My desire update Friday 7 October 2022


My desire 7 October 2022: Mahima asks Rudra to accept that he fell for her beauty and attraction and they finally became one. He warns her to stop her rubbish, he doesn’t know how she did that, if she says again, he will kill her; he loves only Preesha and will always love only her. GPS with Yuvraj reaches there in car. Preesha runs to him and requests to take her away from here as she can’t see all this. Rudra tries to speak. GPS warns him to stay away as he hurt his daughter and his daughter’s happiness only matters to him. Yuvraj warns Rudra to stay away from Preesha, else he knows what to do. They return home. Saransh asks Preesha where had she gone sadly without speaking to him, he called her so much. She says emergency at hospital, so she had to call appa as her car broke down.

Saransh asks her to leave her old car and buy one now. Preesha says they have to leave behind old relationships. He asks if she will buy new car. She says she cannot understand what she is speaking and walks to her room. Yuvraj thinks Kavvi/crow Mahima played a nice game and how did nalla Rudra took Mahima to bed.Rudra returns home. Balraj stops him and says he cannot escape from his questions, even if he may, he can’t escape from accepting his heinous act, reporters are calling to know about his MMS; they are facing a lot of losses in business because of him. Rudra shouts to stop as there is more in life than business, business can be rebuild but not life.

Mahima asks Balraj not to scold Rudra as intimacy between husband and wife is common. Rudra warns her to shut up and dare not favor her, he knows she did all this and he doesn’t want to see her ugly face. Balraj warns him to stop insulting his wife as he married her and now cannot tolerate her favor. Rudra walks to his room. Mahima requests Balraj not to scold Rudra as he is angry and there maybe love hidden in his happiness.Next morning, Preesha gets ready for hospital and seeing his phone switched off switches it on and seeing Rudra’s calls and messages switches it off again. Vasu brings coffee for her and asks where is she going.

Preesha says she is going to hospital as she is getting calls already. Rudra calls landline and asks Vasu to let him speak to Preesha as she didn’t reply to his multiple messages and calls. Vasu warns to stop bothering Preesha as he already married Mahima and Preesha married Yuvraj, he already ruined her both daughters’ lives and now should stop bothering Preesha. Rudra thinks he can’t do that. GPS walks to him and warns him that he is Mahima’s husband now and behave same and stop bothering Preesha. Rudra says its Mahima’s conspiracy and he loves only Preesha. GPS says whatever happened is truth and Preesha even saw it from her own eyes, so its better he leaves Preesha alone. Rudra thinks he can’t do that.

Preesha attends patients in her hospital room when Rudra enters. She asks why did he come here, he should go. He pleads that its Mahima’s conspiracy and she wants to separate them. she says she doesn’t want to hear anything. He continues its Mahima’s conspiracy and he knows Preesha is hurt. Yuvraj enters saying if he agrees, then he should stop bothering her; he helped him for Preesha and Saransh’s sake, but not anymore; he checked video’s IP address and its from Rudra’s phone, so he is playing double game. Rudra shouts. Yuvraj warns him that he will protect his wife. Rudra says he is fake husband. Yuvraj says good he is fake husband, but he will protect her in real. Rudra fights with him.

Preesha stops him and warns him again to go. Rudra says he will prove that Mahima did all this and warns Yuvraj to not misuse his wife’s misunderstanding. Yuvraj asks him to get out now. Rudra leaves.At night on bed, Preesha reminisces Rudra’s words. She hears someone hitting at window, opens it, and sees Rudra throwing pebbles on window. He requests her to meet him now or else will wake up her parents and Saransh and create a drama. She agrees and walks to him. He says she knows who he is and what she saw was Mahima’s conspiracy. She says she herself saw from her eyes. He continues pleading to believe him and not go away from her. She says she will never forgive him and returns home. Yuvraj asks where had she gone. She says to meet Rudra.

He asks why did she meet him, she knows men do mistake and betray women and then apologize, she shouldn’t fall for his cries. She asks him to stop. He goes to sleep. Rain stops. Preesha opens window and sees Rudra standing in rain. She reminisces Rudra romancing Mahima and angrily closing window goes back to bed. Roke na ruke naina… song plays in the background. Next morning, Preesha wakes up and opens window to check. She gets worried seeing Rudra standing there whole night and shivering. She rushes to him and asks why didn’t he return home. He collapses. She calls her parents and informs that he collapsed. GPS asks how. She says she doesn’t know and akss him to take Rudra in. Yuvraj returning from jogging sees that thinks nalla is acting better than majnu. GPS asks him to help.

They take Rudra inside home and lie him on bed. Preesha checks and applies cold compresses on his forehead saying he has high fever. Saransh helps her. Yuvraj asks GPS to ask Preesha why did she bring Rudra in instead of sending him home. GPS asks same. Preesha says she wants him to writhe in pain without her. Vasu asks how is Rudra now. Preesha says better. Saransh says good Dr. Preesha. Preesha says she is only a doctor.

Sharda goes to Rudra’s room thinking of confronting him and doesn’t find him there. She walks to Mahima who is having breakfast with family and asks if she knows where Rudra is. Ahana and Mishka yell that wife should know. Mahima says she doesn’t know where Rudra is. Preesha calls Mahima and informs that her husband is at her home.

Mahima picks Preesha’s call and asks why did she call her. Preesha says to inform her that her husband Rudra is here. Mahima asks what is he doing here. Preesha says she should ask him, he was drenching in rain outside house whole night and is having high fever now, she gave him medicine and he is still unconscious, so she should come and take him from here. Sharda says they are coming. Mahima disconnects call. Preesha leaves informing GPS that she is going to hospital. GPS thinks he can feel her pain, though she doesn’t say anything. Ahana and Mishka discuss why did Rudra go there and drenched in rain whole night. Sharda says she is going to her son. She with Mahima reaches Preesha’s house where Vasu explains what happened with Rudra and takes them to Rudra

Sharda gets more concerned seeing unconscious Rudra. Mahima says she wants to take him home and asks GPS if he can arrange someone to help them. GPS asks Yuvraj to help. Yuvraj says why not as he asked something for the first time and thinks this old man made him a coolie, but soon he will become Preesha’s real husband.Sharda and Mahima take Rudra home. Rudra wakes up after sometime calling Preesha and insists to meet her. Balraj asks him to calm down and asks why did he go to Preesha’s house and stood in rain whole night, what if he gets hell, he has concerts in 2 days. Rudra shouts that he doesn’t care and asks to cancel all concerts as he just wants to meet Preesha now and he cannot live without her.

Ahana says they will incur losses if he cancels concert. He says she doesn’t have right to say that. He continues panicking while family tries to stop him. He walks towards door, slips on stairs and falls down with injured forehead. Family pancis seeing his forehead bleeding and rush him to hospital. At hospital, Rudra continues panicking while doctor tries to treat him saying he may have internal injuries and may need CT scan. He insists doctor to call Preesha. Doctor says Dr. Preesha is a gynecologist and cannot treat him, but he insists. Sharda requests doctor to call Dr. Preesha. Preesha enters and nursing his injury gives him pain injection and tries to leave. He calls her. She says she is a doctor and her duty is to save her patients, nothing else. Yuvraj enters and gives court notice to Rudra. Rudra shouts what is this. Balraj checks and says these are court’s restriction orders against Rudra.

Yuvraj says Rudra shouldn’t dare walk near Preesha, else he will be in jail. Rudra continues shouting. Yuvraj takes Preesha along. Mahima says Yuvraj did right, Rudra should stop bothering Preesha. She takes everyone out to bring something for Rudra from cafeteria. Rudra leaves hospital room to meet Preesha.Preesha back home brings pizza for Saransh. Saransh gets excited seeing Preesha. Door bell rings. GPS opens door. Rudra enters calling Preesha. GPs tries to stop him unsuccessfully. Preesha asks him to leave or Yuvraj will call police. Yuvraj joins and warns him to leave. Their fight starts. GPS stops them and sends Rudra out of house.

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