My desire update Friday 24 February 2023

My desire 24 February 2023: Vyjayanti packs her clothes excitedly thinking she will attend Rudra’s concert in 5 years for the first time. In Rothak, Roohi’s friend Saachi visits her and reminds her of Rudra’s concert. Roohi says her mamma denied permission. Saachi emotionally blackmails her. Roohi says mamma will get angry if she disobeys her. Saachi reminds she ate whole chocolate pack the other day instead of single choc. Roohi says she apologized mamma that time. Saachi says she can even this time and asks her to get ready to go and book tickets. At Khurana house, Bunty briefs Rudra about concert arrangements. Sharda asks Rudra to take Vyjayanti along. Rudra denies.

Bunty says let her come. Rudra gets angry and walks out. Vyjayanti happily walks down with her bag. Sharda says Rudra already left. Saransh says he knew this would happen and walks away yelling at Vyjayanti. Vyjayanti runs to her room crying.Beena maasi gifts her farm’s vegetables to Preesha and informs her about people going mad to see Rudra’s concert and one poster being fixed even outside her clinic. Preesha checks poster and gets emotional remembering her romantic moments spent with him. She cries holding his poster and says she misses him.

Rudra while traveling to Rothak senses her calling him and feels sad remembering their romance. He thinks everyone say she is gone, but he knows she is there and he will reach wherever she is. Bunty notices him sad and asks what is he thinking. Rudra says nothing and sips alcohol.Roohi breaks her piggy bank to buy concert and finds short of some money. She thinks of picking coins from a pond. Preesha notices Rudra’s convoy passing by her clinic and fans thronging him for autograph. She hides behind a pillar. Rudra’s car stops, and he senses her presence. Car them moves again. She cries thinking she never thought life would push them in this situation where they are far away even being very near.

Roohi takes Saachi to pond, jumps into it, and gets coins. Saachi counts money and says still 2 rs are left. Roohi jumps into pond again and gets trapped. Saachi pleads for help. Rudra hearing her stops his car, runs and jumps into pond, and rescues Roohi. Roohi says its good he saved her as she jumped into water because of him. He asks how. She says she was short of 28 rs to buy ticket, so she jumped into pond to get coins. She asks him not to charge from kids from hereon. He agrees and gives her 2 free tickets. She asks him again to promise. He promises remembering Preesha seeking promise earlier. Once he leaves, Saachi says rockstar is too good. Roohi says let her decide after hearing his song.

Preesha returns home nad looking at his poster thinks she saw him after 5 years, she couldn’t resist and watched him hiding. She hears Roohi coming and hides poster. Her inner voice asks how will she hide it from herself.Preesha hides Rudra’s poster and thinks Roohi shouldn’t know that Rudra is her father. Her inner voice asks how will she hide it from herself, she is more eager to meet Rudra now. Preesha asks who is she. She says she is her inner voice from whom she cannot hide and asks if she is to meet Rudra as she is waiting since 5 years. Preesha says she cannot meet him directly.

She says she should attend his concert and reminds that Rudra would be a best father and desired of having a daughter like Preesha. Preesha says she knows. She insists her not to lose a chance given by fate and should attend concert. Preesha agrees and thinks Roohi shouldn’t know about it. Roohi tells Saachi that she will visit concert hiding and will not face mamma or else she will reveal truth to her.Rudra reaches hotel where sarpanch with his son and other fans welcomes him. He asks where is bar and heads towards it. Bunty manages situation, walks to Rudra, and asks him to stop drinking as his concert is in the evening.

He says it will not affect his singing and feels a connection with the place. After sometime, he climbs balcony railing and walks on it heavily inebriated. Bunty tries to get him down worried. Rudra says he will not die as Preesha gave him responsibility of Sharda and Saransh, he wants to reach Preesha once his responsibility is over, etc. Bunty feels sorry for his condition. Rudra gets heavily inebriated before concert starts.Roohi acts and tells Preesha that she is feeling sleepy early. Preesha gets happy, makes her sleep, and leaves for concert. Saachi comes to pick up Roohi.

They both reach concert venue where guards stop them. Roohi shows tickets gifted by Rudra and walks in. Preesha walks in next and asks if concert started. Guard says not yet. Rudra walks in with bodyguard and goes on stage. Preesha gets emotional seeing him and say I love you. Rudra tells fan I love you all, their love brought him here, etc., and sings Tu Hi To Yaar Bulleya Murshid Mera… song. After song, a fan runs on stage and hug him. Saachi tells Roohi that rockstar sings really well. Roohi says not so go, let us hear his next song. A guard notices them and asks them to go out. They run away. Rudra next sings a song he made for Preesha.

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