Guddan Zee world update Friday 7 October 2022

Guddan 7 October 2022: Guddan throws hot oil on Parv and his hand gets burned. Bahus come and ask what happened. Guddan says Parv is not paying attention these days and he got his hand burned from diya. Parv doesn’t say it was done by Guddan. Siddhi takes him for the aid. Saraswati sends Siddhi to take milk and asks Parv he is not lying right. She knows very well how despo he is and she asks he didn’t misbehave with Guddan. Parv says it was just an accident. He gets message from Revati and smiles. Siddhi brings milk for him. While he drinks it, Siddhi manages to read the messages.

Guddan is going to celebrate Diwali. AJ sits in his room, reading books. She laughs and asks who reads book on Diwali. He says he is not interested in celebrating Diwali and asks her to go and enjoy herself. Guddan comes out of room and plays song “Kya Karu Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya”. Dadi tells her that AJ was not always boring like this. He used to celebrate Diwali when Antara was there. Guddan says when her mother left her, she was also sad and all, but her father made her realize that her mother wouldn’t be happy seeing her sad, so since then she always tries to stay happy. She decides to make AJ celebrate this Diwali and calls it Operation AJ Ki Khusiyaan. Dadi is happy.

Guddan sees Siddhi crying and asks her what happened. She doesn’t tell her anything. Guddan tells her to share what’s in her mind with someone she trusts. She sees AJ and goes to him. AJ shouts at his employee which scares Siddhi and she doesn’t say anything. Guddan gets disappointed.Guddan and Dadi are doing fireworks and celebrating Diwali. Guddan hopes fireworks sound will make AJ come outside. Bahus stand and watch them. Guddan tries to make them join too, but they are not interested. They get irritated seeing Guddan doing fireworks like a middle class girl. AJ also gets irritated inside the house. He comes to study room. Dutta comes there and makes him unconscious.

He takes him outside and sets him up with fire crackers all over him and spreads it to area where Guddan is doing fireworks, so fire crackers are set on fire by Guddan only.Siddhi cries on terrace reading messages on Parv’s phone. He comes there and she confronts him. She says Guddan was right about sharing all this with someone and she says she is going to AJ to tell everything. Parv gets on edge of terrace and pretends to be committing suicide. She goes to stop him. He comes inside and pushes her off the edge. He’s still holding her hand.

Bahus decide to go inside. Dadi asks Guddan to leave them and continue celebrating Diwali. She goes inside to get dinner ready. Guddan throws one of the sparklers which sets Dutta’s crackers on fire. She notices it and goes outside and is shocked to see AJ unconscious and fire crackers all over him.Guddan sees AJ covered in firecrackers. She sees him unconscious and says who did it with you? she brings water and sprinkles on him, he wakes up and recalls his fight. He asks Guddan to free him. Guddan says who tried to catch lion?

Parv holds his wife Siddhi on roof wall and says your husband is very bad, you wanted to bring my truth out? I will kill you. Siddhi says you cant do this with me please, he says I can.Guddan starts freeing AJ, she moves closer to him, he stares at her, dariya sa hai dil.. Guddan loses balance and falls on him, she says sorry and takes off ropes from him. AJ sees a burning firecracker coming near them. Guddan throws other firecrackers on it, AJ shouts that you did idiot? He pulls her and falls down on ground. Guddan falls over him as he covers her. They share eyelock. AJ gets up. They hear noise and goes in house.In house, all see Siddhi fallen from roof, Aj rushes to her. Parv smirks.AJ and family brings Siddhi to hospital.

PArv thinks she didnt die? what if she wakes up and tells my truth? Guddan eyes him. Dadi asks to take her to mandir. Guddan and Dadi comes to hospital mandir. Guddan sees Parv going from there, she thinks I am sure Parv is behind all this.Guddan comes to Parv and says you did something? I talked to Siddhi, you dont seem worried for Siddhi. Parv sees Durga there and says I am sorry, my wife is in danger and you are alleging me? please dont do it, he leaves. Guddan sees Durga glaring at her.

Parv asks doctor how is Siddhi? Doctor says she will wake up soon, bring medicine for her. She leaves. Parv thinks that I wont let her wake up as my secret have to remain secret.Guddan says what Siddhi wanted to tell me? what if someone threw her from roof? Parv? did he do it?
Saru cries and says how Siddhi can do it? Lakshmi consoles her.Parv dresses as doctor and goes to Siddhi’s room. Nurse greets him and leaves. Parv glares at her and says you love your husband then why dont you die? you are a danger for me.
Guddan says I am worried, I should see Siddhi.Parv says to Siddhi that you have to die, he strangles her and puts pillow on her face, he keeps suffocating her. Guddan is coming there but doctor stops her and says Siddhi is waking up soon.

Guddan thanks her and says I will go and check on her. Guddan comes in Siddhi’s room. Parv looks away. Guddan sees man wearing lab coat and says doctor how is she? Parv nods and leave.Nurse says to family that they can meet patient. They all come inside and see Siddhi awake. Parv is tensed. Aj asks Siddhi how she fell? Saru says dont worry and tell us what happened. Siddhi looks at Parv. Doctor says she has internal bleeding, her body and mind is paralyzed so she cant walk or talk. All are stunned. Parv acts and says how can this happen? its my wife, I will make her fine with my love. Doctor says we can try. AJ leaves with doctor.

Parv says to Siddhi that you felt bad about Guddan’s words and jumped from roof? you could have talked to me, Guddan said that I have an affair with someone else and you believed her? Guddan says what? Parv says this is all happening because of you, why you lied to her. Durga says yes Parv is right, Siddhi was tensed when she was with Guddan, what did you tell her? Guddan says I was just making her listen to me. Parv says you should shut up. AJ says enough Parv, this is not your house and Guddan is not your servant. Durga says no, we have to know what Guddan talked to Siddhi. All look on.

Scene 2
Guddan says to herself that wish I could tell everyone that AJ told Siddhi. AJ comes there and says I know you didnt do anything, truth will come out soon. Guddan says you are the reason behind all this. AJ says what? Guddan says she wanted to talk to you but you didnt listen to her, I am not scared of you, all think you are perfect but you should wake up and see, run your family like your business, you treat them like animals. All family members come there too. Guddan says to AJ that you are a ring master and family doesnt love you but are scared of you. Dadi says what are you saying? Guddan says let me treat him like my sister, she makes him sit down and says lets talk, how are you? Lakshmi should be spending time with her husband but AJ keeps him busy and he doesnt care, then Saru is intelligent, she wants to do business but scared of AJ.. then Durga, I dont understand her.

Guddan says AJ is scared of himself most, you keep talking about not doing mistakes but you keep doing them, all are scared of you, Dadi is always worried for him, he gives everyone pain. AJ glares at her and leaves. AJ comes back and says you are right, I dont know my family, I want you to do everything which I do wrong so from today, you have whole control and duties of this house, he gives her house keys.AJ says now Guddan will run this house. I will just see and how the family is kept together. Now she will fix everything in this house. Durga is angry. AJ says scared? you said you can do everything.

Durga says you cant do this. She can’t do anything. She will ruin everything. she can’t even walk straight. No one can handle it better than you. AJ says I keep my word. She will be responsible for this house from today. SHe will do everything she teaches me. All the best. Guddan says but.. He leaves. Durga says you can’t even do it can’t you say no? Laxmi says you will ruin this house. Saru says you have never done anything right. Dadi says enough. She is AJ’s wife. She has complete right on this house and she is the real owner of this house.

I have faith in you Guddan you can do it. Durga says wow. Your faith in her will ruin our lives.Guddan looks at the keys in tears. She calls Bhushan. Bhushan says why are you worried? She says I am really stressed.. Like.. He says like lost in a mela? Are you eating ice cream? SHe says yes. Bhushan says you did everything you feared of. There is no fear in life. You have to fly. Guddan says yes papa. She looks at the keys and picks them. Guddan collides with AJ. He says what now? Want to tell me more of my problem? She waves the keys and says I have work now. I will decide who will do what in this house. You were ordering people first. You will bring Siddhy home from hospital. He says Siddhi should be in hospital.SHe says this is diwali. You can’t argue with me. I run this house now. He says okay and leaves.

Scene 2
Siddhi comes home. Saru says what is she doing here. Guddan says she is safer here. She will live with people she loves. SAru says but.. aj says she did right. Guddan says I will take her to room. Saru says ask her to stay away from my bhabhi. SHe says she isn’t responsible for Siddhi’s condition. Take care of Siddhi. He leaves. Guddan takes Siddhi to her room. She says everyone thinks I am responsible for all this but you know the truth I wish you could tell AJ. You have to get better and tell me how all this happened.Perv comes to the room. Guddan says Siddhi don’t worry. I am always there to protect you. She leaves.

Perv sits with siddi an says why are you so scared? You should have died. I can’t see you like this. Should I take you away from this pain forever? No no I shouldn’t kill you. I should see you helpless like this. Guddan has messed with the wrong man.Laxmi sees the dream that Guddan punishes them. she screams an says saru she will take revenge. Guddan says I can do all this. I can do this. Guddan says but there are so many responsibilities. The keys are not on the table. Guddan looks for them everywhere.Guddan looks around for the keys. She says I lost it on the first day. Who took my keys. Guddan sees that the pigeon took it. Guddan says please stop. Listen to me.. The pigeon sits.

Guddan tries to take the keys back from it. The pigeon sits on a fan. Guddan falls with the fan. AJ comes and sees her. He picks her. Guddan’s hand bleeds. The pigeon sits on AJ’s shoulder. She says this bird is annoying me. AJ says your hand is bleeding. GGuddan says my blood.. She faints. AJ says why so much drama over two drops on blood. Guddan takes the keys from pigeon. Guddan says to the bird your name is kathor and you have to help me.Guddan plays music and is doing yoga. everyone wakes up and says what are you doing Guddan. Guddan says I want everyone to stay fit

in this house. Durga says you changed our alarms? Guddan says everything is ready. I will order the breakfast. Dura says we don’t order here. We don’t even get from AJ’s restaurant. Guddan says if anyone hears his restaurant will shut down. Dadi comes in track suit. She says Guddan I am dressed like you asked me. Guddan says you look amazing. Saru says let her order. Laxmi says what will you eat dadi? Dadi says order anything.Durga says to Guddan it isn’t easy to run the house. Guddan looks at Kathor under the bed. She says thank God he hid before Durga came. Guddan says this is a house not a war. It is as easy as riding a bike. I know AJ makes a big fuss out of it. Love is the only thing you need. I can do anything. The keys fall.

GUddan picks them. Durga takes themfrom her. She says you can’t do anything. Durga says you have to win this power. I wont tolerate anything wrong in this house. She returns the keys. Gudan laughs and says you say simple things with such huge words. Lets see how the house is going right now.AJ comes and says what is this food.. Dadi says you used to love it in childhood. Guddan says I ordered a lot of variety. Sh says Vardan you don’t have to go on work today. AJ says what.. GUddan says go with Laxmi for a romantic movie date. AJ says then who will handle accounts? Guddan says Saru.

She has done MBA. she can do this. AJ says I told you I wont interfere but I hope you don’t regret. Saru and Laxmi are very happy. Guddan says have you ever seen them this happy? Get used to it now. He leaves. Dadi says Guddan you did right. Guddan says to Durga see I told you my way works. I can do everything.

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