My desire update Monday 19 September 2022


My desire 19 September 2022: Saransh likes party arrangements. Rudra says its his mamma’s choice. Saransh says even Rudra is mamma’s choice. Rudra says that is why he is best. Saransh asks what about him. Rudra says he is super best.

Ahana with Mishka walks in and says no bad, middle class girl made decent arrangement. Mishka yells not to give free credit to Preesha, party planner did everything. Sharda with Balraj walks in next and says they both are loooking very handsome. Balraj says especially Saransh who is looking like him. Ahana asks where is the party planner. Sharda praises Rudra and Saransh and asks where is Preesha. Rudra sys she must be on the way. Mishka complains Ahana that she doesn’t understand why they are in Rudra and Preesha’s wedding anniversary party, it has been one year and they couldn’t separate Preesha and Rudra.

Ahana asks her to relax as happiness is going away from Preesha and Rudra’s lives, Saransh is leaving them after 2 days and it was her plan to inform Saransh about Mahima; Rudra married Preesha for Saransh and when there won’t be Saransh, their marriage will end in 1 year. Mishka says then we should party. GPS and Vasu walk in. Saransh says he was waiting for them since long. Vasu says guests come late. Saransh says they are family and asks where is Mahima mamma.

Mahima enters and asks him to hug her. Saransh walks towards her when Rudra stops him and says they need to ready a song for Preesha. Saransh asks which song. Rudra says one because of which they all 3 met, which he was singing that day. Saransh gets excited. Vasu asks him to call Preesha first and find out where she is. Rudra tries Preesha’s number and says her phone is switched off. Saransh says mamma forgets to charge her battery always, let us go and prepare song and walks away with him. Vasu asks Mahima if she is fine. Mahima says yes, tomorrow Saransh will be with her. Vasu asks her not to think much.

Rudra thanks all guests for attending his and Preesha’s first wedding anniversary and sharing their happiness; he is going to sing a special song of his life which got him 2 loves of his life, his wife Preesha and wife Saransh. Everyone clap for him. Rudra says Saransh is with him and Preesha will enter from door and wil be surprised to hear his song. He sings Tu Mila To Mile Jahan..wil you marry me…song. Preesha walks to him, and he kisses her hand and dances with her. Mishka and Ahana get jealous seeing that. Rudra holding Preesha repeats will you marry me, but gets conscious when everyone clap and realizes he is holding Mahima instead; thinks why is he dancing with Mahima, where is Preesha.

Preesha gets ready as a bride in beauty parlor. Beautician praises that she never saw such a beautiful bride in her life. Preesha thanks her and walks into her cab apologizing Rudra for doing this or else he will not get Saransh back again in life. Rudra eagerly waits for Preesha and looks at mangalsutra he bought for her. Ahana asks how can Preesha be so late, half the guests have gone and they should answer the rest, so he should call her and find out where is she. He says she went to Diva Salon. Ahana calls salon and asks if Preesha Khurana is there. Beautician says she left 1 hour ago and was looking very beautiful as bride. Ahana amazed informs Rudra that she left 1 hour ago, but should have ben here in 15 minutes.

Mishka asks why is she looking amazed. Ahana says beautician told Preesha got bridal make up and was wearing bridal dress, if she wants to marry Rudra again. Sharda asks what is wrong in it. Mishka asks if didn’t come to Rudra, did she go to marry someone else. Ahana says exactly. Rudra gets sad hearing that and tries her number, but its switched off. He hears Balraj speaking to Preesha and asking when will she come as everyone are waiting for him.

He asks how can he speak to her when her phone is switched off, snatches phone and sees call already disconnects, asks where is Preesha and what is she doing. Balraj says he cannot say anything and whatever Preesha is doing is right. Rudra calls his friend Bunty and asks him to track Preesha’s location via her mobile location. Sharda sees him going and asks where is he going. Rudra says to meet Preesha as Bunty is tracking her location. Ahana asks if her phone is off, how will Bunty track her number. Rudra says Preesha was speaking to papa via different number and papa is hiding something. Ahana asks what.. Rudra gets Preesha’s location and says she is in some Kalyanam banquet hall.


Ahana says its a wedding hall and what is Preesha doing there in bridal attire. Rudra says he doesn’t know and is worried for her, so he is going there. Sharda says she will find out via Balraj. Ahana and Mishka laugh joking and discuss that they should go find out what is happening. Mahima thinks even she should go there. Sharda asks Balraj where is Preesha and what is he hiding. He says he cannot tell her anything.

Sharda asks Balraj what is he and Preesha are doing. Balraj says he cannot say her anything. Sharda says Rudra angrily went to Preesha’s location. He asks if he found out Preesha’s location. She says they should go and stop him from doing anything wrong. They both with whole famly rush towards wedding hall. Rudra reaches wedding hall and is shocked to see Preesha and Yuvraj taking pheras.

Pandit pronounce them husband and wife. Balraj and family and even Mahim reaches venue. Yuvraj is about to apply sindhoor on Preesha’s forehead when Rudra shouts to stop and trashes Yuvraj for trying to marry his wife. Preesha stops him and says she already married Tuvraj and he is her husband now. Rudra is shocked and asks what does she mean.

She says as he repeatedly told, Yuvraj is her first love. In party venue, organizer asks Vasu and GPS about Rudra and Preesha as everyone are waiting for them to cut the cake. GPS says they must be somewhere around, he will check with their family. Organizer says even family is not here. GPS gets concerned and hopes nothing wrong happens due to recent events regarding Saransh. Vasu also gets worried.

Back in wedding hall, Preesha tells Rudra that she loves Yuvraj, so she married him. Shocked Rudra asks if she doesn’t love him. She says she never loved him and hence didn’t say him I love you even after his insistence, he forcefully married her by trick and now she tricked him and married her love Yuvraj. He says she cannot marry Yuvraj as she is still legally married to him. Ahan asks him to not bother about Preesha and tells Preesha that her lawyer boyfriend should know that its illegal to marry someone else when she is already married. She says she divorced Rudra by taking his signatures on divorce papers and then married Yuvraj. Sharda gives her a tight slap and asks why did she betray her son and them all. Preesha says her son married her by sitting in Yuvraj’s place during wedding, she did same.

She asks Yuvraj to give divorce papers and hands it over to Yuvraj. Yuvraj seeing his signatures on divorce papers asks when did he sign. She says she got his sign in lieu of getting bills signed, reminiscing the event. Yuvraj throws papers in haan fire and says Rahul was right that she will betray him one day. Preesha says she was always with Yuvraj, gained Rudra’s trust and then betrayed him to take revenge. Rudra holds Preesha and shouts why did she betray him. Yuvraj pushes him away and warns to dare not touch his wife, else he will really kill him.

GPS and Vasu search for Khurana family at party venue and don’t find them. They get worried seeing even Mahima missing. GPS calls Mahima who informs that there is a big problem and he should come to her sent address. He says they cannot leave party midway. She says party is canceled, so he should inform guests to go home and come here soon. GPS informs Vasu same and asks her to send guests home. Saransh asks where are mummy, Rudra, and whole family. She says they have gone somewhere and sends guests away saying there is a family emergency and hence party is canceled. Saransh thinks what is happening.

Rudra continues venting out his anger on Preesha and asks why did she betray him and broke his trust. She says she broke his trust, marriage, and even took away all his properties. Everyone there stand shocked hearing that.

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