My desire update Saturday 1 June 2024

My desire 1 June 2024: Arjun tells Kashvi that he wants her to be part of his biggest day of life, but he doesn’t want her to repeat her mistake or else he won’t be able to forgive her. Kashvi stands crying. Mahima grins watching her and thinks it’s Mahima’s magic, Kashvi will see how Arjun will kick her out of his life soon.

Next morning, Family gets ready for the pooja. Mahima informs Arjun that she made all the arrangements and will pick sweets from a sweet shop so that anyone doesn’t accuse her again, looking at Kashvi. Kashvi asks Arjun if she can accompany him. Arjun says he is going with Mahima, she can come with others. Kashvi stands sad.

Nitya asks tells everyone that they will all leave together as she doesn’t want to face any humiliation again today. Kashvi breaks down. Daadi comforts her and says Arjun is tensed regarding his factory opening and once the factory is opened, everything will be alright. Kashvi asks if she is sure. Daadi says yes and asks her not let the issue stretched. Kashvi says she will speak to Arjun and sort their issues out.

Arjun and his family sit for pooja at the factory site. Kashvi prays god not to create any trouble today and let the pooja complete peacefully. A man walks in and says this pooja cannot happen as the project is halted by court. Arjun asks who is he to stop the pooja. Man says boss got the stay orders. Pradyuman walks out of his car and says he is the boss. Arjun holds his collar and asks how did he get out of jail and how dare he is to enter his factory area. Lawyer records their video. Kashvi asks Arjun to calm down as Pradyuman is provoking him purposefully for his gain. Arjun stops. Pradyuman asks his lawyer to show the papers and asks in whose name this land is. Arjun says it’s a government land. Pradyuman say she bought it from the government and it belongs to him now. Jagadish checks papers and confirms. Pradyuman asks Arjun to get out of there. Arjun holds Pradyuman’s collar again. Nitya stops him and says Kashvi is right and they should return home and find a solution for their problem.

Back to Nitya’s office, Nitya gets property documents via Sharma and learns that Pradyuman bought it with proper procedure. Arjun panics more and says if the project is halted, his employees will lose their job, so he has to do something. Kashvi says they will go to court and find some solution. Arjun says Pradyuman wants them to go to court to delay the project. He walks out shouting that he will find a solution himself. Mahima follows him. Nitya stops Kashvi and says let Arjun calm down first and then she can speak to him. Mahima suggests Arjun to buy the land from greedy Pradyuman and start his project. Arjun likes her idea and reaches Pradyuman’s house. Servant informs Pradyuman that Arjun is here. Pradyuman asks him if Arjun looks frustrated. Servant says yes. Pradyuman asks him to let Arjun wait for some more time and get more irritated.

Kashvi asks her lawyer to check the papers and see if they can find some solution. Lawyer checks papers and says there is no loophole in it, Pradyuman bought it legally for farming purposes. Kashvi says Pradyuman is not a farmer and feels happy that she found a solution to get back land from Pradyuman and start Arjun’s project. She calls Arjun and informs him that she found a solution to the problem and to reach Nitya’s office immediately. Arjun as usual shouts at the her to the core of his lungs and refuses to believe her. Pradyuman walks down and asks what is happening here. Arjun starts arguing with him.

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