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I do 27 October 2022: Armaan is shocked to find mahira like this, and then reprimands sara and asks how dare she did this to his wife, mahira. sara asks him not to get emotional as he cant be serious as he only got her here. he asks her to get lost. She says that wont be easy, as she may have come here by his will, but shall go by her say. he says that noone gets their say in front of him. sara says that she wont go so easily, and that she loved him, and wouldnt be so easy to get rid of. he says that he knwos what she loves and gives her a bundle of notes, but she finds it less, and then throws another wad, saying that she doesnt deserve more than this, and she gets happy, and leeringly grabs the money. She congratulates him his honeymoon period with his wife and leaves. mahira mocks him. He says that he got her respected and sara thrown out, and she is taunting him only.

She asks who should he taunt, as he is the one who brought her too, and that it might be his trick to get him in, and its his to get her out too. he forcibly holds her hand, finding her nervous. Armaan forcibly grabs mahira by the hand, and draws her out of the house, while she insists whats he doing, and screams at him to stop it, but in vain. He then almost shuts the door on her face, while she is shocked and horrified as to what he is doing, by throwing her out of the house.

In his room, armaan wonders what mahira thinks of herself angrily, and decides to teach her a lesson by not opening the door for sometime. Outside, mahira screams at him to open the door. Her foot slips and she gets a sprain. she asks latif and gazalla to open the door. he smirks and goes in. mahira walks ahead.Late in the middle of the night, gazalla and latif are asleep, when armaan is awake in his romantically set room, and finds heavy winds blowing, and comes out hastily to the main door, and then opens it, and is surprised to find mahira not there.

He hollers for her, and searches around, and then finds her asleep on the stairs, and rushes to her, and nudges her awake. she wakes up to find armaan near her, and jerks him away. he asks if she is okay. She responds that he shouldnt be bothered, and asks him not to touch, asking what does he want to prove, as he threw her out, and now is asking if she is okay, as he couldnt care a damn if she is alive or dead. She says that he doesnt need to show his fake sympathy, and he shouldnt mask himself, when his true self is exposed. She walks with a limp, her sprained leg paining. He tries to support her by holding her hand, but she jerks him away, asking him not to touch her, as she doesnt need his help to take care of herself.

her foot slips yet again, and when he comes to help her, she again retorts back saying that she doesnt need his help. she walks off inside. he thinks that she has a problem when he is wrong, and a bigger one, when he is right, and scorns thinking that their biggest problem is that they are girls. he nevertheless still walks behind her, as she walks to their room, and then slams the door on his face, as he is outside, Mahira sits inside the room, locked. He asks her to open the door, as he waits outside, saying that he made a mistake. latif and gazalla see this from a distance, and wonder whether they are loving or hating each other. they hide when he sees them. He then resignedly walks off from there. oblivious that he is gone, She says that in front of everyone, he married her, and now he has to accept her as his wife in front of the world, and give the respect that she deserves as his wife. he walks away.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum plays hide and seek, with everyone on Imi’s request. As she is blindfolded, and on a pedestal, all hide, while she searches around for imi. Granny is tensed thinking that her plan should work. she hopes that begum wouldnt be able to see and would fall down the pedestal. Granny hopes that she slips, but just then, imi makes a noise, and she takes a u-turn. Imi is almost trapped by begum, and as he retreats back, they are all horrified to see from their hiding places, that he would fall down. granny, ehsaan and farida scream and rush to save him. hearing their screams, begum opens her blindfold and almost saves him, as he is about to fall.

they rush to him, and caress him, while granny stands tensed. they take him inside, leaving behind granny and begum, who understands what granny wanted. Begum comes to granny, and taunts that, she might try all that she wants, but she wont be able to expose her in front of people, and she shall always win. she begins to go, but then warns granny, to remember before doing anything, that she has evil spirits, and she might herself fall in her own trap. begum leaves, while granny is tensed.

Later, begum comes out of her room, to find granny and farida praying, and is tensed and surprised. She wonders whats granny upto now. Once farida leaves, granny prays to the lord, that he always favours his people, and begs him to save her family from the evil spirit. Begum comes and hits a rod on the floor, alarming and startling granny as she opens her eyes and finds begum in front of her, who asks her to keep seated. she then comes in front of her, and says that she doesnt like beating around the bush, and the thing plain and clear, is that she cant defeat her, even if she wants to, and if she doesnt refrain from her behaviour, then she and her family would lose their life. Granny gets to praying again, but begum asks her to shut up, and then says that if she needs to pray she should pray her. Begum says that she shall give her another proof of her magic, and snaps her fingers, and farida starts screaming in pain, holding her legs tightly. granny is distraught and rushes to her, while begum smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Latif and gazalla find armaan sleeping on the sofa, and lament at his condition of being here, on the sofa, after his spiteful fight with mahira. Mahira comes to him, and they escape. She puts the tea tray down and prepares him a cup of tea, and then nudges him awake abruptly, and he looks at her scornfully, while she wishes him good morning, and asks him to have tea. he takes the cup almost but then stops, and gets up. she says that she hasnt laced it with poison, and that she has good news for him. he is irritated, but she insists on giving the good news, and shows him the honeymoon tickets to kashmir, where they can spend their honeymoon alone, and he says that he is excited too, and then tears the tickets and sprays them around. But she is unfazed, and says that she is as arrogant as him, and he shall have to go to the honeymoon with her. The screen freezes on her face.

armaan arrives in the office, and the secretray tells him that she has lined up four meetings for him. His secretary tells armaan, in the office, that all of his work shall be duly filed and done with, before he leaves. Armaan is boggled and asks when and why. she says that he has to leave before the honeymoon. He asks how does she know of the honeymoon. mahria comes and says that not just the secretary but his entire staff knows that he is going to his honeymoon with her. She smiles amused, while he eyes her tensedly. She tells the secretary that he never takes care of his food, being busy in work, and if he doesnt eat, then she shall feed him, as she is here to take care of him.

she asks her to be left alone. before the secretary can comply, he stops her and then gets up and faces her, and throws the basket of her food on the floor, startling the secretary. he asks her to stop this drama of a sweet and caring wife, as he knows well through her. she turns to the secretary asking her not to give him so much pressure that he is so temperamental. She thanks the lord that on their honeymoon, he shall take a break from his work, and his temper shall come down. She then calls all the employees. She says that they have decided to go on the honeymoon, and have decided to give a bonus of 15% to them as a marriage gift. they compliment and congratulate her and him galore. he gets furious. she excuses them all. after all leave, he holds her hand, and warns her for the last time, that there shall be severe consequences if she doesnt stop.

She says that she wont let this happen to this relationship, as people make relations but dont dollow it, but she shall, and she shall make him too, as she loves him immensely. but he holds her hand midair, as she comes to caress him. Some girl knocks, and in comes a journalist, who comes to congratulate them on the marriage. She terms them as the new power couple, and invites them on their new talk show. mahira is amused, while armaan is tensed. She requests for the permission of an evening shoot. mahira readily complies. Armaan hugs her and says that if his loving wife has said yes, then how can he refuse. the journalist leaves. He tells mahira that invited trouble for herself, as he would disrespect her in front of everyone, and all of Bhopal shall see. He leaves. mahira says that she shall love to see, as he shall have to give her the respect that she deserves in front of everyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny rushes to farida, who clutches her leg, in immense pain, unable to provide a plausible explanation as to why suddenly the leg started hurting. begum comes in, while granny stands tensed. She begs the lord to save her, as they are badly trapped in begum’s plan and only he can help them now. Begum thinks that she is still looking out for god to help her, and that she shall have to hurt the son now. Granny hears her thought and gets tensed. vehemently, granny screams a NO. farida asks whats the matter and why is she screaming. granny rushes out hastily. farida is made to sit on the bed, by begum, as she says that she shall go and check why granny ran out, and get med for her too.

Meanwhile, Granny rushes to imi’s room, and then doesnt find him. She again requests the lord to save imi, from the evil power, and rescuse her entire family from her trap. Just then, she finds imi hiding behind her, and she is overjoyed to see her. he says that he was just hiding here only. begum comes in, and finds her praying. She gets tensed.Later, begum thinks that the wait is becoming difficult now, as she has waietd long for her power, but not anymore, and once mahira’s relationship is consummated, then their child shall bring her powers, and she shall get rid of ehsaan.

She turns around to find her room, romantically set for their consummation and gets frustrated. just then, ehsaan comes from behind, hugging her from the waist. she is startled as she turns around. he says that he has taken a day off, to be with her. she is tensed but complies, wondering what to do. They sit by the bed, while he caresses her face, and then touches her arm, sensually and then leans in close to kiss her, but she stops him with her hand, shocking him. She tries her magic, but it doesnt affect and he continues. She irritably thinks that she got blind, and the magic didnt work even. As he leans in closer, she grabs whatever is on the nighttstand, and the glass vase breaks, and her leg gets hurt.

he is concerned and asks if she is okay, and rushes out to get meds. he leaves. she screams out in frustration.In the garden, granny sees begum’s pic consorting with other devils, and thinks that thsi too is sent by the person, who first warned her about sanam being a Daayan. She wonders what it means. She find a note, saying that the pics show that begum has received powers from a greater source, but for this greater power, she had to sacrifice one of her powers too. Granny is boggled to read this. granny wonders what begum sacrificed. She is being seen by someone, who she doesnt see. she walks in, and just then begum walks past her, and being blind doesnt notice her, while the pics fall from granny’s hands. begum isnt able to see and walks ahead, and again collides with a pot kept in the way. begum is shocked.

granny thinks that she sacrificed her eyesight, and decides to use this weakness against her, and now she shall be able to expose her. Granny calls begum, while she gets to leaving. begum turns around tensedly. granny asks if she is okay. Begum complies and gets to go. granny gets her to come with her and sit on the lawn chairs, as she wishes to talk with her. begum is concerned. They sit and the butler gets them apples and tea. when granny pours one for her, and intentionally dallies the cup in front of her, and finally it slips from begum’s hands. begum profusely apologises, and says that it slipped. granny asks if anything is wrong with her eyes, and begum refuses saying that maybe she caught the dust. granny complies and then asks begum to cut apples. Begum tensedly complies. She finds begum surfing for apple and the knife on the table, and gets to cutting by instincts, while granny asks her to hurry up.

Then begum’s eyesight returns, and she understands that granny is testing her, and places the knife against her throat, saying that now she knows her secret and hence her game is over now, and she has to die. granny says that the lord’s people cant be killed, and asks her to do whatever she wants to. begum moves away in disgust, and asks her to start the final countdown.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
While mahira is ready and standing tensed, latif and gazalla continue with their media stunt. Shaira asks about armaan, and he walks in just then, with another girl in his arms. Mahira and the journalist are boggled. he comes in with the new girl, while mahira eyes them. he asks if he wasnt late, as he had gone to get his very special friend from Australia, katrina. unexpectedly, mahira hugs the girl, and apologises for not being able to pick her at the airport, hence sent armaan. he stands tensedly. mahira clears the confusion of the journalist, that she is her best friend, who likes being teased by her brotjher in law, armaan, and that he isnt actually being infidel. he remembers paying the girl to do the part, while oblivious that mahira paid her double for the same.

The girl starts saying that her sister, mahira indeed married the best man of the world. mahira smiles, while armaan is boggled. The girl continues to rant about their perfect married life. katrins leaves asking them to carry on with their interview, while she leaves. He understands that mahira trumped her. The journalist tells mahira and armaan the rules of the compatibility test, saying that each shall be asked 3 questions about the other, the right answers to which shall get them the Title of the best couple in Bhopal. she gets to arrange other stuff. He tells her to forget about winning this one, as she wont be able to answer whatever is asked about him and fail and whatever is asked about her, he wont reply true, that is assured. mahira eyes him tensedly. he wishes the best of luck to her sarcastically. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

The shooting of the talk show begins, while mahira and armaan sit tensedly, while latif and gazalla are super excited. Shaira then asks about the three questions to mahira, about armaan, that are pre-recorded, to be able to judge better. Shaira first asks her about the number of his past girlfriends. She remembers his undying confession of love for her, and replies one, and shaira announces that its correct. all are amused, while he sits tensed. She is then asked of her one quality, that he likes the most. she remembers him professing about her clean heart. mahira answer that its her heart, and again wins points at the correct answer. shaira comments that she is here to win. She then asks about one thing of armaan that only she knows.

she remembers her past confrontration, and answers that his heart isnt his own. he thinks that she wont answer the right thing this time. Shaira gives it a wrong answer, and that the right answer is that he used to love a girl called meher. Mahira is tensed, but then composes herself and says that she knows it, as she is the girl herself. he is boggled, while she elaborates that its her nickname, and hence whats beating inside his heart is hers only. Shaira terms it right, and he fumes. Then shaira turns to armaan, and says that his questions shall be more of hatred. She says that its Pink. Shaira terms it right, and mahira smiles, and he gets boggled. he is then asked about her favourite sport.

he remembers how she hates video games, that he plays, and terms that its video games. Shaira terms it right, shocking him even more, while mahira is amused.shaira comments that he loves his wife immensely. Shaira then asks the last question, as if he answers this, then they would win the title. She asks him why mahira accpted his proposal. he remembers her going at azad’s burial and finding out. he thinks that she wont say this in front of anyone, and then says that she never said yes, and at the grave of her dead husband, she realised that she should accept him. shaira terms it as the right answer, and he is shocked. mahria amusingly smiles as she is termed with winner with him. he is stuned, as she takes him in her arms.

Shaira gives her the sashe, and she amusedly helps him wear it. Shaira congratulates them, while mahira is amused. Armaan leaves from there tensedly.Armaan comes to the room, and tears off the sashe and throws it away in disgust, while mahira comes behind him, smirking amusedly. He eyes her, while she is boggled. he then comes to her, and shuts the door. he confronts her, asking if she is very happy, at this winm and tears off the sashe from her body too. Armaan locks mahira in the room, with himself, and then tells her that tonight he shall show her the true meaning of being a husband, hinting at physical intimacy while she gets scared, as he taunts her that he shall give her the well deserved respect and stature of a wife, that she so ardently wishes.

He says that he shall show her, her real place. She tries to retreat, but he pins her against him and then throws her on the bed forcibly. he tries to force himself on her, while she asks to be left alone, disgusted and helpless. She begs him to leave her and get away from her, while she is frustrated as she tries to shove him away. he leans in to consummate the marriage. But suddenly, he
clutches at his heart, wincing of terrible pain in his chest. She is shocked to see this. he gets dizzy as he stands up, abnd she too gets up and composes herself. he then falls on the ground, clutching his heart, while she thinks that its a drama, and asks him to get up, as she isnt going to be befooled.

He however goes unconscious, and she gets tensed, as she approaches him, asking him to get up. she keeps calling to him, as she sits beside him, and begs him to open his eyes, and get up. when he doesnt, she hollers for latif, and gazalla, and then starts chest compressions to keep him warm, saying that she wont let anything happen to him, as he has azad’s heart beating inside him. He however doesnt nudge due to it.

he then cups his hand, and then prays while tears stream down her cheeks. it revives him back somehow, and she is shocked as she looks down, as he begins to open his eyes, feebly. she eyes him tensedly, and then thanks the lord, extremely happy that he is okay. She keeps asking him if he is okay. he gets up groggily, and then she hugs him tightly, as he lies tensed and weary in her arms. Then they are suddenly aware of their physical proximity, and compose themselves, and get up. He walks out in a trance, boggled, while she eyes him tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Witch’s hideout
A witch performs her witchcraft, when begum comes, and then interferes her asking for her help, regarding her blindness at the use of her power, and how she is frustrated with this. the spirit guffaws and says that she was warned of this before hand, as she has to lose something to gain
powers. begum says that she has no idea what she has lost, as she hasnt consummated her marriage with him yet, and thats the biggest sacrifice for a woman like her. The spirit tells her that physical intimacy is prohibited but only with the husband. Begum is shocked. the spirit says that she can take the help of young blood, and she knows it very well. Begum asks if this means, that she can kill some young blood, and get it to her. she asks begum to stop thinking about murder, and asks her to stop talking about murder, and instead focus of the specially gifted girl, mahira to consummate her marriage with armaan, and achieve physical intimacy.

begum says that she too is waiting for this, and once its done, she would be okay, but till then, she needs help. But the witch gets back to her practice, and tells her that she shall reply to this very soon, but she needs to be patient from thereon, and listen to what she has to say. begum listens intently.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
The next morning, as armaan sleeps on the bed, and mahira is on the chairm he wakes up, and finds her beside him, on the chair concerned for him. he gets up resignedly. She wakes up, and immediately gets to his care, askinghim to take the meds immediately that the doctor prescribed. he asks her not to do any drama, and asks her to leave him alone. but she persists and insists, as she cant let him die, not this soon atleast. he eyes her tensedly, while she says that he should thank her for saving his life, as he can irritate her more now. he asks her what kind of a woman is she, and if she has any self respect, as he is bearing atrocities on her, and she is behaving all nice and loving, without being affected. he tells her that she isnt a weak woman by any angle, then why is she staying here and putting up with him and his attitude towards her.

he asks her why is she behaving like a doormat for him. she says that she isnt one, but is definitely a woman, who is a wife too, who believes in the institution of marriage and knows how to run a happy house, and asks him to take meds. he resignedly complies, while she watches intently. She then leaves, asking him to take care, while she gets him food. he says that since she likes to become a wife, then he would surely treat her like one, eyeing her vengefully. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Scene 4:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
A lusty begum searches around stealthily, and thinks that there is noone in the house, and she wont find a better time than this. She gets his latest victim, inside the bedroom, to establich physical intimacy, while he too leeringly allows her. She caresses his face and then throws him on the bed, and gets beside him, as they engage in romantic caressing. but just then, the door opens and in walks granny with the iron rod and the house keys, eyeing her shocked and fuming with rage. the screen freezes on begum and her bait’s shocked face.

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