Guddan Zee world update Friday 24 February 2023

Guddan 24 February 2023: Pandit ji says who would tie the knot? AJ says ma would. Where is she? Let me bring her. Antra says he shouldn’t leave the mandap. She pretends to cry. AJ says are you okay? Antra says I know you’re doing this wedding to take revenge from Guddan. If you want, we can still stop it. AJ says I am doing it as per my choice. This wedding would happen. Pandit ji ties their knot. He says stand up for the rounds.Durga’s car stops. She says I have to get home. She looks out for life. A car stops. Durga sits inside it and says please drop me at my place. Perv and Saru are there.

Saru says welcome. Perv says you aren’t as good of a player. Saru says give us the drive. Durga says you will never have it. She runs out. Durga comes to a shed. Perv and Saru come after her. They look for Durga. Perv and Saru look around. Saru screams. Durga hears her and runs. Durga locks them insides. Saru says open it. Perv says what would we do now? Durga runs from there.Dadi comes to the mandap. Antra says few more minutes, I will be the ruler here. AJ and Durga are taking the rounds. Dadi comes and faints. AJ leaves the wedding and holds her. He says ma are you okay? He takes her upstairs to the room.

Antra comes and says is she okay? AJ says I am calling the doctor. Take care of her I am bringing the doctor. Antra says this woman is creating problems in my wedding. I will kill her. Antra says open your eyes. Guddan comes there and sprays on Antra’s face. Antra faints. Dadi gets up. Guddan says I do what I want to. Dadi says take her dress and hide her. AJ calls the doctor. Guddan wears a bridal dress and hides her face. AJ comes in. He touches the spray and bows down to pick it. dadi stops him. He holds her hand. Dadi says I just feel weak. Don’t call the doctor. I am fine. Let’s go downstairs.

Pandit ji says we have to start the wedding again. Guddan sits next to AJ. Guddan says in heart I hope Durga comes with the proofs before everyone. Dadi sees Guddan’s face in the water. She picks it before AJ sees Guddan’s face. Dadi ties their knot.Durga sits in an auto. She says I have to get home and stop all this. Dadi says I hope my kids are always tied like this. Saru and Perv stop the auto. Perv asks the driver to run. Saru says enough of this game. We are all done. Give us the pen drive. Durga says go from here. I will never give you the drive. Saru says this won’t get you anything. AJ is marrying Antra anyway.

Think about your child and give us the drive. Durga says don’t mess with me and never dare to take my child’s name. They hold Durga. Perv takes the drive from Durga. Durga says to return it back. Perv and Saru play catching with. Saru says come take it if you can.Pandit jia asks Guddan to give her hand to AJ. Dadi says AJ will realize from her hand that it’s not Antra. Dadi places a leaf on Guddan’s hand. AJ and Guddan stand for the rounds. Guddan says where are they? Antra opens eyes. She is tied under the bed.

Perv says until Antra calls and tells us the wedding is complete we will keep playing this game. Throw this drive and let’s go home. They throw the drive. Revati catches it. Laxmi says only Antra will be kicked out of the house. Saru says give us the drive. Perv says give it to me Revati. She gives it to Laxmi. Perv takes out his knife and puts it on durga’s belly. He says give me the pen drive. Durga hits him and they all run and sit in the car. Saru says they ran. What will we do now? Guddan says I hope they come before the wedding is over.

AJ and Guddan take the rounds. Guddan comes in front, for the last three rounds. She’s worried. Antra says you can’t defeat me Guddan. I defeated death to beat you. I won’t lose this time. I am coming. Pandit ji says this last round would make you both each others’ partners forever. AJ says in heart I am marrying to take revenge Guddan. I will live with this pain all my life. Antra comes there and says stop. AJ is shocked. Antra says I am here, Guddan is behind the ghunghat. AJ is dazed. Guddan takes off her ghunghat. Antra says she fainted me and came here. This wedding can’t happen.

Durga says your wedding can’t happen either. I have proof against you. Laxmi says we have the proof of her innocence. Let’s watch it. Antra says Guddan, you should have asked me. I won’t have done this. I didn’t come here to marry AJ. You didn’t have to do this drama. Why this insult? You were marrying AJ by deceit. Once again. You were repeating what you did. Guddan says you have no shame. Are you done? I did all that. How could I let you marry AJ? I needed proof. Saru says I am really scared. Antra will kill us. Guddan says AJ, I have the proof. Would you give me a chance? I know you won’t say no. Guddan takes the drive.

Guddan places the drive in TV. She says you look good with this worry Antra. Music plays. It has music videos only. Guddan is dazed. Durga says what is this. Everyone is shocked. Durga says he gave me the CCTV. Guddan is worried. AJ says stop this nonsense. Stop this drama. Are you a child? Guddan says she replaced it. I don’t know where did it go. AJ says shut up. I trusted you and gave you another chance and you proved I am the idiot. Everyone lies, where is the proof? Your proof went away? All of a sudden. It’s over, like our child. Antra says in heart Perv is amazing. Thank you, man. He replaced it when he took it from Durga. Guddan says please try to understand. AJ says you have lost it.

Are you the same Guddan I loved? Guddan says how can you say that in anger? AJ says like you killed our child in anger and ego. I can’t live without you. Dadi says please listen. AJ says no one will speak between us. We will never be together now. I gave you another chance. Is this what you did? He breaks the TV in anger. AJ says you filled me with bitterness. You took my child and now all this? Why? Guddan says I really love you. Please trust me. I will never.. AJ says you accused me of having an affair with Antra. Now I will turn it into truth. No one can stop me.

AJ holds Antra’s hand and says start the mantra. This wedding will happen right now. Let’s go Antra. Laxmi says please stop AJ. AJ akes Antra to the mandap and says start the wedding. You won’t stop. Guddan says I won’t let this demon win. Lights go off. AJ says what happened to light now? Kishor go and check. Dadi says what happened? Perv says this house will be dark like this forever. Lights turn on. Antra isn’t there. AJ says where is Antra? Saru say where is she? AJ shouts Guddan. Perv says Guddan is gone too.

Guddan shoves Antra in the room. Antra says you look funny in the anger. I know it’s a serious situation. I have an advice for you. You can’t do a serious role. Never give audition for it. You are a hen who couldn’t save her egg. Guddan picks things and hits her. Antra says what are you doing? Guddan says I will kill you. You killed my kids. I will take my revenge. I will kill you. I will stab you. Antra says stop. Guddan says you gave me this pain. She says what pain? Antra says there was no child You were never pregnant. I made fake reports to make everyone emotional. This was all my plan. My plan succeeded. Guddan says do you have any shame? Antra says I am awesome right? I make such amazing plans. Guddan says I will kill you.

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