My desire update Saturday 31 December 2022

My desire 31 December 2022: Arman seeing Preesha crying asks what happened. Preesha shouts that Rudra is fighting for his life on his birthday because of him. He asks her to calm down as Rudra will be fine. She shouts that Rudra is her life and he risked her life many times to save her, she will find blood for him, etc. Arman says he has already arranged blood. She rushes away ignoring him and pleads people on road to donate O positive blood for her husband as he is fighting for his life. People push her down. She cries sitting on road that she cannot live without her husband, remembering their romantic moments. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background. Arman walks to her and says nobody will separate her from Rudra and he was telling her same; he has made all the arrangements and managed to air flight O positive blood from Delhi, remembering how he struggled to arrange blood.

Preesha gets happy. Ambulance arrives. Arman says blood must have arrived. Preesha runs behind the ambulance. Arman emotionally thinks Rudra and Preesha are connected by heart and nobody can separate them, so he has to separate himself from Preesha. Doctor transfuses Rudra. Preesha asks Rudra’s condition. Doctor says his condition is stable now and being a doctor she knows patient’s condition with head injuries. Preesha sitting next to unconscious Rudra pleads him to get well soon. Arman sadly watches her.

Ahana’s lawyer gives her legal documents and says he finished illegal task easily. Ahana warns not to inform it to anyone and tells Mishka that soon they will be out of India. Lawyer says they cannot for a few more days as they will not get the money soon. Ahana scolds him to finish the formalities soon and thinks finally they will be out of India in a few days. Mishak says they will be tension free. Ahana’s debtor calls her and says her papers are ready, so she needs her money. Ahana asks if she is spying on her. Lady says she just needs her money back or else she will expose her secret. Ahana says she hasn’t received the money yet and will transfer the money once she gets it. Mishka asks her to calm down as they will be benefited most soon.

Sharda reaches Rudra’s hospital room and tells Preesha that Rudra wanted to celebrate his birtday with Preesha and hence he was eager to meet her. Arman walks in and apologizes Sharda saying Rudra’s condition is because of him. Sharda thanks him for saving Rudra’s life. Preesha rudely says she is thankful to Arman for saving Rudra’s life, but he is responsible for Rudra’s condition. Sharda says even Rudra is at mistake as he fought with Arman. Preesha continues shouting at Arman that Rudra just fought, but Arman pushed Rudra and tried to kill him and she will never forgive him for that. Rudra gets conscious and says Arman is not at mistake as he tried to save him and even extended his hand to hold him.

Preesha continues blaming Arman. Chachaji enters and warns her to stop alleging Arman as she doesn’t know how Arman arranged blood; since O positive blood was not available in Shimla, he arranged it from Delhi via helicopter after fighting with him, reminiscing the incident, and says Rudra would have died without Armans’ help. Arman tries to stop him. Preesha shouts at him to stop as nothing will happen to her Rudra until she is alive. Chachaji confronts her that their family shattered and Devika died because of Rudra, she is Arman’s wife and doesn’t have any feelings and blaming him instead even after his help. Arman stops him and takes him away.

Chachaji asks Arman if he lets Preesha near Rudra, he will lose Preesha. Arman says Preesha loves Rudra and nobody can separate them. Arman asks him not to become a god of sacrifice. Arman says sacrifice is life and if Preesha is in his fate, she will return to him for sure. Chachaji walks way saying he has gone mad. In hospital room, Sharda leaves to meet doctor. Preesha hugs Rudra and cries emotionally. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background. Preesha says she cannot be alive without him. He asks even then she doesn’t want to stay with him.

Preesha consoles Anvi and asks if she wants to see her Prishma happy or not. Anvi nods yes. Preesha asks if she goes to her friend’s house, will she return back home or not. Anvi says she will return home. Preesha says this is not her house and handsome uncle/Rudra’s house is her house, she will return to handsome uncle as he is alone and will visit Anvi whenever she needs her. Anvi asks what about papa. Arman says he is always with Anvi, so they should let Preesha return to handsome uncle for her happiness. Anvi asks what about his happiness and who will take care of him and fix his tie. He says Anvi will from here as taught by Prishma and convinces her to let Preesha go. Anvi agrees. Chachaji thinks don’t know when will Arman learn a lesson.

Rudra returns home from shopping. Sharda asks him to rest till she brings him something to eat. He excitedly says Preesha is coming and asks her to apply him nazar ka teeka/black dot. Sharda asks him to calm down. He says Preesha didn’t want to acknowledge her love for him, but now will stay with him; she will look pretty and he also needs to get ready for her. Sharda prays god to protect her children’s happiness. Rudra selects a dress for him while Preesha does same on the other side. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background. Rudra thinks they get only 1 life and he wants to spend it with Preesha. Preesha thinks she will inform Rudra about her and Arman’s truth when he meets her. She walks down wearing a beautiful red sari. Arman says she is looking beautiful.

She asks if she can go and walks away. Chachaji asks Arman not to let his Preesha go. Arman says Preesha was never his and loves Rudra and if she is in his face, she will return to him for sure.Ahana jumps with happiness seeing money cheque. Mishka says they have a series of properties. Ahana says they should hide the fact behind grabbing this wealth and should shut their debtor’s mouth with money. Bunty stops bike while passing by Rudra’s studio and tells his friend that he and Rudra recorded many songs here. A real estate broker brings a customer to sell the studio. Bunty says this studio belongs to Khurana family and was sealed 8 months ago. Broker says so what, now its being sold. Bunty thinks something is wrong and he should inform Rudra about it.

Rudra gets ready in a blazer. Preesha makes arrangements for their meeting. Once Rudra enters, she gives him a surprise. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background. Rudra gets happy seeing her wearing his gifted sari. She says someone special gifted it. He asks her to accept that he is the special one. She says I love you and calling him hubby invites him for a dance. They dance romantically on Lejayen Jane Kahan.. song. Rudra says he wants this moment to freeze. She says there are more surprises awaiting. Bunty calls him. Preesha asks him to pick it as it must be important. Rudra picks call and asks Bunty if he can’t call later. Bunty informs that his studio is sold. Rudra shocked and asks its in trust fund’s name and when its closed how can anyone sell it.

Bunty says he himself saw someone buying it. Rudra says if trust fund is reopened, then Saransh is alive; they need to find out truth. He calls advocate and asks if his son Saransh’s sealed trust fund is reopened. Advocate gets tensed and asks him to call him tomorrow. Rudra threatens him, and he agrees that trust fund is reopened. Rudra gets happy thinking Saransh is alive and walks away. Preesha calls him and thinks why did he go without informing him.Ahana and Mishka celebrate their success. Rudra with Bunty barges in. They yell why he repeatedly comes here. Rudra asks where is Saransh. Ahana says Saransh is dead. Rudra says Saransh is alive and she sold recording studio. Ahana acts. Rudra shouts not to lie.

Bunty says he spoke to the broker already, that means trust fund is reopened. Rudra shouts to call Saransh, if he is inside. Ahana says yes.

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