My desire update Friday 28 October 2022


My desire 28 October 2022: Rudra asks Sulochana if she came here for 300 rs, she should have taken money from him. Sulochana’s friends say she is self-respected woman and doesn’t take help from anyone. Sulochana says she doesn’t like other’s money or help. Ahana says she is lying and was acting like an alcoholic. Rudra angrily shuts and tries to hit her, but Sharda stops him and says let us go home and speak. Sulochana says Ahana made a mistake and is like her daughter. Ahana warns not to call her daughter. Sulochana says she is her bahu. Rudra warns Ahana to return home right now and walks away with Sulchona and others. Ahana thinks this old woman was really drinking alcohol, she needs to find out Sulochana and Kabir’s secret.

Back home, Rudra offers money to Sulochana and asks her to spend it the way she wants and ask more before it gets over. Sulochana hesitates. Preesha backs Rudra saying parents support children in childhood and now its children’s duty to support parfents. Sulochona emotionally hugs and prays god to give children like them to every parents. Vasu calls Preesha and informs that she saw Ahana and Yuvraj together and feels they are up to something. Preesha gets angry on Yuvraj thinking he would have given DNA test idea to Ahana and messages him to meet her at 24 Lounge pub tonight. She meets him at lounge and asks if he gave DNA test idea to Ahana.

He says it was makeup ki dukan Ahana’s idea and he didn’t even ask her whose DNA test was it and why she was doing it. She asks if he thinks she will trust him seeing his past, he should stay away from her family or else Rudra will not spare her. He asks not to boast about her nalla pati/husband as he is sparing her because of her. She sees a lady in modern attire heavily drunk partying with her friends and dancing on a table and thinks she heard this voice somewhere. She walks closer and is shocked to see its Sulochana, thinks it must be someone else and walks further closer when a waiter drops juice on her and requests to clean it up. She walks with waiter to clean up, returns and calls alcoholic lady, but is shocked to see some other woman.

Lady asks if she needs something. Preesha says no and walks away confused. She asks waiter if the lady who was shouting paid bill. Waiter says she made advance payment and shows lady dancing on table. Preesha thinks of going home and checking if Sulochana is at home. Yuvraj stops her inebriated, she handles him, returns home and is surprised to see Sulochana meditating. Kabir notices her and asks if she needs something. Preesha says she came to check water and walks near Sulochana to check if she is smelling alcohol, but finds her clean and walks away confused thinking she is sure it was Sulochana in lounge.

Kabir closes door with great difficult and stands on his feet. He is surprised and informs Sulochana. Sulochana acts as surprised and then laughs. Kabir says they are good actors, Preesha must be confused thinking who was in lounge. Sulochana says she escaped today somehow. Kabir says her alcoholism will get them into trouble. Sulochana says she cannot stay away from alcohol after 9 p.m. He says she should be careful, good he saw Preesha in lounqe and handled the issue. He goes into flashback where he sees Preesha in lounge and bribes waiter to drop juice on Preesha and take her to washroom. He then walks to heavily inebriated Sulochana and informs that Preesha has come here. Sulochana not in her senses blabbers.

Kabir takes Sulochana’s friend’s help and replaces her friend on her place. Out of flashback, he says good he made her chew mint to ward off alcohol smell and fool Preesha. Sulochana describes how Kabir informed her about Balraj’s demise. Alcoholic Sulochana saks who will send them money for her alcohol and his lavish life. Kabir says they can turn this bad new in good news as only they both know that he is not Balraj’s son. Sulochana goes into flashback where Balraj confronts Sulochana that the baby in her womb is not his and orders to kick her out of house. She pleads not to separate her from her children Rajiv and Rudra. He says she is not bothered about children but is bothered about her alcoholism and lavish wife, so he will not let her near his children and will lie them that their mother is dead. She demands money to act as dead.


Sulochana remembers demanding money from Balraj for her lavish life. Balraj agrees and warns to not return to his children again. She agrees Out of flashback, she tells Kabir that Balraj kicked her out of house and convinced her children that she is dead. Kabir says he knows Balraj used to give her a few thousands, now they will go to his house and grab all his property. She asks if he is mad that Balraj’s family will believe that he is Balraj’s third son. He says they will use emotional drama, shift to a dilapidated house where she will act as 60s mother like Nirupa Rai who will work hard for 2 meals and he will act as physically disabled and convince family that Balraj kicked her out of house as her would be baby will be born handicapped.

She agrees to his idea. Out of flashback, Sulochana says they need to handle Ahana. He says now she will not dare to even stand in front of her and reminisces bringing honey bottles from Ahana’s room and spilling them on his bed. Sulochana brings ants and says they will use Rudra’as emotional nature and make him kick out Ahana from this house, they will kick out whoever comes in their way and grab all the wealth. He lies on bed and she leaves ant on him. He writhes in pain and asks to call rudra. She calls Rudra and in a fit of rage Rudra makes Ahana sleep on store room. They both laugh that they did some good deeds in past life that they are enjoying lavish life now. He further reminisces seeing Ahana picking his hair for DNA test and exchanging it with Rudra’s hair.

He reminisces coming in front of Yuvraj’s car and getting him busy exchanging sample from him. He then smirks and thinks they cannot prove that he is not Balraj’s son.Out of flashback, Sulochana praises him and says if his hair sample was tested, results would have come negative. She then reminisces how she trapped Ahana by making her follow to her friend’s house, etc. Kabir says her plan was really good, now she needs to beware of Preesha and control her alcoholism or else she will be in trouble. She says she cannot keep herself away from alcohol. He says he will bring it to her as usual.

Rudra is busy playing game with Saransh and Sonia when Preesha enters and he asks her join them. Preesha walks away confused thinking she is sure Sulochana was in bar. She thinks she should check money bundle to find out if Sulochana spent money or not. She walks to Sulochana and requests her to give her some money as she has some important work. Sulochana says its Rudra’s money and she kept it just to keep his words, asks how much she needs. She says 2.5 lakhs. Sulochana nervously picks money bundles and counts. Preesha thinks how can this be and says she needs only 30000 rs and will return her in the morning. Once she leaves, Sulochana yells that poor woman came for money as soon as she saw it. Kabir says Preesha had come to check if she spent that money in bar, so he had already sensed it and added fake money in money bundle. He reminisces the incident. She praises him.

Preesha returns to living room and sees Sonia falling on Rudra while playing and scolds them. Rudra senses her tension and asks reason. She informs him that she had gone to a lounge today and saw Sulochana there.

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