My desire update Friday 2 September 2022

My desire 2 September 2022: Mahima pleads to Rudra to return her son. Rudra says he can understand what happened with her, but he cannot give Saransh as he is his life, his brother’s last gift, he loves his brother a lot and cannot part ways with Saransh, Saransh cannot stay away from him and Preesha; taking away child for her happiness is selfishness. Mahima says taking back her son is not selfishness, she cannot stay without her son now. Rudra says even he and Preesha cannot stay away from Saransh, so instead she can come and stay here. Ahana hearing their conversation thinks this is not a charity shelter that Rudra wants to keep Mahima here, she has to do something. She gets an idea, walks to Saransh and says he is lucky that he has 2 mammas.

Saransh asks if she has gone mad, he has only 1 mamma, Dr. Preesha. Ahana says so silly, the new aunty Mahima is his real mamma. Saransh says she is lying, Dr. Preesha is his mamma. Ahana says Dr. Preesha is lying and hid the fact that Mahima is his mother. He says let us go and ask mamma and takes her along.Mahima continues pleading to Rudra to let her take Saransh away as she cannot even breathe without him. He says she can stay here with Saransh. She says if she stays here with them, Saransh will not accept her as mother. He sys he will not accept her as mother. She says if she takes him away, Saransh will and pleads to Preesha next.

Rudra says Saransh is his son and he will not part ways with him. Mahima says she came with a lot of hope and if they don’t agree she will be forced to file a child custody case as truth is Saransh is her son and she is his real mother. Saransh walks in saying she is not his mamma. Rudra and Preesha stand tensed seeing Saransh. Saransh runs and hugs Preesha tightly, says Preesha is his real mamma and Mahima is not his mamma, so Mahima should stay away from him. Preesha asks who told her that she is not his mamma. He says Ahana aunty told he has 2 mammas. Rudra gets angry on Ahana. Saransh asks Preesha to tell that she is his mamma.

Preesha says Mahima akka is his real mamma. Saransh asks why did she lie then. Preesha says she is his mamma, but Mahima akka is his biological mother; as she told him about Sri Krishna’s story that Devaki gave birth to Sri Krishna, but since she couldn’t take care of him, she gave him to Yashoda maa. Saransh runs away saying this is a lie. Rudra and Preesha run behind him along with Mahima, GPS and Vasu search him in locality, but in vain. Rudra with Preesha returns home and says he didn’t find Saransh. Balraj says yesterday he was missing and today Saransh went missing. Rudra requests him to call commissioner. Balraj walks aside to call commissioner.

Ahana starts her drama. Rudra warns her to stop her drama and asks why did she tell truth to Saransh. Ahana says it was necessary. Rudra says Saransh is his son and he loves him a lot, continues tongue lashing her and warns to go away from there. Mishka takes her away.Yuvraj having cold drink at a roadside stall fumes that all problems fall on him instead of nalla Khurana/Rudra, he was enjoying in 5 star hotel earlier and now is on road having cold drink, should he go to temple for begging. He sees Saransh running, stops him and asks why is he crying, where is his mamma, if she knows he is out of house. He thanks god for his help so early. He takes Saransh away and feeding him ice cream asks why did he run away from home.

Saransh says mamma lied that she is his real mamma and he has 2 mammas. Yuvraj says he doesn’t have even one mamma, let us go back to his house and confront Preesha. Saransh says he will not come. Yuvraj thinks what should he do now.Rudra and Preesha return home when they don’t find Saransh. Sharda asks where is Saransh. Yuvraj enters with Saransh. Preesha hugs Saransh emotionally. She asks how can he leave mamma like this, what if something had happened to him. Rudra hugs him next and asks if he will give him heart attack, not to do this again. He walks to Yuvraj and asks where did he find Saransh. Yuvraj asks to have mango and not bother about seed, then says he found Saransh wandering on Tilak Road; he should thank him instead. Rudra thanks him.

Yuvraj asks how can they leave a small kid out even after so many people are present, if he can’t take care of a boy, why has he kept him here, etc. Rudra asks him to leave now. Yuvraj asks him to give ice cream and other snacks’ money. Rudra gives his watch and sends him away. He walks away thinking he didn’t find out anything even after entering house. Saransh apologizes Preesha for hurting her. Sharda asks him not to do this again and takes him to feed something. Rudra then confronts Mahima for revealing truth to Saransh and says they would have lost Saransh because of her, he told her they can’t reveal truth to Saransh that she is his mother, she just wanted Saransh and didn’t think how he will react; he knows she suffered a lot, but he will not let her risk his son’s life.

Preesha asks to stop as Mahima is also a mother. Mahima says Rudra is right, she became selfish and didn’t think of them, she is happy seeing them all 3 happy and will never interfere between them. She says Preesha is Saransh’s mother and he needs Preesha more than her. Preesha emotionally hugs her. Mahima walks away with parents.After sometime, Preesha scolds Saransh and asks him never to leave home whatever may happen. He says she is his mamma and should promise that they all 3 will stay together. Rudra promises him and says let us all 3 sleep in his room and stay together always. Saransh jumps in happiness and walks along with them. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Mahima cries reminiscing the recent incident. Vasu walks to her and asks what is she thinking. Mahima says Saransh’s smiling face is in front of her eyes, he was so small when Preesha gave him in her lap, now he is grown up and Preesha must be feeling so good bringing up Saransh, holding his little hands and making him walk, she would have felt so good when Saransh called her mamma for the first time; it feels so good when a part of their body is in front of them and call them maa, but she cannot experience that happiness. Vasu consoles her and says she has returned and everything will be alright. On the other side, Preesha feels sad for Mahima that she returned for Saransh and without him, how will she live; prays god to give her strength.

Vasu walks into Mahima’s room to give her water and panics seeing her unconscious on bed with sleeping pill bottle. She calls GPS and informs that Mahima tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills. GPS calls City Hospital and requests to send ambulance to his location. He then calls Preesha and informs same. Preesha also panics. Rudra wakes up and asks what happened. She informs him that Mahima tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills and appa took her to City Hospital. They both rush towards hospital after informing Sharda. Preesha feels guilty for not letting Saransh go wit her. Rudra says they did right.

They reach hospital where GPS and Vasu say doctors are trying to clean her stomach off sleeping pills. Preesha consoles them. Doctor comes out and she is safe now, but mentally disturbed, so they should consult a psychiatrist for her. GPS asks if they can meet her. Doctor says he discharged her and they can take her home. They take Mahima home. Preesha makes Mahima sleep on her bed and asks how is she feeling now. Mahima says she wants Saransh, but she didn’t know Preesha and Saransh’s life would be disturbed with her entry; she doesn’t commit suicides purposefully. She has some mental illness and even tried to commit suicide at mental hospital repeatedly. She says that she doesn’t have any reason to live now.

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