My desire update Sunday 16 June 2024

My desire 16 June 2024: Mahima comes out and shouts at the goons and slap one of them. She says she can’t go and save Arjun now, as Kashvi is conscious. She says if I go then Kashvi will learn that it is my plan. The goon says Arjun himself came here, and that’s why we lock him.

The other goon asks her to give them money as they have done their work. Mahima gives him money and asks them to get underground, and threatens them. She then calls Nitya and tells about the blunder. She says the goons had locked Kashvi in the cold storage, but also locked Arjun. Nitya gets shocked and gets angry on Mahima. Kashvi finds Arjun stable. She checks the door and finds it open. She thinks someone had come here. She thinks to take Arjun to the hospital and takes him out. She calls the hospital and says she is bringing the patient there. Mahima hears her and thinks to message Nitya. She says she will not let Kashvi succeed, this time she got saved, but not again. Kashvi brings Arjun to the hospital. Doctor tells her that still he is in danger, though you tried to kept his body warm. He goes. Nurse asks Kashvi to pray for him in the hospital temple. Mahima comes there and thinks it is good that Kashvi is not here. Doctor comes there and says he is stable. Mahima thanks him. Doctor goes. Nitya and Jagdish come there and ask Arjun to open his eyes.

Arjun gains consciousness. Mahima says if anything had happened to you, then what I would haev done. She lies to him that she saved him. Arjun recalls and tells Mahima that he felt that Kashvi saved him. Mahima says no, I was there and found you in cold storage, and brought you here. Jagdish says how did you know that you went there. Mahima tells about the tracker in his phone for his safety, and says sorry. She says my worry was right and makes a fake story. She says thank god, I tracked you and came there. Arjun thanks her, and asks her not to track him next time. Jagdish says you shall be thankful to her. Nitya says you have a big favor on us. Mahima and Nitya go from there on the pretext of thanking Mata Rani.

Arjun tells Jagdish that he felt that Kashvi saved him and says he had gone there to save Kashvi. Jagdish asks what Kashvi has done, rather than humiliating you and giving fake hopes. He says she became civil officer and you had failed. He says she didn’t give the statement in your favor, you would have been in jail if Mahima had not given statement. He says Kashvi is behind his destruction and that’s why he wants him to leave Kashvi, and asks him not to meet her now. Kashvi is about to come there, but stops hearing Jagdish. She thinks I can understand his feelings, and thinks Arjun feels the same, and that’s why he didn’t tell anything. She thinks he doesn’t care for her, and didn’t tell him that she has brought him here. She thinks she will not tell him about her feelings and dont want to burden him. She prays to God that he shall be happy in her life. She leaves from there.

Arjun tells Jagdish that it is not full truth, and says Kashvi stood by me in all troubles. He says Kashvi held my hand and saved our respect when Mahima left me on the mandap. He says I failed due to the lack of my hardwork and then also Kashvi motivated me to write the test again and gave her notes also. He says Kashvi helped me in the biogas project too. Jagdish says Kashvi couldn’t lie for you. Arjun says it is her values and says her Mom gave her such values, and she was adamant on her rules. She says she wants to save me in a right way. He says Kashvi asked me not to go to Pradyuman’s home, but I went there. Jagdish asks what about lie detector test? He says if Mahima’s test was done, then you would have gone to jail. Arjun says we have still friendship and trust and tells that he will not leave her.

Kashvi comes to the hotel and tells dadi that Arjun doesn’t love her and her love is one sided. She says now he don’t regard her as his best friend. She says nobody likes me in Bajwa house. Dadi says it is not truth. Kashvi says Jagdish uncle said that he shall throw me out of his life and feels that I want to see Arjun’s bad, and in trouble, and he was listening adnd didn’t support me. Dadi says it is not like that. Kashvi tells that she has applied for her transfer and they will go out of Faridabad. Dadi says you are taking a big decision. Kashvi says Maa’s photo is in Arjun’s house. She thinks to go there in the morning and will take the photo. Kashvi prays to God seeing the broken star that they shall unite one day.

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