Every Girl’s Dream update Saturday 25 February 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 25 February 2023: Minakshi taunts Krisha that she killed Daksh because of her greed. Krisha rushes to Jaya and says I just want a chance to clarify my truth. Jaya says we are all listening. Krisha says when we went there, Daksh was threatening me and he told me that Devraj’s life was in danger and he had put a bomb in his shoes but when I tried to save him, Daksh grabbed me and he shot himself. Devraj says you know what was Daksh’s quality? He was innocent, he didn’t cheat people and you are blaming him for all this? Jaya asks if she has any proof then tell them, you had a video, right? Krisha says I don’t have any proof but I am telling the truth. Jaya says enough.

Devraj tells Krisha that you were light in my life but now you have become an eclipse in my life. You were in my life because of Daksh and now he is no more so you can’t be in my life, he leaves. Minakshi says she should be sent to jail. Krisha says you can call the police and they will find out the truth. She asks them to call the police. She tries to call herself but Jaya says enough, no one will call the police. We can’t be disrespected more, if you don’t have proof then you can’t expect trust from us. You should be punished, you can stay here but that will be your punishment. Ugra angrily leaves. Everyone leaves Krisha alone there. Rati hugs Krisha as she cries.

Devraj is looking at his and Daksh’s photo. He recalls playing with Daksh in childhood and how they used to play together. Devraj thinks I promised Daksh, I won’t let anyone hurt him. He takes the gun and is about to shoot his hand but Jaya comes there and takes the gun away from him. She asks him to come back to his senses. Devraj says Daksh must have felt this pain, I want to feel it too. Daksh was never like this so why did he do all that? I couldn’t save him.Krisha tells Aarav and Rati that Daksh killed himself to separate me from Devraj. I have you both so I won’t let Daksh’s win, Devraj is my husband so I will clarify all this. Daksh thought that he broke us apart but he can’t.

Devraj tells Jaya that he will go back to the office because you are asking me to. Krisha comes there and pleads with him to let her in the room. Devraj tells Jaya that I can’t choose between my own family members, I can’t believe that Krisha would shoot Daksh but she will talk bad about Daksh which I can’t hear right now. Jaya says if she is hurting you then I will keep her away from you. Jaya comes to Krisha and says you will stay away from Devraj, go away and don’t hurt him more. Devraj looks away.

Krisha comes to her room in the morning and sees Devraj lying on the bed alone. She sadly looks at him but he looks away. He gets a message which was sent by Daksh, it’s a voice note in which Daksh said that Krisha hates him and wants to separate me from you. I have a friend who will tell her the truth to you if something happens to me. Devraj is angry hearing all that. He leaves from there. Jaya comes to Krisha and stops her from going behind him.The investors are waiting for Devraj so Kuch tells them that Devraj is not a condition to handle the business so I will conduct the meeting. Devraj comes there and is drunk, he says I am sorry, I am late.

I was late and couldn’t even save my brother. He died in my arms and I couldn’t do anything. Kuch says he is not in a condition to signing the agreement, I will do it. He signs the agreement and smirks.Devraj hasn’t come back home so Krisha and Jaya are worried. Jaya asks where is Dev? Kuch says he came to the office but he was totally wasted. Krisha says then why did you leave him alone? Kuch says I took care of him and brought him back home but he took the car and went off before I could stop him. Krisha is worried but she gets Dev’s message that a car is waiting for her to bring her to him as he needs to finish something with her.


Krisha smiles looking at the message and thinks now everything will be alright between us.Krisha sits in the car and finds a gift there, she finds his note to start afresh with old memories, she finds a bridal dress as a gift.Krisha arrives at the venue as a bride. She finds Dev standing on the other side in the mandap as a groom. He smiles at her so she runs and hugs him. Dev looks away and doesn’t hug her back. Krisha asks if he is drunk? Dev says I was trying to forget everything but do you remember our marriage? We took pheras like this so I want to repeat that, will you take pheras with me again? Krisha says I am ready to walk on burning coals if it’s being with you. Dev lifts her in his arms and takes opposite pheras.

He says I promise to free you from all responsibilities. Krisha says what are you doing? Dev says you promised to take care of my family but you didn’t so I free you from this promise. I free you from the promise of being with me for life and next lives. I free you from our relationship and I am breaking all my promises. Krisha cries and says what are you doing? Dev looks away and says I hate your face, you took away my brother. He says I can’t believe that you can kill someone but I can’t think wrong about my brother so I can’t choose. That’s why I am breaking all relationships with you, just leave me alone. I have no love for you anymore. I am ending our relationship today. Krisha breakdowns hearing all that. She says we are married for life and nobody can break us apart because we are tied with this mangalsutra.

Dev says then I will break that mangalsutra. Krisha stops him from doing that. Dev messages Jaya that I have broken my relationship with Krisha so pack her bags and send her away. He starts leaving, Krisha cries and says listen to me once please. Dev pushes her away and Krisha’s mangalsutra breaks, Dev leaves from there as Krisha tries to tie her mangalsutra back. Krisha screams that Daksh can’t break us apart, I won’t leave Dev like this.Krisha comes back home so a guard stops her and says Dev has asked us to not let you in the house. Krisha shows her marriage photo with Dev and says I am his wife. The guard asks her to wait.

Krisha imagines Daksh coming there and smirking at her. The guard lets her in the house. Krisha comes inside to find her parents there. She hugs her mother and smiles. Her mother says I know everyone thinks you killed Daksh. Her father says we don’t believe that, I know they are lying, my daughter can’t hurt anybody. Ugra says do this family drama at your home. Her mother tells Krisha to come with us. Krisha says Dev was drunk. Her father says you won’t stay in this house anymore. Krisha says I can’t come with you. Her father says then I won’t leave, we will keep getting insulted in this house. Tell her to come with us or see us getting insulted. Krisha looks on.

Krisha starts packing her bags and looks at the dress that Dev gifted her. Krisha sees some servants taking alcohol to Dev’s room. She stops them and throws away the alcohol. Krisha says who sent these bottles? She sees that Kuch has sent those bottles and thinks I can’t leave Dev with these people.

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