My desire update Sunday 18 September 2022

My desire 18 September 2022: Preesha with Balraj and Sharda searches Rudra in his room and not finding him says she should have informed them last night itself. Sharda asks not to worry as he must be somewhere around.

Preesha says even Saransh is missing. She checks Rudra’s passport and not finding it says he has definitely taken Saransh to airport and will fly him away somewhere, if Mahima finds out about it, she will file kidnapping case against Rudra and get him arrested. Balraj calls police commissioner and explains him the situation.

Commissioner asks him to stop Saransh right there. Balraj says Rudra already is on the way to airport and requests commissioner to stop there and not let new leak in media. Rudra takes Saransh to airport and informs that they are going on a vacation to London. Saransh rejoices

and hopes Preesha mamma would have accompanied them. Balraj drives car with Sharda and Preesha towards airport. Mahima checks Rudra’s social media account and panics seeing a tag that he is going on a vacation with Saransh, thinks how can he go during court case.

She calls Preesha and asks how can Rudra take Saransh along and where is he going. Preesha informs that he is taking Saransh abroad. Mahima yells how can he do that and how can she let him go. Preesha says she will speak to him and try to stop him. Mahima warns that she will file kidnapping case against Rudra. She calls lawyer and asks him to get her court hearing today itself as she needs her son today and she is going to file kidnapping case against Rudra. Balraj says Rudra’s intention is right, but he will be trapped in criminal case.

Rudra with Saransh waits in airport longue and when flight boarding announcement is made he heads towards gate when police stops him and says he needs to accompany them to Khurana house. Rudra says he needs to board flight. Inspector says he got commissioner’s orders. Rudra thinks Preesha informed papa and papa informed commissioner. Inspector warns him that they will use force if he doesn’t agree. Rudra walks with them. Inspector asks constables to drop Saransh to Khurana House and Rudra to police station. Preesha with Balraj and Sharda reaches airport and finds Saransh with constables. Saransh requests her to stop police from taking Rudra along.

Balraj asks inspector to leave Rudra as he already spoke to commissioner and there is no crime involved. Inspector gets a call and says crime already happened, Mahima Srinivasan has filed her son’s kidnapping case against Rudra. Preesha says she will speak to akka. Rudra says no need for that as he doesn’t need her akka’s favorite and walks away with police. Balraj gets a call and informs Preesha that Mahima preponed court hearing to today and they need to reach court soon. He sends Saransh home with Sharda and reaches court with Preesha.

Court hearing starts. Mahima’s lawyer argues that Rudra tried to kidnap Saransh, so Saransh is unsafe with Khuranas and should be handed over to his mother. Rudra’s lawyer argues that Mahima is mentally ill, but Mahima’s lawyer says he already submitted doctor’s report that Mahima is mentally fit now. Argument continues. Rudra’s lawyer requests judge to call Saransh, he is sure Saransh would like to stay with Rudra and Preesha. Mahima’s lawyer says a 7 year old child can easily be manipulated, so his evidence cannot be considered. Judge pronounces judgement that it is proved that Saransh is unsafe in Khurana House, it is also proved that Mahima was mentally ill, but as per report she is mentally fit now, hence court gives her Saransh’s custody for 6 months on a trial basis and will appoint a team to evaluate her and if they find any discrepancy, her custody will be canceled and if she takes care of Saransh well without any issues, she will be given custody permanently and she can file a criminal case if she finds anyone someone is trying to harm her.

Balraj and Preesha stand shocked while Mahima thanks her lawyer. Preesha asks her why did she do this when Rudra helped her so much. Mahima says this is how Rudra helped, he tried to kidnap her son and she will not spare him for that. Balraj walks out to his car. Rudra walks to him and asks if they got Saransh’s custody. Balraj informs that court gave Saransh’s custody to Mahima for 6 months on a trial basis. Rudra panics and says nobody can take Saransh away from him. Balraj stops him and says judge has already pronounced judgement. Preesha walks towards Rudra.

Angry Rudra after losing Saransh’s custody case walks Preesha that she wanted her sister to snatch away Saransh from him, he is feeling helpless like he was when he saw his brother dying, he lost his son because of her and he doesn’t want to see her face again. Preesha stands crying while he walks to Balraj and leaves in car. Preesha walks to temple and asks Devimaa what did she do wrong that she is punished repeatedly, she wanted good for everyone, but Saransh is taken away from her and Rudra; she wants some way with which she and Rudra can stay with Saransh; she trusts Devimaa and is sure that she will show her some way. She walks out of temple and walks on street when a photo falls in front of her.

She bends it pick it when an insane man picks it and says this is his Anjali’s pic, he loves her a lot and don’t know where she is now, did she see his Anjali. She is shocked to see Mahima’s pic. Man snatches pic back and says this is his Anjali. She asks why is he telling her Anjali, show her pic. He says he will not give it and runs away. She thinks why is he calling Mahima akka as Anjali, if he is really mistaken. She gets a reminder about her wedding anniversary after 2 days; gets emotional and thinks of informing same to Mahima and requesting her to lend Saransh for a day. She calls Mahima and asks if she is still angry on her, now Sanarsh is coming to her.

Mahima says she won the case, else Rudra was talking Saransh abroad. Preesha requests her a favor and pleads to let Saransh with her and Saransh for 2 days. Mahima shouts if she has gone mad. Preesha pleads that her and Rudra’s wedding anniversary is after 2 days, so she should leave Saransh with them till party at least. Mahima says after party, she will take Saransh with her. Preesha thanks her and calls Rudra to inform him.

Rudra cries seeing Saransh’s and his photo, reminisces their happier moments, and shouts he will not let Saransh go away from him. Preesha calls him, but he disconnects call. She sends him a voice message that Saransh will not go away from them and she can stop Mahima if he comes to her sent location and listen to her plan. Rudra rushes to her and asks how will she stop Mahima. Preesha says she spoke Mahima to let Saransh with them for 2 days till their wedding anniversary. Rudra asks if Mahima will agree.

Preesha says she di already. During dinner, Sharda thinks she just a few days ago found out that Saransh is her grandson and now she has to part ways with him. Rudra with Preesha walks in and says its their wedding anniversary after 2 days, so he is throwing party. Sharda asks how can he when Saransh is going today. Rudra says Preesha convinced Mahima to let Saransh with them till anniversary. Ahana asks who will organize party. Rudra says Preesha. Sharda asks Rudra why is he doing this when Saransh will leave them. Preesha asks to have faith on her and get ready for party, thinks she has planned something which will stop Mahima from taking Saransh away.

She meets Yuvraj and asks if papers are ready. Yuvraj hands over her papers and asks why she needs divorce papers. She asks what does he mean. He asks if she thinks Rudra will agree to divorce her and sign papers. She says she knows how to get Rudra’s sign, he should just be ready tomorrow. He returns home and sees Rudra returning home from shopping. Rudra gets busy in work. She gets him some papers to sign, keeps divorce papers between them and gets them signed. Next day, Rudra gets ready for party and asks Preesha to get ready soon. Preesha says she is going to beauty parlor and meeting Yuvraj instead hands him over divorce papers to file in court.

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