My desire update Saturday 17 February 2024

My desire 17 February 2024: Arjun threatens Birju to reveal a person who hired him to plant a bomb in Samrat and Nayan’s car. Birju says madamji hired him to kill Samrat and Nayan and gave him a big amount, she is very powerful and influential. Kashvi insists to tell her name.

Before he could take Nitya’s name, Nitya shoots him and he dies. Arjun and Kashvi are shocked to see that. Kashvi hears someone’s footsteps and runs in that direction. She finds a piece of sari and is shocked to recall Nitya wearing same sari today. She thinks if Nitya was here.

Police reaches there. Kashvi takes them in. Inspector sees Birju and says he is the same murderer, how did he die. Arjun says they found him at a stall and followed him here, and after questioning, he was about to reveal who had hired him when someone shot him and ran away from the window. Inspector asks if he revealed the name. Arjun says no. Kashvi gives sari piece to inspector and says she found it at the window when she followed Birju’s murderer. Arjun also recalls seeing Nitya wearing same sari. Inspector asks if she knows whose sari is this. Kashvi says no. Inspector asks them to inform them if they find any more clue.

While driving back home, Arjun anxiously asks Kashvi if she is also thinking same. Kashvi says Nitya can’t kill Nayan as they are best friends. Arjun says Nitya told she had seized a factory last week, maybe her sari was stuck there when she had gone there last week. Kashvi says Birju said that madamji is very powerful and influential. They reach home. Jagadish gets angry on them for going out of the house late night uninformed. Arjun says they had gone for some important work. Jagadish says even Nitya was not at home. Nitya walks in wearing a nightie and says she was feeling sad remembering her best friend and hence went near the lakeside to calm herself down, she is late as her car broke down. Her assistant Mr Sharma walks in and says he got her car towed by a mechanic who repaired it and gave it to him. Nitya thanks him.

Jagadish asks Arjun what is his justification. Arjun describes whole story. Nitya acts worried and asks why did they go there as the criminal must have harmed them. Jagadish asks if Birju informed who had hired him. Arjun says someone killed Birju before he could reveal the name, someone killed him. Nitya cries that she already lost Nayan and Sam and can’t lose them, they shouldn’t take such risk again. Jagadish asks them to go and rest now. Back to room, Arjun thanks god that the sari piece was not Nitya’s as she was at the lakeside. Kashvi says they can’t deny the possibility. Arjun says they will take mom’s help as she is influential and can help them catch the culprit. Kashvi says no. Arjun says they will involve later then.

Next morning, Kashvi wakes up and finds Arjun sleeping hugging her tightly. She pushes Arjun away. Arjun wakes up shouting its an earthquake. Kashvi says he was sleeping hugging him tightly, so she punished him away in panic. Arjun informs that she was missing her father in sleep and weeping, so he had to hug and comfort her like a kid. Kashvi thanks him. Their nok jhok starts. Kashvi fumes and walks away. Arjun thanks god that she is normal again and thinks this fight was necessary to get her back to normal. Maid asks Kashvi to give he dirty clothes for washing as Nitya already gave her clothes. Kashvi takes the cloth bag to check Nitya’s sari. She relaxes seeing Nitya’s sari intact and thanks god that Nitya is not that madamji. Nitya watches her from behind.


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