My desire update Saturday 20 April 2024

My desire 20 April 2024: Arjun asks Nitya if Kashvi didn’t come. Mahima says Kashvi has become a big officer and she didn’t have time to meet her husband. She says but no problem, as I have come to meet you. She then says we have come and asks him to have food.

Arjun says why Kashvi didn’t come. Nitya asks him to have food, and says your Papa has met the big lawyers, and will bail him out. Kashvi comes there. Arjun says I knew that you will come here. Kashvi says I have come here for work and not to meet you. Arjun says I told you that my lawyers will handle everything. Kashvi gives the divorce papers in his hand.

Nitya asks you are divorcing Arjun. Arjun asks Kashvi to say that this is a joke. Kashvi says she wants divorce from him. Arjun says this is not possible, you are my best friend and partner for life. He says we always helped each other since our childhood, and we are one team. Nitya says Arjun. Arjun says you are loyal and honest and doesn’t leave the person whom you regards as yours, and says you are my everything and life and can’t divorce me. Kashvi says we were team and partners, we were husband and wife, and I was loyal to you and didn’t betray you, but what did you do?

She says you have betrayed me and bought the same company because of which, my career would have ended and my career is more important to me. Arjun asks her to listen. Kashvi asks if you thought about me and my career once, I got my name cleared with much difficulty and you bought the same company. She says you know that if you are trapped then I can be trap too. She says it was my dream to become civil service officer, and I became it with my hardwork. She asks if you are jealous of me that you couldn’t become it. She says they can fire me at anytime and asks him to divorce her. Arjun says we are married.

Kashvi says our marriage is a compromise, you don’t love me and asks why you are feeling bad? She says I am sure that you will find someone who will love you, and asks him to sign on the divorce papers.

Arjun says sorry and says we shall talk. Nitya says she has heard enough of his sorry, and asks him not to plead infront of her. She says I thought you care for Arjun, and used to say that you are sensitive, sensible and matured, but you proved everyone wrong. She says Arjun will leave you, as you don’t deserve to be in his life, and he will divorce you. She forces him to divorce her.

Arjun says I can’t accept that my kashvi can do this. Nitya says she is a selfish girl who just cares for her career and asks him to sign. Arjun says I know that Kashvi can’t do this, and asks her to tell her truth. Nitya says she wants to divorce you, and you are getting mad for her, and says she can’t see him like this. Arjun says Kashvi can’t do this. Mahima thinks Kashvi is making my work easy, but he don’t want. Nitya compels him to sign on the divorce papers, else she will not see his face again. She gives him swear to sign on it and thinks this is the only chance to throw her out from his life.

Arjun asks her to take back the swear. Nitya asks if you want wife or mother, and asks him to decide. Kashvi asks Arjun to sign and says I have taken this decision wisely and don’t want to stay with you. Arjun asks why you are doing this. Nitya says if you don’t sign then will see my dead face. Kashvi gives him pen and asks him to sign.

He thinks if you don’t want to stay with me then I will also force you to stay with me forcibly and will sign. He signs on the divorce papers and cries. Kashvi goes taking the papers. Mahima smiles happily. Arjun hugs Nitya and cries.

In the car, Mahima tells Nitya that they shall party today. Nitya asks if you are out of your mind. Mahima says we were doing so much to separate them, but when she has gone out of his life, we shall party. Nitya says I couldn’t believe even now that Kashvi can do this, and says she married him for his reputation, and encouraged him for bio gas project. She says I am sure that she has some plan behind this, which she is hiding. Mahima asks her to think how to bring Arjun back and how to throw Kashvi out. Nitya says I will make sure, both things will happen.

The lawyer talks to Jagdish and says what I will tell in court tomorrow, as Arjun asked him not to say truth. Kashvi’s lawyer comes there and says his client Kashvi has filed divorce from Arjun and he has signed. Arjun’s lawyer says Arjun sir can’t sign on any paper and Kashvi can’t divorce him. Kashvi’s lawyer asks Arjun’s lawyer to evaluate Arjun’s wealth so that Kashvi can claim alimony. Arjun’s lawyer refuses. Kashvi says he has to get court orders. Arjun’s lawyer gives him the files. Kashvi’s lawyer smiles and goes with the files.

Kashvi comes home. Jagdish tries to talk to her. Kashvi says she is tired and is about to go. Jagdish says Arjun used to say that you are partner for his life, and says I always respected and regarded you more than Arjun, and asks how can you divorce Arjun. Kashvi says I can do anything for my career, and it is more important to me than my career. Dadi asks her to stop it and says I can’t believe that you are saying this, and says you had said that you love Arjun very much, so when he needs you more then how can you leave him. Kashvi says it was my dream since my childhood to become civil officer and it was Maa’s dream too, and you want me to forget it for Arjun. And if Arjun thought about me, and he said that he thought about his profit in his business.

She says if he can thought about his betterment, then I can think about my betterment. She says she will not suffer because of him. Dadi tells Jagdish that they shall tell Kashvi that Arjun loves her a lot, then she might change her decision. Jagdish says trust is over between them, Arjun’s heart is badly broken and we can’t save him. Dadi thinks she feels that Kashvi can’t do this, surely something is wrong.

Next day, Nitya talks to Jagdish and says we are leaving. Romila says how can you bear Kashvi here, and says she can’t believe whatever she has done. Nitya says you are right, and asks Kashvi not to stay in the house from today.

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