My desire update Sunday 15 January 2023

My desire 15 January 2023: Krishna thinks she doesn’t want to go from here, so she should meet Preesha and heads towards her home. Ahana orders nanny not to reveal their information to anyone and says she didn’t take care of Krishna properly, even then she will give her a good recommendation letter if she keeps quiet. Nanny agrees. Rudra calls Bunty to reach Preesha’s house to stop her marriage. Bunty informs that he is in Dehradun. Rudra stops a bike and requests to drop him to Delhi. Biker identifies him as rockstar Rudra and says he is his big fan and will drop him wherever he wants to. Rudra gets in his bike thanking him and hopes Preesha doesn’t marry till he reaches there.

Krishna reaches Preesha’s house and silently walks in and searches Preesha. Vasu with GPS walks to Preesha and getting emotional seeing her ready as a bride says she will take her to mandap. Preesha says she herself will come down. Nanny asks Vasu about sweet boxes and takes her along. GPS tells Preesha that she should marry Arman if she doesn’t want to. Preesha says she is getting away from Rudra due to Sulochana’s curse and what can she do if its in their fate. She says she doesn’t know if Rudra married Sania under pressure, but she is marrying Arman under pressure. GPS thinks even he is helpless as Rudra promised him not to.

Rudra reaches Delhi from Shimla (approx 350 km) on a bike in 5 minutes. Arman as groom in mandap waits for Preesha. Pandit asks Vasu to call bride. Preesha walks into mandap with nanny and sits next to Arman. Guards stop Rudra. Arman and Preesha exchange garland. Rudra beats guards and enters in. Pandit asks Arman and Preesha to sand up for pheras. Presha eagerly looks at door for Rudra. Pheras start. Rudra enters and calls her. She stops. He cries why did she marry without waiting for him when she knows they love each other and cannot stay without each other, she knows he lied to her because of their son Saransh as Saransh is alive; whatever he did recently is for Saransh as he is with Ahana; she should have waited for him and not married Arman, how will he live without her.

Preesha says she knows Saransh is alive and how much Rudra loves her and hence she didn’t marry Arman, remembering asking panditji to stop chanting mantras as she cannot marry Arman. Vasu asks what is she doing and asks panditji to continue mantras. Preesha says she can’t marry. Chachaji asks why she humiliates them often. Preesha tells Arman that she cannot marry him as she still loves Rudra. Vasu slaps her and warns her not to take Rudra’s name, asks why she is mad behind Rudra even after he does so bad to her. Preesha says she is Rudra’s and will always be. Chachaji says Rudra did so much wrong to her, even then she. Preesha says Rudra did all this to get Saransh back.

Vasu is shocked to hear that. Preesha says their Saransh is alive. GPS says Preesha is right and explains her whole story. Preesha says Rudra tolerate so much torture for her, hence she cannot leave him.Out of flashback, Rudra and Preesha happily hug each other. Preesha says she knows truth and hence didn’t marry Arman. Rudra then cries that that he couldn’t search Saransh after so much effort. Preesha says he was searching Saransh, but god was taking her to Saransh repeatedly and Saransh is with her. He asks where is Saransh. She asks nanny to bring Saransh. Nanny brings Krishna. Preesha says Ahana lied to them as Krishna is Saransh and removing Krishna’s wig says he is their Saransh.

She says she knew this truth l ong ago when Saransh himself came to her and shows Saransh’s birth mark on his back.Preesha tells Rudra that he inform her truth now, but got revealed already that Krishna is Saransh. She shows Saransh’s birth mark on his bag and reminisces Krishna searching her and hugging her afraid telling she doesn’t want to go away from her as Ahana is taking her out of country. Preesha says she will speak to her mother and not let her go. She takes her to room, and her wig falls down. Shocked, she asks why was she wearing wig. Krishna says Ahana makes her wear it to hide that he is a male instead. Preesha thinks why Ahana wants to disguise Krishna as female.

Vasu calls nanny to bring Preesha down. Preesha introduces Krishna not nanny as Anvi’s friend and asks her to take her to Anvi’s room and feed her something. GPS enters and asks Preesha not to marry Arman and reveals whole story happened from Rudra finding that Saransh is alive and with Ahana, marrying Sania to get Saransh’s information, Ahana ordering him to character assassinate GPS, etc. He says their Saransh is alive. Preesha gets emotional hearing that and thinks if Krishna is with Ahana, he is Saransh. She rushes to Krishna and checking his birth mark on back realizes Krishna is Saransh. She happily pampers Krishna and says he is her Saransh.

Serial’s title track plays in the background. Krishna asks what happened. Preesha says he is her son Saransh and returned to her; Ahana changed her face to hide her from Rudra and her, she had a feeling when he held his hand that they are connected, he is her Saransh. Out of flashback, Preesha tells Rudra that Ahana changed Saransh’s face and voice to hide his identity. Rudra emotionally hugs and pampers Saransh.

Arman calls Sania and scolds her that due to her carelessness, Rudra reached here and stopped marriage. Sania says Rudra locked her in a hotel room and escaped, she will come there and handle situation. Arman says Rudra and Preesha will not separate now as they found their son Saransh; he doesn’t want Preesha to hate him knowing truth, so she should come here and handle the situation. On the other side, Ahana panics not finding Krishna and firing nanny from job warns her not to inform about Saransh to anyone. She thinks how will she find Krishna now. Mishka says let Krishna go wherever he wants to as they gained the wealth they wanted to via him, so he is a burden on them now. Ahana says she is right, why didn’t she think this way, they should run away to London soon.

Rudra continues pampering Saransh and asks if he doesn’t remember him. Preesha says when Ahana can change Saransh’s face and voice, she can erase his memory. Rudra says he will not spare Ahana, Mishka, and Sania now. Sania brings Ahana and Mishka. Arman thinks what is she up to, why did she come here. Sania says Ahana and Mishka troubled him, he can punish them now. Rudra asks how did he come here. Sania says she knew Rudra would come have come here locking her in room, so she thought of punishing Ahana and Mishka and reuniting Saransh, Rudra, and Preesha. Rudra shouts she is lying. Sania says she knows Rudra and Preesha are inseparable, so she accepted truth and thought of reuniting them with their son. Preesha says she is lying, how did she easily find Ahana and Mishka when she couldn’t earlier.

She says she thought like them and caught them from their hideout, now Rudra and Preesha can punish them the way they want to.

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