Imlie starlife update Friday 25 November 2022


Imlie 25 November 2022: Nishant walks to family and asks why are they not responding. They nervously ask him to join them for breakfast. Adi hides under dining table. Sundar says even he is sitting here because of chipkali Imlie and asks her to help him serve food. Nishant sits for breakfast and dropping a spoon tries to pick it. Adi gets tensed. Imlie stops Nishant and insists him to drop her to college. He says let him have breakfast. She says she needs to go to college early. He says she can go as she will take him to Pallavi again. She says she will not as Pallavi agreed to marry someone else. He says its rubbish as she didn’t want to till yesterday. Radha says its good if she wants to move on. Nishant says yes.

Arpana gives Imlie rotis and asks to have them on the way. Imlie takes Nishant away. Family asks Adi to come out and get ready. Adi resists and says Nishant will return. They say he will not and he should get ready soon. Adi says they cannot rely on Imlie’s plan and Nishant will easily identify him. They force him to go.Anu sees Malini leaving for college and asks her to have breakfast. Malini says she is getting late for college. Dev asks if she is going to college or somewhere else as people are discussing bad about her. Malini asks what did she do that she has to hide from him and his society, she is neither doing wrong nor she needs his permission to go somewhere.

Anu says if she had bothered a bit about them, she wouldn’t have insulted them by having an affair. Malini says her parents are ashamed of her; when she created drama everywhere and even sent her in-laws to jai, didn’t she think of society then; when Dev cannot give his name even now to his younger daughter fearing the society, he is questioning her. Dev warns her to mind her tongue. Anu says she married with her wish and they will not sit quiet for her cheap affair, KC is not good for her and she is doing the same mistake which she did with Adi. Dev says he thought she is mature and sensible, but she insulted him with her cheap affair. Anu also yells. Malini tries to speak. Dev says she will do whatever he says, she will not meet KC from here, will visit marriage counselor with Adi and hope he forgives her, she couldn’t stay with her in-laws and will have to do whatever he says if she wants to stay in his house.

Malini shatters seeing his behavior and asks what if she doesn’t do that. Anu asks if she is arguing with them even now. Malini asks what will they don’t if she doesn’t obey them. Anu shouts enough. Malini says only her husband has a right to decide if she was a good wife or not and them or their society, she is sorry if they think she humiliated them, she never did anything wrong or let them down, they are ashamed of their daughter as she is not following their rules and hence she will leave their house. Anu asks what? Malini says only her rules work in this house, so she will change the house. Anu asks Dev to speak. Dev says she is angry and will return to them.

Nishant drops Imlie to college. Imlie thanks him and wishes him bye. He searches Pallavi. She asks if he is searching someone. He says no and continues searching Pallavi. Imlie asks him to go as she studies here and not him. He wishes good luck and walks towards his car. Imlie gets nervous thinking if he goes, how will he meet Imlinder Singh. Adi disguised as Imlinder reaches there on his bike with Pallavi as a pillion. Nishant stands shocked. Pallavi introduces Adi as her would be fiance Imlinder Singh from Patiala. Adi mimics like a Punjabi rapper. Nishant congratulates Pallavi. Adi says he should congratulate even him and doing his baffonery hugs Nishant. Imlie says Imlinder and Pallavi look nice together. Nishant says she needs to speak to Pallavi. Adi says he trusts her and asks her to go with the boy.

Nishant asks Pallavi what is she doing, she wanted to marry him yesterday and today she wants to marry Imlinder. Pallavi says she waited for him for 10 years and with his rejection, finally she can move ahead in life and said yes to Imlinder. He says good she wants to move on, but how can she choose Imlinder. Adi tells Imlie that he is looking like a joker and whatever he is doing is for his brother and not her. She says its her idea, he does okay acting. Pallavi says Imlinder is a perfect choice for her not because he can die for her, but because he wants to live for her. Nishant says then she should go and live her life. Pallavi returns to Adi and says let us go. He says she finished so soon and walks away holding her hand. Nishant feels jealous seeing that. Imlie asks if he is fine.

Nishant says that man doesn’t look right to him, something is wrong. Imlie says he should go and spend time with Imlinder to find out if he is a right man or not, prays god to let Nishant agree to her. Nishant says she is right and follows her to canteen.In canteen, Adi continues his baffoonery while Pallavi serves them cheese cake. He says he loves cheesecake. Adi says he is indoors and should remove his goggles. Adi asks if she is speaking to him and asks to taste Pallavi’s prepared cake. Nishant says he knows his Pallo prepares good cake. Adi asks his pallo. Nishant says he means Pallavi. Adi in his usual normal style says he is having such a nice cake for the first time. Nishant asks what happened to his voice. Adi changes his voice again and asks since when he knows Pallavi.

Nishant says they are friends since childhood. Adi says he should become his new friend from Pallavi’s old friend and asks if he knows who was Pallavi’s boyfriend as feels he was a fool to leave such a lovely girl. He hugs Pallavi from behind and continues his jokergiri when Nishant coughs. He asks if he didn’t take his medicine on time. Nishant asks how does he know about his medicine.Nishant coughs during his meeting with Imlinder Singh/Adi, Pallavi, and Imlie. Adi asks if he didn’t have his medicine yet. Nishant asks how does he know about his medicine. Adi asks Pallo ji/Pallavi to explain. She says she informed him about Nishant’s illness.

Adi says he and Pallo ji share everything and care for each other. He enjoys cheese cake dancing and making Nishant more jealous. His moustache comes off. Imlie holds his mouth and says something fell on his face, so she will take him to washroom and wash his face. Adi resists, but on Imlie’s insistence accompanies her. She says his moustache was coming out. He says he cannot handle this get up. She asks if he is really a langoor not to see that Nishant is getting jealous. He asks her why don’t she become Imlinder and keeps her hair on her lips. Malini noticing that thinks he is eve teasing Imlie and trashes him. Imlie tries to stop and Adi says its him. Malini searches Adi. Adi says its him. She asks what is he doing in this Sardarji getup.

Nishant tells Pallavi that she knows why he doesn’t want to marry her. Pallavi says he need not give any explanation, when she cannot marry him, he cannot be her friend at least, and when she is moving ahead in life, why is he trying to stop her. She walks away crying. Imlie explains whole situation to Malini. Malini laughs saying only Imlie can do this. Palavi crying walks to Adi and says let us go. Adi asks what happened to her. Imlie asks Nishant if everything is alright. Nishant nods yes. Imlie invites Pallavi and Imlinder for lunch as family would feel good and was worried for Pallavi. Pallavi agrees. Adi also agrees in Imlinder’s style. Nishant invites Malini next. Malini asks him not to call her bhabhi from hereon and says she is busy today.

Imlinder and Pallavi visit Tripathi house for lunch. Family greets them. Imlinder impresses them with his overacting. Pankaj and Harish discuss that he didn’t want to act earlier and now is doing overacting. Rupali asks Imlinder if she can call him jiju. He says why would he mind if he gets a beautiful saali. Nishant fumes in jealousy. Aparna asks Imlinder to stop overacting and come. Imlinder gets in continuuing his jokergiri. Family continues supporting him. Drama continues. Nishant finally gets angry and accepts that he is jealous of Imlinder and will not let Pallavi marry Imlinder joker or anyone in the world as nobody can love her like him till he is alive and even after he is dead. Rupali asks why is he having a problem if Imlinder jiju marries Pallavi. Nishant angrily asks about Adi. Family says he is in office. Nishant calls Adi, and Imlinder’s phone rings. Imlinder tries to divert attention when Nishant walks to him and pulls his beard. Family stand tensed.

Nishant laughs and says why didn’t he identify him with his lame acting. Harish asks if it worked or not and why he is worried for the future which he is unsure of and making even Pallavi suffer. Radha asks if Pallavi will become her bahu or not. Nishant agrees and asks her to print the card. Family rejoices and Harish says he will perform nagin dance. Nishant asks Pallavi to think again. She says thoougth well.He then thanks Imlie. Imlie says everything is fair in love, war, and foolishness. Everyone laugh.

Adi feels itching due to beard gum. Imlie applies ointment to him and says he acted really well and should become a hero. He asks what she wants to come after her studies. She says she wanted to become a big officer, but now thinks of becoming a reporter like him. He asks just because her sting operation worked. She says she wants to become like him as he is brave and risk his life to get truth out; if she becomes an officer, she can change people like her, but if she becomes a reporter like him, she can change the world with truth. He says she needs to pass an important test before becoming a reporter. She asks what. He gets Dev’s call and acts shocked.

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