearted banter, she says that when the mind is quizzical, an experienced person should be contacted and her father’s books and notes do the same for her in her time of query. she thanks him and then doses off. After she starts to snore, saira and bano evilly take all of her notes and the books, plotting to teach a lesson to her, saying that now she shall not be able to help Kainat. They take the books and then burns it in waste bin, and then evilly smile, while mahira is blissfully asleep. They think that mahira stole the limelight from them, and tried to lure azad and amad, and now whenever she tries something like that again, she would get repaid by them like this. they leave, while mahira is asleep, as her precious notes burn.

In khan begum’s room, latif and gazalla eye the burnt flower, while she is distraught herself, as she rushes back to the room, where she eyes the kajnar flower thats burnt, and turned to ashes. latif points out that maybe someone fooled her, and gazalla says that maybe sanam went and took away all her powers indeed. She says that people can lie, but not the special lady that she is talking about, as she clearly remembers that day. She goes into flashback, where she is in severe pain, in the jungles, cursing sanam for dying and also taking away her powers, which are torturing her every minute. she suddenly overhears a lady, heavily ornamented who talks mysteriously, saying that she keeps coming, and after the incident, she learnt black magic, after which she became, Sardaare-ifreed, the queen of evil.

Khan begum begs her to help her. She remembers how this lady had given her the idea of getting this flower by someone special, like azad, and remembers that she was to meet a particular lady who told her to meet when she lands her eyes on the flower. she thanks the lady proufsely, and if there’s anything that she can do, she would gladly accept it. Khan begum is asked to become her disciple, and she happily complies. Khan begum remembers this all back, while gazalla and latif are surprised and she decides that now she would have to speak to her, why it got burnt. Latif and gazalla ask where does this lady stay. She says that she stays in the cemetery. latif and gazalla are shocked, but comply.

Scene 2:
Location: Graveyard
Khan begum arrives at the graveyard along with latif and gazalla who are terrified and scared. She is irritated with their rants, and threatens them that they shall be punished if they speak anymore. As they arrive at a particular grave, she hollers at them to open the grave, while they are shocked and distraught beyond belief. They try their best, but it doesnt budge. Then suddenly, the grave opens on its own, and latif and gazalla are shit scared. Meanwhile, khan begum anticpatedly watches as the grave opens itself, revealing a lady with her half covered face with the dupatta, lying inside it. They are all shocked. Its revealed that the lady is Razia, who has her eyes closed, as she gets up. Khan begum along with gazalla and latif are shocked. finally, she opens her eyes, as khan begum eyes her happily and with high hopes. the screen freezes on her face.

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