My desire update Friday 19 August 2022

My desire 19 August 2022: Neerja tells Rahul that she is going out to attend her friend’s dandiya party, but before that she will visit her hair dresser and boutique. Rahul agrees. She walks away thinking thank god Rahul didn’t doubt her, now she will go and get data. Yuvraj also leaves after her. She gets into car and leaves. Yuvraj thinks Neerja is very intelligent and wants to expose him and Rahul, but he will finish her game before that. He follows her and waits outside parlor. Neerja gets out of parlor and instead of getting into car walks to laptop repair shop and takes Rahul’s tab’s recovered data in a pendrive and walking to car thinks she will call Preesha and inform her that she recovered data. She leaves in car, and Yuvraj follows her yelling.

Preesha packs Rudra’s clothes and over phone informs Vasu that she is going on a musical tour with Rudra. Rudra walks in, and Preesha informs that she is packing his clothes. He yells not to touch his clothes and he already bought new clothes with Kriti’s help, Kriti doesn’t have behanji type choice like her, he doesn’t want to take any old things but helplessly taking her along. He pushes her out of his room. Preesha thinks he will repent once he sees real video. She calls Neerja, but its not reachable.

Neerja drives car towards Preesha’s house and seeing her phone switched off stops car to pick phone charger when Yuvraj rams his car at her car repeatedly severely injuring her thinks why she wants to tell truth to Preesha, she has to die like Rajeev died. He in a pyschotic behavior walks towards shouting accident.. and getting into car thinks how many people he has to kill. He picks her purse and pen drive and leaves. Preesha calls Neerja repeatedly, but her phone is switched off.

Next morning, Rudra and family get near vehicles to travel for tour. Balraj asks Kriti to sit with Ahana. Rudra says Kriti will go in his vanity van as he wants to discuss music with her. Preesha stands sadly. Kriti says he would love to and tries to get into van but slips. Rudra lifts her and walks into van. Preesha thinks till when she has to bear pain; she calls Neerja, but Rahul picks call and informs that Neerja met with an accident and is in coma and warns not to disturb them. Saransh walks in and asking Preesha what is she doing outside takes her into van. He sees Kriti sitting next to Rudra and asks her to sit aside as its his mamma’s place. Kriti agrees and sits with Saransh with Preesha nervously sits with Rudra. They reach hotel where Yuvraj is already present and asks Balraj if they can discuss schedule as he is handling Rahul’s company because Rahul’s wife is n coma and he will not come.

Balraj walks away saying he doesn’t car. Rudra enters with Kriti. Yuvraj thinks what is she doing with Rudra and seeing her angrily looking at Sharda thinks something is wrong and he needs to find out. Rudra walks away with Kriti while Preesha walks behind alone. Yuvraj tries to speak to her, but she ignores. He thinks this is the best chance to trap Preesha again. Kriti opening her room door says she is tired and needs massage. Rudra says he will and walking into her room closes door to make Preesha jealous. Preesha stands disheartened.

Saransh tells Preesha that he finished his homework. She says very good, he is intelligent. He says intelligent like her and Rudra. He asks how was Rudra’s concert. She says it was good. He says he was getting bored and will attend next concert. He insists to meet Rudra. She says he is practicing in Kirti’s room. He says he will go there itself. She stops him thinking if he sees Rudra flrting with Kirti, he will get disheartened; she says she will go and bring Rudra. She walks to Kirti’s room and knocks door. Kirti opens door wearing Rudra’s shirt and asks what is she doing here. Rudra walks in shirtless and asks why did she come here. She says Saransh wanted to meet him and was coming here, so she came to call him. He says she should have let him come here, continues yelling at her, asks Kirti to give his shirt as his son is calling.

She asks to come inside first and closes door. Yuvraj watching the drama thinks so soon things changed, let Rudra continue his romance, Preesha will herself come to him.Preesha returns to her room. Saransh asks where is Rudra. She says he is coming. Kirti asks Rudra why did he make her wear his shirt and why he spoke so rudely with Preesha, what is happening, she thought they love each other. Ruudra says he just wants to hurt Preesha at any cost. He returns to his room and Saransh gets angry on him. He asks if they should play now, Saransh says he will sleep now as he has class tomorrow. Rudra makes him sleep, and Saransh asks him not to go away.

Yuvraj knocks Kirti’s door and flirts with her. She asks reason for disturbing her. He says he needs to discuss something about concert and walks in. He then flirts more. Kirti gives him a tight slap and warns him to get out. He falls on chair and is shocked to see Sharda’s crossed pic in cupboard. She pushes him out and closes door. He determines to find out what is she up to.At night, Rudra sees Preesha sleeping on couch and tries to give her pillow support, but then reminisces seeing video and Rahul’s provoking him and pulls back pillow.

Preesha wakes up and asks if he is going out. He says back to Kirti’s room. She requests not to go. He starts yelling, their argument starts, vase falls down. Saransh wakes up and asks Rudra to come back and sleep next to him. Rudra does blaming Preesha.Next morning, Rudra and family get ready for concert. Kirti walks down wearing short red dress. Rudra praises her. Kirti says she is jealous of Preesha that she has such an adorable husband. Once they leave for concert, Yuvraj bribes hotel staff, opens Kirti’s room and opens cupboard. He is shocked to see whole Khurana family’s pics crossed and note that she will finish them all. He walks out and thinks he needs to find out why Kirti wants to kill Khurana family. At night, Rudra and family return after concert.

Kirti holding Rudra’ hand says today’s concert was superhit. He says it will be as their jodi is superhit. Saransh walks to Rudra, Rudra leaves Kirti’s hand. Saransh asks him to play with him and rushes to his room. Rudra seeing Preesha tells Kirti that he will come to her room tonight and fill finish unfinished task.

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