I’m On the Edge update Sunday 18 September 2022

I’m on the edge 18 September 2022: Devika is tying her blouse’s dori. Varun jumps in her room through window, she says you came again? he lovingly looks at her and is lost in her eyes, she tries to move away but he holds her hand and says I never went away, I cant go away when wrong is happening with you, listen to me, alek is not a nice person, I cant let you be in wrong person’s arms. He moves towards Devika, she is about to fall but he holds her and pulls her closer, dil diya gallan plays as they look in each others arms. Varun looks away and ties her dori. Devika is mesmerized by him. They hear Alek coming, Varun says he just wants to take advantage of you, I promise I wont let you marry a wrong person, he leaves. Devika is in thoughts.

Varun strikes with Dhani. Dhani asks if everything is fine? Varun says you think Alek is nice for Devika? he is a bad person for her, he leaves. Dhani says I know you want to marry Devika but I will marry you Varun, she leaves. Maasa hears it and says Devika will marry Varun only and I will get my property.Maasa comes to Varun and asks if he will do anything? Varun says this all happened because of you. Maasa says I cant let Devika know that you came here on my instructions, you have to do everything to stop this marriage, she leaves.

At night, Diya is locked in store room. Alek comes to her and says you dont like me happy? Diya says dont spoil her life. Alek shouts at her and says nobody cant stop this marriage, from the time I have met her, her soft body, lush hair and lovely eyes, I cant stop thinking about her, you are nothing infront of her. Diya says I wont let other women be in your trap. Kesar comes there and asks her to shut up, she shakes hand with Alek. Alek grabs Diya and says remember you have my baby in your belly, dont do something that might affect this baby, he is mine. Kesar says this baby is mine? Alek says yes, dont worry about this Diya, just think about your daughter. Kesar huffs. Devika is passingby store room and hears some noise, she says who is inside? she is about to open it but Alek comes from behind and says I was searching for you, I have a surprise for you, come with me. Devika eyes store room door and leaves wit him.

Scene 2
Devika comes to Alek’s room, its decorated, they have dinner set for them. Devika says its a nice surprise. He pulls out chair for her. He gives her juice and says lets enjoy this, she drinks it. Alek smirks. Devika says can I have more? she drinks more juice. Alek thinks that juice is spiked, she will be inebriated and I will have her body. Devika feels dizzy and tries to keep her composure, she tries to get up but is about to fall. alek holds her, she is inebriated. He puts her on bed. Varun is passingby by the room and hears some noise. Alek holds Devika’s hand and caresses her face, he sniffs her and lustfully roams hands on her stomach and hands, he kisses her hands and leans down.. he is about to kiss her but Varun knocks on door and says Devika? Alek runs from there.

Varun comes in room. He sees Devika lying on bed. Alek hides and thinks that he failed my plan but not always. Varun comes to Devika and says how she is sleeping, he covers her, takes off her sandals. He says I told you I will always save you, I wont let you marry Alek. He turns to leave and his bracelet slips on bed, he doesnt see it and leaves.In morning, Devika wakes up and looks around, she says what happened last night? I got ill last night, she sees herself covered and says who covered it? She finds Varun’s bracelet and says he came in my room again, I wont spare him.

Devika comes to Varun and says why did you come in my room? He says I did, Devika says what did you do with me? Varun says enough, if I didnt come to you then.. you dont know what would have happened with you, someone was in room when you are unconscious, he ranaway, Alek was there, he is not a nice person. Devika says you are provoking me with false allegations, tomorrow is my marriage. Varun pulls her closer and glares at her, he says why dont you understand? listen I wont let you marry Alek, I will marry you only and that is for sure, he leaves. Devika looks on. Alek sees it and thinks I will fail Varun’s plans.

Devika is getting ready for Mehndi but recalls how Varun said that she wont let her marry Alek.Kesar is with tied Diya. Jaggu asks if she has gone mad, Maasa will be miffed if she knows about this. Kesar says I cant let my daughter away from her love, let Devika marry Alek. Jaggu says okay, they leave. Diya tries to move and ropes come off, she runs from store room.Diya comes to Devika and says dont marry Alek, he is not good, he just cares about himself, he will not spare you, he is an animal, he wont listen to your pleads, Devika asks her to leave her.

Diya says dont marry him. Alek is coming there so Diya hides. Alek comes to her and asks what happened? Devika says Diya was here but dont know where did she go. Alek says just relax, she is mental, you trust me right? she nods, he says leave her, she is getting treated, lets go for mehndi, they leave.Mehndi ceremony starts. Devika is looking around. Mehndi is applied on her hands. Dhani comes to her. Devika keeps looking around. Dhani asks whom you are looking for? Devika says Varun.. I mean he can do anything. Dhani says he must know that you and Alek look good. Mehndi applier writes Varun’s name on her hand, she asks what is this? mehndi applier is in veil, Devika sees face and sees it Varun actually, he says its about love. Alek hides mehndi from here.

Alek is going to his room. Varun stops him and says I know what your plan is. Alek says you have no proof, tell me what you think? I a kbig jerk, I just care about Devika’s body, I have sleep with her once. Varun grabs him and pushes him away, Varun says I will not spare you, I dont like to dirty my hands. Alek laughs and says you cant do anything, just watch our marriage. Varun says you will see my and Devika’s marriage. Alek says devika thinks you are a liar not me, you cant stop me from getting Devika. Varun says you destroyed many lives, but Devika will be protected, I wrote my name in her mehndi and you couldnt do anything, lets see who wins.

Scene 2
At night, Lajjo and father brings cake to Devika and wishes her birthday. Varun comes there and says happy birthday. Devika asks what he is doing here? he says wishing, he lights candle, she blows on them and cuts cake, she feeds it to Lajjo and father, Varun moves forward and grabs her hand, he makes her eat it. Lajjo asks them to stop fighting. Lajjo asks her to sleep. She asks Varun to leave, they all leave. Varun comes back, Varun says you want to meet Alek right? let me make you meet him.

Alek ties Diya again, he grabs her hair and says I told you to remain away from Devika. Diya says dont destroy her lift. Alek says I dont care about you, we are engaged. Diya says I wont let you destroy another woman. Alek says you wont understand like this. He ties her with chains and ask her to shut up, he says if you try to runaway again then I will kill you, he puts cloth on her mouth and leaves.Varun brings Devika outside store room. Devika says what is this? where is Alek? Varun says I saw him in this store room. Devika sees lock on it and says he inside where is lock here? Let me clear it, she opens lock with her pin and goes inside.

Urmi hides and lock them in store room. She comes in room and asks where is Alek? Varun sees chains there and says someone was tied here. Devika says you brought me here with cheating and now saying rubbish. She tries to open door but its locked. Devika says you have made these muscles so put them to use, open the door. Varun acts macho and says let me open it, he does pushup and tries to open door but its locked, Devika snickers. Varun gives pushes but it is not opening. Devika says tomorrow is my marriage and I am locked here with monkey.

Outside store room, Urmi thinks that they will be locked till tomorrow so Devika cant be married.Devika tries to knock on door and asks if someone can open it. Nobody hears them. Devika says help me otherwise we will remain stuck. Varun moves closer and asks if they can remain locked here? Devika says you have filthy mind, suddenly lights go out, Varun hugs her and screams. Devika says dont try to flirt with me. Varun says I am scared of dark, darkness and.. he sees a big spider and hugs Devika tightly. Devika says let me go, let me do something, she kicks him. Takes spider in her hands and throws it away, she says you are a coward. Varun says I dont hide what I am scared off, he sits on chair. Devika slips and falls in his arms.. haariya plays as they share eyelock. Varun thinks I wont ever let wrong happen with you.

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