My desire update Friday 23 September2022


My desire 23 September 2022: Preesha gets tensed when Mahima with Saransh visits home unexpected when she is with Rudra. Mahima walks in and asks Preesha to feed something to Saransh and hurry up till she packs her clothes. Preesha doesn’t see Rudra around and thinks where did he go. Saransh hugs her emotionally saying he was missing her a lot and asks when will she return home. Preesha feeds him idli sambar. Mahima returns with bag and tells Saransh its late and lets go home. Saransh says he will not go . Preesha hugs Saransh and reminds him of their game and to play it well, soon she will be with him. Saransh leaves with Mahima. Rudra hiding in balcony comes out. Preesha says he did right, but how did he find out Akka is coming.

He goes into flashback where Yuvraj takes GPS and Vasu for a movie and starts his baffoonery there. Their drama continues when Mahima calls Vasu and informs that she came house to take her clothes. Vasu says she came to movie with GPS, but Preesha is at home and Mahima can go and take her clothes. Yuvraj calls Rudra and informs him on time. Preesha panics hearing Mahima is coming home and just then door bell rings. Rudra hides in balcony while Preesha opens door. Out of flashback, Rudra tells Preesha that Yuvraj informed them on time and saved them. He says they are playing a risky game and if Mahima finds out their plan, it will backfire on them. He says they should search for some clue in Mahima’s room and finds a diary there.

Preesha sees page torn. Rudra using pencil sketches on page and finds Arjun and Gautam’s names and address whom Mahima conned. Preesha says Arjun is in Delhi and Gautam in Mumbai. Rudra says they will first meet Arjun tomorrow and leaves from there.Mahima sees Saransh playing video game and asks him to sleep as he has class tomorrow. He says he has holiday tomorrow. She thinks he earlier took her to Preesha and now until he sleeps, she cannot continue her plan. He coughs. She picks cough syrup thinking she will make him sleep and gives him double dose. He falls down asleep instantly. She thinks now she will do what she wnats to. She wears Preesha’s nightie and jewelry and thinks she took away Preesha clothes, jewelry, and everything and soon she will get even her husband via her beauty.

She sleeps next to sleeping Rudra thinking till when he will escape. Rudra turns in sleep and seeing Mahima wakes up in shock and asks what is she doing here and where is Saransh. She says Saransh feel asleep in Preesha’s room, so she didn’t disturb him; anyways she is his wife now and can sleep on his bed. He says no, then thinks she will get doubt if he rejects her like this, says okay. She removes her outer gown. He nervously says he needs to go to washroom and getting into washroom thinks Mahima is trying to flirt with him and is very dangerous; should he inform Preesha, then thinks if he does, she will come and kill them both, what should he do now. He sleeps back on bed with a pillow wall in between.

Mahima removes pillow wall and hugs Rudra. Rudra wakes up instantly. She asks if he has any problem. He says she has problem, if she is feeling short of space, he will go to Saransh’s room. She thinks he cannot escape from her beauty for long. Next morning, Rudra meets Preesha and heads towards Arjun’s house in car. Preesha asks if Akka doubted him yesterday. He says she didn’t, but thinks if he informs what Mahima did, Preesha will go and murder her.

Preesha while heading towards Arjun’s house in car with Rudra asks him what did he tell Mahima where he is going. He says he told that he is going for song recording. She hopes Arjun tells truth and helps them. He says he will surely help as Mahima conned him. Sharda sees Saransh still playing game and asks him to stop playing and study for his exam. Saransh leaves. Sharda asks Mahima why didn’t she stop Saransh from playing game and make him study for exam. Mahima says he wanted to play, so she let him play as she didn’t want to put pressure on him, anyways Saransh is rockstar Rudra’s son and doesn’t need to work hard. Sharda says Preesha never used to do that, always wanted her son to be self-dependent and herself used to teach him during exams. Mahima shouts didn’t she see what Preesha did. On the otherside, Rudra with Preesha reaches Arjun’s house where servant informs him that Arjun has gone for his wedding to Noida.


He lies that he came for Arjun’s wedding but forgot venue name. Servant says Samuhik Vivah at Nandandvan, but Arjun sir didn’t invite anyone and he never saw him before. Rudra says he is Arjun’s childhood friend and came with his wife from London. Back in car, Rudra tells her that they need to expose Mahima soon as she is very dangerous. Preesha says they had come here for that, but couldn’t find Arun, so they should go to Noida to meet him.Back at home, Sharda says Mahima should learn from Preesha how to bring up her son. Mahima fumes thinking this old woman is too irritating, then says she is right and wil learn from Preesha. Saransh returns with books. Mahima asks Sharda t be with Saransh while she gets some fruits for Saransh. Sharda agrees.

Mahima walks out and keeps skate board on steps to make Sharda fall down. She returns to room and thanks Sharda for her help, she will learn from Preesha howto upbring Saransh. Sharda walks away asking her to call her if she needs any help and thinks why she cannot accept Mahima and why she feels Preesha is not wrong even after what she did. She steps on skate board, slips from stairs and falls down injured. Mahima smirks watching that and thinks she taught a lesson to old woman. Rudra gets a call from Balraj that Sharda fell from stairs and is injured, so he shifted her to City Hospital. Rudra says he will come there right now and disconnects call. Preesha insists Rdura to accompany him to hospital, but Rudra says Mahima would be around and hence he will drop her home.

He drops her home and leaves saying he will inform her about Sharda’s condition once he reaches hospital. He reaches hospital where doctor treats Sharda that she didn’t incur any fracture and her forehead injury is also fine, so after observation and test results come back, she can go home. Rudra asks how did she fall down. Ahana blames Saransh for carelessly leaving his skate board near stairs. Saransh says he didn’t take skate board out of cupboard since 2 weeks and takes god’s promise. Ahana continues yelling and calls him useless creature. Balraj warns her to mind her language and dare not to bother about Saransh; when he told he didnt’ and took god’s promise, he must have not.

Rudra backs him, leaving Ahana shocked. Sharda says its her mistake that she walked without noticing skate board.Preesha nervously calls Rudra repeatedly in vain. She thinks of visiting hospital and makes a plan for that. In lieu of preparing pakoras for Yuvraj, she takes him to kitchen for help and purposefully drops hot oil on her hand and then insists him to take her to City Hospital. While getting her hand examined, she asks doctor where they keep casualty patients. Doctor says after observation, they shift patients to wards. She says that is why Mrs. Sharda Khurana is not seen in casualty. Nurse says she is shifted to 3rnd floor room. Preesha silently walks to third floor and watches Sharda standing near door.

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