Every Girl’s Dream update Monday 3 April 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 3 April 2023: Dev tells the family that I will stay in the room with Krisha, I don’t want my family to be hurt. Jaya says we are worried for you. Dev says please let me do this. He goes in the room and locks it. Dev tells Krisha that the culprit would be calm now and will try to attack us then we will catch them. Krisha says we have to be vigilant all the time.Vamika tells Jaya that a ghost has scared Krisha but we have to be careful. Jaya says there is something wrong, Dev is not a person to hide in a room. Why did he lock himself in a room? Vamika says he is scared of a ghost and that’s it.

Krisha is sleeping at the night-time when Dev scares her. She wakes up and says I was about to have a heart attack. Dev says I was getting bored. I really liked your acting today. Jaya hides outside the room and hears that. Jaya says I knew Dev and Krisha were behind this plan.In the morning, Ugra gives a powder to Rati and says to mix it in Dev’s food, it will protect them. Rati says I can’t give anything to them from you, you take it yourself. Rati leaves. Ugra mixes the powder in their food. Rati comes there and takes the food. She gives it to Dev and asks how is Krisha? He says she is fine. Rati nods and leaves. Krisha says I feel sad that we can’t be with our family. Dev says soon we will find the culprit. Dev gives her the juice which had powder in it. Krisha goes to wash her face but feels dizzy.

She sees someone’s shadow in the washroom and gets scared. She runs and tells Dev that there is someone inside there. Dev shows her and says there is no one here. Dev finds a shadow of the man in a coat outside the room and says someone is trying to scare us. Krisha says what if there are evil powers for real? Just be careful. Dev says don’t worry, I am coming in a bit. Dev goes to follow the man. The man comes to Jaya’s room and is about to attack her with a dagger. Jaya gets scared and runs from there. Jaya tells Dev that a man was about to kill her. Dev says I will go and check. He checks her room but there is no one there. They hear a thud and see the man running away. Dev runs behind the man. Vamika sees him running behind the man and follows them.

Krisha is waiting for Dev and faints. She wakes up and goes from there.Dev is running behind the culprit. All family members come there. Dev catches the culprit, and they both fall down in the pool. Dev takes off the mask and it’s Kach. Dev says this is your evil power. Kach says this was my first attack but I am not an evil power. I had to take my jewelry from Jaya’s room so I did this act. Dev says you are lying. Kach says if you don’t believe me then it’s fine. I hid the fake jewelry in Jaya’s room and took my jewelry. I don’t know about other attacks.

Kach tells the family that I am not responsible for other acts. Minakshi says what’s happening in this family? Kach says you call this a family? I have rights on that jewelry too. Dev says enough, you should confess that you were behind all those acts. Kach says I am not lying, there are evil powers in this house. Dev says I don’t believe you. Krisha finds a shadow behind Dev and says there is someone beh ind him. She screams in fear and faints. Kach says see I told you there is something weird in this house. Dev takes Krisha from there.


The doctor checks Krisha and tells Dev that I will do some tests and give her some medicines. He leaves. Dev asks Krisha to wake up and smile at him. Krisha wakes up and asks if she was acting? Krisha says I wish it was a joke but I saw some shadows? I am scared of a ghost.Dev brings Krisha to the family. Rati asks if she is fine? She nods. Jaya thinks they were playing with me and I played their game.A magician is shown working on some mantras. He makes a powder.Dev tucks Krisha in the bed and massages her feet. She says what are you doing? Don’t do it. Dev says I am taking care of my wife so let me be. The door knocks, Dev opens it to find Jaya there. She says I have brought Krisha’s medicines, I want to talk to Dev. Dev hugs Krisha and goes with Jaya.

Dev sits with Jaya and asks what happened? Jaya says I was just missing you. Dev says I know something is bothering you. Jaya asks Dev if he loves Krisha then why is he not believing that some evil powers are attacking her? You should believe and protect her. Dev says I don’t think there are evil powers. Jaya says we all saw how she was dragged. Dev says I have to tell you something. He tells her about their plan. Jaya says why didn’t you tell me before? Krisha saw some shadows today also, was that part of the plan? Dev says no. I have to find out what’s happening. Jaya says please leave that room, I am sure there are evil powers there. She begs him so Dev stops her and says you are my mother so you don’t have to beg me, I will leave that room today only.

He leaves from there. Jaya smirks.Krisha takes the medicines that Jaya brought. She starts feeling dizzy and faints.Dev and Jaya come to his room and look around for Krisha. He finds her necklace on the floor and says something is wrong. He starts looking around for her. Jaya thinks I am not behind Krisha going missing then who is it? Dev tells the family that Krisha is missing. Kach comes there so Dev grabs him and says where is Krisha? Minakshi says leave him, he was with me so he is not behind Krisha going missing. Naina says I think some evil powers took her away. Dev says I don’t believe it. He asks where is Vamika? He checks her room and says she is missing too, I think she is behind Krisha going missing. Jaya says I don’t think so, Vamika told me that she would go out with her friends for a party.

Dev says I don’t trust Vamika, find out where she is. Raghav says I found out that Vamika’s car is not here so she didn’t go to any party. Dev says I knew it, he leaves from there. Jaya is confused and tries to calling her but she doesn’t pick up. Dev asks the guard about Vamika. He says Vamika left 20 minutes ago. Dev goes to find Vamika. Kach says I know Vamika was behind all this. Naina says Dev won’t spare her. Jaya thinks if Vamika is behind Krisha going missing then my plan will be destroyed because of her.

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